How to fix a chip in laminate flooring - NO CUTTING

In this video I am will show you how to fix a chip in laminate flooring without cutting or creating any sort of dust. We will be using a wood wax to fill in the chip.


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Philip Stoddart
Why didn't you melt and drip the liquid wax into "ding" ?... then use a Stanley blade to clean...
Easier and cleaned. Time saved.
Babak pourgol
That was such a powerful blowdryer that even blow the color away from the video
Bella YourFella
I needed this cause I threw the remote at the ground and it made a big boi chippy boi on the big fat ground so yea my parents are mad at me 😬
Aman Bassi
I m glad I watched it.. thank you
Steve Wolf
You could use a Hair Dryer to heat up the thing right on place.
Kara k
You could just use a lighter to melt the wax ?No?😄
Annetta Sykes
Great! Quick and to the point. Very simple.
Good tip but this video should have been condensed to 1-2 mins
You will always have people criticizing what you do, never stop. Let their hate make you great. Some wood fillers work great, some others dont. but what I have found in my line of work that has not let me down till this day are Crayola Crayons, you get alot of different tones and they are easy to melt if you have an IRON to melt it on to the surface with. It works great for solid color furniture's, especially laminated furniture and cabinets.
Despiser Despised
Painful to watch. You should have heated the wax FIRST.
Tameka Conley
Looks a lot better dude. Thanks for taking the time to share this product with us.. even if some of us are ungreatful,some of us really do appreciate it..
FrameRite Airdrie
7:32 I see your fingerprint! I shall screenshot it, then 3D print it, then use it to rob a bank.
D twist Rewind
Sit was over hole and heat with lighter or hair dryer done in fact get some children's Crayola as they have a way better colors to match
Maria Rodriguez
Looks great believe me it's not easy
kathleen slater
tank you very much for the video it was very helpful
GDH Hayes
When i had laminate flooring i purchased a wood putty type stuff, of a matching color, which came in a pressurized can. Once applied it hardened, similar to a wood filler, only harder, if i recall correctly. Pretty sure I purchased it at a big box store chain. I would use that product over wax. I now have a house we floored with both oak flooring and bamboo. I'm here because i needed ideas on doing a board replacement as well as a dent repair on my adult daughters laminate. Watching your video jogged my memory of that laminate floor and the accompanying products I had those years ago. I think they would serve better over the long haul (less maintenance). If not i think I woukd use wood filler on this repair then maybe top it with a spray of laquer or something similar for the water repellant aspect. The wax job appears to have done the trick, but like you indicated, you will have to later redo it.
Alicia Oneill
Do I take out the piece that is bad of the floor and put the other piece in the floor.
Rafael Duran
Bro How is the name of the product ?
ahmed fouad
Bad job
The end result still looks horrible.
Matt Lanigan
Not bad if you're willing to settle for a half assed lazy way. I prefer the right way
Gary Douglass
Fill a hole flush. Half one way half the other way. Job done. None of this hairdryer bollocks. 😱
Matthew Cruz