How to Fill a Wooden Floor (Effective)

How To Fill A Wooden Floor

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Depending on your preference you may want to fill your floor. It can prevent drafts coming up from beneath the floor and it can help to make a floor look much more neat and tidy. Some people prefer to keep the gaps, they believe that filling the floor will make it look fake like laminate or lino. Each to their own, personally, I say fill it every time.

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How To Sand A Floor
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Kim Ryals
Great Instruction and you made it look easy. Thanks for the video:)
Toma Bogdan
This hard worker deserves a beer
Jess B
Great music ;)  It made the video-watching-experience that much more fun.
I just moved to New Hampshire.  There are lots of hard wood floors in need of skilled labor!
Top notch work mate! It is good to see a job well done.
Mr Reymundo
That's a nice bit of work. You use that trowel like a champ. Never occurred to me to "grout" a wood floor, but it makes perfect sense. God willing, I will never have to!
Claire Fitzgerald
Cheers that was very helpful...............I feel I could give it ago lol.........Cheers Claire in South Yorkshire
Was about to rip out my wood floor could not stand the spacing... thanks for the info great video.
kate gillis
excellent video!! and ben's instruction is very detailed. thanks Ben
Mark Ferdinand
This is so great thank you so much!
Tim Doran
Good clear instructions. Thank you
normally hate music during vids but i can imagine that sax player over in the corner jamming away....nice vid
What is that you pour into the wood dust to mix it for spreading?
Abrahaem Rahman
Guy knows his trade well. Top marks
des mckernan
Good stuff bro ! Love your work ...
Sophie Nelson
love that workmanship on the floor... its a beauty to look at
Elizabeth Logsdon
Nicely made video!  Very helpful!  Thank you for sharing :)
Gaurav M
I liked it.. you are a hard working man.. and it seems you love your work too..this is good :)
b tolleson
Thanks Ben for the quick reply
Well done, thank you or sharing.
Alex Smith
thank you!
Doctor Astronomy
Your vids are good and edited just right thanks
Kay Swick
Would it be okay to use this technique if the floor had been damaged by pets?
Great job, mate.  I doubt that I'd use a water-based filler, although it's safer and user-friendly, because the moisture in it would cause the wood floor pieces to swell and then shrink back after they dry, the filled voids could be left with cracks.  I also suppose that floor boards up to 3/4" (19 mm) thick would cause filler to slump and/or shrink into the voids between boards and require a second application.  I suppose that only a very thin mixture would allow the filler to flow to the bottom of such voids to form a stronger, more structural fill rather than a cosmetic surface filling.  Thanks for the vid and the expert info.  I can't wait to begin refinishing wood floors!
well done it looks amazing
john carr
As mentioned below, that funky groove is making me reach for my flares and cigarillos!
interSpeces Family
Love this lad for what he's sharing.
Is this just a U.K. thing? I've never seen this done in the States.
Troy Stevenson
Great video, Ben... Thank you for sharing!!
b tolleson
Very good thanks for your knowledge and time,will that be the same for a parquet floor?
Good job! Thanks for this video. Gracias from México!!
MJ Powers
Great video!
What do you do with the leftover fill in the pile? Seems like it would harden rather quickly, so is there a concern if you don't get excess up?
Diana Edwards
Can you buy this product or equivalent in the United States?
Enduro Kesha
thanks mate
Andrew Morley
Thanks dude, just about to do my floor and recon you've just saved me half a days work.
Robert bonham
what's the name of that chemical you port on top of the wood filling can you let me know thank you bye
Was this a new floor you laid or did you just do rescanning
Avin R
Khamadi Ojiambo
Nice video. Also whats the background music in the video?
Jack Epley
Nice demo on how it's done, thank you again.
David Smith
mix in a plastic bucket like plaster, add dust to the lenco, mix with plastic paint stir, very quick.
Stefan Ravn
This was great, thanks for sharing!
Sergiu Aman
Hello scraped know to know how to mount coaches in the business for 4 years. Job for me ??? 😀
Luis Stanker
PERFEKT Job ... thanks for d VIDEO.
Very very nice 👍🤝
Josh Gilmour
So what's the next step after this? Do you sand with 100 or 120 now?
Jmedi5 5
Dude, you look like the situation.
Very cool to watch. You look buggered after that though. Must be tiring.
That's an awesome Idea!! I'm finishing mine now and thats great advice. Thank you so much for that!
Nannette Battista
do it yourself , go to woodprix page and learn how.
Peter Hacik
When your in a wheelchair with Alzheimer's it's too late to remember water based.
jos ndre
Very good job! thank you! I am going to do my house floor, but I have no experience on it. Do I start with a 60 sand papier followed by a 100 one?
Dude, wear a mask, you don't want to breathe in that dust.
Stephen Lee
Was that a refinish job or new installation , I have some very good tips for new installations of Herron bone floors good job
I'm a little confused, the Dust would contain the old finish from the 1920s that I just sanded off, wouldn't it? Is that going to stain correctly?
nezerac're stud man! That floor looked "meh" prior to you doing that and now it looks frickin gorgeous. I even subscribed. lol. I don't even work on floors or with wood. I work on carrs! lmao!
Gitarzan 66
I followed floor guys for over 20 years doing the paint finals. I had no idea thats how you did this. Great job, super cool floor.
The President of The Internet
If thats solvent based you must have been high as a kite by the end of that :-)
Tj Dude
So after filling like this one is okay to continue the sanding and finishing process?
Ron Flynn
Marvelous videos! Thanks so much!
Po co utrudniać sobie życie. Szpachle wystarczyło rozrobić bezpośrednio na parkiecie.
zaza time
What type of adhesive did you use Ben ?
Cheers mate, what part water to pva ratio?
Good looking results . Apparently that Herring bone design had needed filling. I just mix the fine edger dust as well with regular floor finish and it works well. Thanks
mach smith
perfect! ok..what do you do after it dries? you lightly sand it and poly? what are the final steps?
Andrew Galpern
Any reason to not mix it in a trough or container first, then pour what's needed?
Pero Baturan
Great music,dude....easy to work with!
John Robert
Robert Salas
just a thought what if you mix in a bucket with a drill mixer faster and cleaner
Junior Jackson
Do you recommend a product available in the US to mix with the saw dust?
Daniel and Sons Moving Services
I used wood glue PVA. And made my whole floor white. Before I sand. How do I remove that residue or white layer?
Francis Ford Coppola
grande !!!
Eric Davis
Worst cake I've ever tried!
Ayse Sakakli
Hi, for filling, would it be better to sand the floor first?

hellrazor 187
Where in this crazy world are you located just curious
shey love
Thanks for sharing
Monica Revuelta
I have a herringbone type floor with some of the wooden planks coming loose. I could probably lift a couple of planks with a butter knife if I wanted to. What would you recommend to re-adhere the planks down to the floor?
Jordan Guy
Does the type of filler you use dictate which kind of finish you can put over it? I'm probably going for an oil finish on my floors.
ben chan
Is this the same as staining the floor?
James Champion
Hello, great video and I learned a lot. I live in the US and don't think I have access to Lecol 7500. Is there another solvent filler you would recommend?
zhi zhou
what liquid u mix with the wood powder?
Nun Urbuisness
this is a much more profesional way of doing it any job worth doing is worth doing right
Jason de Sousa
did you sand again after this step with 120 grit and then stain afterwards?
Dylan M
i came to this video to learn about diy floor finishing but saw this floor and want to change mine to this. What kind of floor is this? great vid btw.
Magdy Edward
Can we use this with HDF parquet ?
Stephen power
once you've filled the gaps would you then re-sand it with a fine grit pad before adding your finish to it?
Rayan Mohamed
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Brendan Hobbs
Great video, with my project I'm at the filling stage so this is useful. Quick question though, once you've filled what do you do next? Another once-over with the sander? If so, how long should you leave the filler to harden before sanding?
State of Peaches
Awesome Video!! If I tried this I would have one big mess.
Cedy Cede
he is using a mix that it would not be used by amateurs. Not for real amateurs. the music is awesome.  nice mix music and voice.
John Preacher
mmmmm chocolate, i have to start my floor getting ideas from you has been great thanks!!!
This is what you do when you want your wood to look muted and muddy. I'd throw a fit if someone I hired did this.
Road Radio
Hi, I have cork edging around my parquet flooring will the filler effect this? Thanks
Michael Cole
what are you using as a filler?
Chris Cronin
Hi what do you do when the spirit based filler draws up the bitumen from old parquet floors? I find this a big problem with finger mosaic especially
Joe O'Connell
What's an alternative to Lecol Filler in the states? Is that just lacquer thinner?
Sherryl Keith
I made similar with woodprix instructions :)
I always knew you could use sawdust from the sanding to fill, just didn't know the entire process...where I work we always use water based fillers and never have any issue with could match, especially if it's getting a dark stain. I also don't know your sanding process, but sawdust from 80 or 100, and then a fill? That seems too close to the end of the sanding to start filling...just from my experience and what I know
Igor Oliveira
doesnt it crack?
LiPe VoLcOm
Usually I would save the 150grit dust or the second stage dust collector dust. Man you will have a real professional filler that way. And I use good pva glue but I'll try using the floor varnish and see if can get a drying time faster and a huge save in money. The varnish I'm talking have a harder and dries very hard. Maybe will work for some applications