How To Repair/Fix Sinking Block Paving Driveway Patio Stonemason Landscapes

Lets take a look at sinking block paving and what is involved when the time comes to fix and repair it.
By Stonemason Landscapes, My other job.

How To Fix How To Repair
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Before I watched the video I thought you were going to use some kind of magic to fix it. lol
John Bowkett
I used to lay all my edgings on a concrete bed and lay the main part up to them on sand . 24 years later , I've noticed a few of them have dropped against the edgings . Don't lay edgings on a concete bed .... lay them ALL on sand bed , and they will sink , or drop all together , and not a problem . Gravity will make it all go down evenly . ☺
Chris B
Do not bury ex wives under paving, they do not make good foundations.
Step 1. Number each brick with a grease pencil and take a picture...
jason antigua
Tidy job mate,nice to see that there are still some builders that take pride in their work.
Now the other half will sink....
Mark Ashurst
why didn't he use a wacker plate or a elephant foot to make the stone more pact stead using a hammer,
Brian Porteous
Thats sank due to water run off from the house.....
Reason why the first 2 foot has sank ......the rubble will help but could have done with a good dusting of cement before re laying .
Zed Man
Solid honest work mate. Top job.
Master Buildz
Good video, you should do more like this its worked well for you
I have adhd to and I install patios and driveways to its a great way to burn off all that excess energy good video buddy
Joe Blow
5:19 Back pain starts
Mark Bennett
I'll only assume that the rest of the pavers will go the same way as whoever laid the pavers originally would have done the same rubbish job elsewhere.
Guessing it's in London with that clay?
Handy to know when I finally get round to doing up my garden
Smelly Pete
OK so I have sinking block paving everywhere I may as well have my whole driveway and patio taken up I cant believe the cowboys haven't put a foundation under it.
Richard Driveways
Question; where is the compaction plate and did you use that same tool on those blocks😂 if so yikes!!
Music at the end is what band ?

Good video.
Angry Santa
Great video, but I can't find the spirit level anywhere in the redstone section. :D
Eric Henderson
I am knackered just watching this.
Alfie West
Congrats on another awesome video and 10k subs, Its gone from minecraft to real craft, nice one
Thank you good sir, very helpful
The Law of Attraction Club
What did you do the the first row of blocks that you relayed? It looked like you painted some glue or adhesive to that row (only that row?)
i had a company install a patio paver and walkway two years ago. Last year I called them to fix the borders because they were falling. This year seems I will need to call them because it's doing the same thing. I see the edging seals are about inch gap away from the border pavers and I think this happens when the ground dries up. Anyway to prevent this?
Michael Morgan
Nice to see a professional at work & taking pride in doing a good job.
Brendan Docherty
Perfect Video. No one talking your ear off and its too the point.
F Torres
Thanx bruh, you made that look do-able
Assemble Crew
Good vid, nicely explained and presented
stink ass
come over and fix mine.i can,t be fuct.
Matt O'Brien
Helpful video and info, though I did find it annoying to have large bold letters covering half the screen/image through a good portion of the video.
Frederica Hans
This video has done remarkably well who would of though a Mike?
Smash 1
Congrats on 10k subs well done
They made a mountain out of a mole hill here eh lool
Good video and block laying, very professional.
That was clearly a incorrect job with no sub base. If there's no sub base the the whole thing needs replacing too.
Guy Tero
Wow! Your logo looks like something out of Eyes Wide Shut.
Future Gen
Its good to see a job done right, well done
colin riley
Wow you did a really good job. My back hurts just watching you.
OH wow, this won't fix my problem. I have 24"x24" 90 pound patio pavers. I can't do what you did, unfortunately. 😩 I know how, it's just getting up the courage and strength to do it. But you did make a very good and informative video. Thanks anyway.
1/. Don’t get pikeys to do your driveway.
2/. Any company that breaks up your existing driveway and used that as hardcore are pikeys. Sack them and get a proper company in to do it.
Omg that bed of sand is ridiculous! I prefer to wack my sub base and leave for a week and come back and go back over to really toughen up the ground
Lawrence Spencer
I have a 35 m2 driveway and I have approx 8 dips would you recommend have them repaired or just have a whole new drive?
Shelly Manorwood
Great now I know I got ripped off my the guys that laid my driveway, I wondered why they where so cheap compared to everyone else. Thanks for this video very insightful.
Helen Fallows
Wow almost half a million views Mike will done I am shocked how well you did with this one.
Sabbath maiden fan
Looks like England
Adrian Stefan
I love UK ,,,all jobs made to last 3-7 years ...good for builders,,we have more jobs ,,in Romania they use concrete base after they put sand and paving thet last forever
Northen Mate
Do you only do work in london area?
Tim S
The narration was excellent!
Should ov used a petrol wacker plate instead of a punner it will sink again
how come no terram between the sub soil and hard coir and yes lots of runs with a wacker plate.
Ed Va
I can bet there was a leak to the soil from the kitchen waste well, that's why soil was so wet and collapse happened only near that area and along fundation where water concentration is greater.
Ian Moone
Number 1 problem for brick paving in Oz, is 🐜 ants!
They dig out nests under the blocks, and deposited the sand up on top of the bricks, which gets blown swept etc away.
In winter the rain comes and the ants nests get flooded with all the runoff from the brick paving seeping between the pavers! The excavated ants nests subside due to the flooding and next person steps in that paver, it subsides!
Rinse & repeat and within a few short seasons the brick paving becomes a dangerous trip hazard for elderly.
It’s not like 1 ants nest you get hundreds of new nests in just one day!
For some reason these minute brown ants that are so small as to be almost invisible to the necked eye, (think “Argentine ant”) just LOVE to burrow under paving bricks!
There’s only one effective poison that kills them, BUT it’s dearer per ounce than gold!
You can poison them all you like, more just come the next year!
Makes it impossible to maintain nice brick paving!
Steve venables
if type 1 is for drive's is type 2 for patio's and what does this consist off ???
Great job and well made video!
Danny Jacewicz
The repair you did will help but it will still sink.. You should also use a geotextile material on a narrow path or driveway
put down a layer of sand and a layer of pebbles/gravel before you lay the stone.
شاهکار Shahkar
Good video, but next time write the captions small and place them in the lower part so not much of the video is covered You can choose black or white colour but the stroke should be opposite colour so it should always appear if background is the same colour as the writing.
mike doe
Thanks for the video.

But, now it is time for me to send YOU to School.

First thing is, professional Landscapers do Not use sand !

Second, any person using sand should be fired because of their incompetence !

Thired, Stone dust is the proper choice.

Fourth, something tells me, that you will fail to educate yourself ?
Luke Price
Always mix cement with the sharp sand stops it sinking
This is big job to do it, cant you just add more sand under it and cover it again with tile, it would last for many years ??
Thanks helped a lot
How do you get in to this type of work do you need to be qualified to do this type of thing?
Grade X
Thanks insightful
John Jones
What happened to the herring bone pattern? 5:46
Michael Mullen
How about spreading the kiln sand over the whole lot and wacker plating because what you put down wasnt and when drove on will sink
You made that look way easier than it is.
Excellent video. Thank you.
Peter Chan
If you don’t connect the trench to a house drain which leads to weeping tiles, you will eventually have leakage into the house. The trench will collect a pool of water which has no place to go and will eventually leak into the basement. The limestone screening will slowly find its way into the voids between the broken bricks and it will loss material leading to sinking the interlocking bricks. A geo fabric between the two materials will prevent this from happening. My two cents.
Jessica Gamer
This is not like your other videos buts its done really well mike
Chris Coleman
What?? wacker plate???..consolidating with a punner??..nah..not good enough ime afraid
Should have done right the first time...
Paving Companies in CT
That sub base looks like it's got a ton of clay in it. No wonder th pavers are settling into the base.
Wait a minute... This is replacement, not repair.
Vital Signs
Great work fellows.
Russ Gee
drainage chanels against house..what about the rest won't that now sink?
Michał Mrowiński
To już naprawione 😄 podaj mi pomysł na jakiś dobry filler
Some of mine have raised up. Got a feeling that they used the tarmac drive as base!!!! It was done on the cheap. Any ideas please?
Tom Hulme
Looks like it was layed on mud
R Cruz
Nice job. Now powerwash that floor and seal it
Goon Squad Skateboarding
Great video and tips.
The Coyne Chronicles
How to pop tile
Richard Ellis
The difference between a craftsman and a contractor
toybot bato
nah i will just leave it sinking
Anthony hughes
Sand Ok for pedestrian areas but suggest sand and cement screed type mix for driveways etc
The broken bricks is a mistake. Pure concrete is needed.
Backbreaking work fellas
Breaking Good
Not as epic as your minecraft videos but helpful for those that need it
Do it right the first time .
Problem solved .
Idiots put the pavers right on the dirt .
2 inch of sharp sand is to much 20-30 mm max
This is why I only use 5/8 - 3/4 inch fractured rock and 1/2" sand bedding under pavers. 20 years and not one issue with sunken pavers. Base material more expensive, but savings in base installation labor more than makes up for it. Most of my work is in North Dakota and Minnesota so frost heave a very problem, hence the rock. Not as critical in southern regions of the country, but the labor savings still the same.
Another Youtube Channel
Good job very clear and helpful thanks
Roderick Mascotto
Great work
Rodger Quinn
If you're putting in block paving, don't just go for the cheapest quote, or this is what you'll get. It's expensive because the preparation work is normally extensive; digging out to install a good subbase takes time and requires more materials. Buy cheap buy twice.
Athene Aesculap
Terrific - and cumbersome.
hills have eyes
You went from minecraft to real craft video. good idea. Kudos
Should have removed all the walkway and did it right.
`Looks that there also might have been water issues.
Walter Yancey
Very nice job!!
I have a question, but not a critical one.
Would it help if the first 2 courses next to the house were layed slightly higher than the other courses, to help with water run-off?
Todd Doyle
Doesn't using clay bricks as part of the fill guarantee that this will fail and cause an invitation to return to remove the now wet clay?
New Lawn
Got any work for me?
tbone one
do not do this