GE Water Softener ep3 turbine repair

Another resolution if you have hard water.. save money!
All these great videos to help you out... enjoy!
Low water pressure, no soft water
General Softener Issues, no soft water
Turbine Cleaning, no soft water
Salt Bridge, no soft water
Hardness adjustment, no soft water
Installation video,
Diagnostic Mode
repair water softener turbine repair
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rose matt
even if that turbine is stuck . will you still get water ?
The Lift Factory
My water softener leaks at the black clip that you broke... out of that hole. I can't find any cracks but damn thing flooded my garage. Any advise?
Okay, i am having a heck of a time... i have watched all of your videos but i still cant get mine to work... When water runs, it does not recognize any flow (like the turbine is not spining). I checked the sensor and it is fine... i pulled everything apart and the turbine spins fine, and there is no build up (this unit has been installed 1 year and 6 months or so) .... i have done regeneration and see that it goes through all of the cycles fine... and i have verified that the thing does drain fine .... i dont know what to do now....