Refinishing 100 Year Old Wood Floor

Refinishing 100 year old wood floors
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James Jones
It appears you worked extremely hard, and reaped the benefits of your hard labour. Now, have a cup of tea, sit back, and be proud of what you've achieved. Thanks for sharing.
It looks great. That's what matters.
Chris Pignoli
I sanded with the grain on majority of the finishing. That was initial sanding with a heavy grit to get some of the rough stuff. Always better with the grain. Thanks for your input.
Think Chris needs a beer
Suzie Quzie
Good job! I could never understand why people choose to cover wood floors with nasty carpet. They're horrible allergens and are horrible for your health.
Mike m5959
Great video!!!....I'm ALWAYS having to do a "Note to Self..." moment
Mark Baum
Not the most professional techniques utilized ..ok i guess ..need a 220 machine
Josh Pompey
Looks fantastic--gives me hope for whatever mess I might find under the carpet of my new house!
Shweetie Petina
Great job, Chris. Looks beautiful. Thanks so much for posting and taking the time to make the video. 👍🏼
D Raphael
So much work, but I'm glad it came out well.
Phillip Dean
nice job....i bought an 1890 house and 1/2 of the main floor looks to have hardwood floors but it was painted over....i'm guessing after sanding off the paint it might be surprising.
Jennifer Strausser
wow, just saw the rest of the video, what a beautiful job you did. they look gorgeous!! so i am suspecting that it really didnt matter which way youo went with the sander afteral! thats good to know. sorrry, i asked alll the questions before watching rthe rest of your video. Great job!!
Paul Bryans
Beautiful job bud! love the results. Also love all the nice wood trim your place has like the baseboards and the fireplace! Great job cool house.
tim master
Character a plenty. Looks good.
Simone Thompson
is that a ghost in the background?
Denise Torres
Very informative, we are doing the exact same thing except it’s a small room plus hallway so my husband is using a hand sander, should be more work but rewarding. We do need a shop vac! Thanks for the tips.
Rae Day
Thanks for sharing. looking to refinish old pine floors in my house that look in worse shape than yours. this gives me hope
Calvin Barriga
How not to refinish floors. No question the guy works hard. Work smart not hard
F Jon
Yeah, you look like you won’t have any trouble getting to sleep... FYI, good job👍
Kungsson Thomas
Great video thx Chris!!👍👍👍
Patrick Wagener
I am in the middle of doing my first floor. Definitely some things to do differently next time. Your floors turned out great. Character is everything.
Santiago Figueroa
Awesome video, I am currently working on a old floor... your floor came out looking great!! Thanks for sharing and the tips👍🏼
Ian Boswell
Nice job! Your floors look awesome. I just tore up the carpet in my almost 100-year-old house and this gives me some inspiration for restoring the nice hardwood that has been neglected for the past several decades.
Green farmer 25
This video gives my floors hope thanks for the great video! Your floors came out great
Danny Lewis
Thanks. Just got started on removing carpet and tile flooring to get to my heart pine floor. Hope the old tile adhesive comes off without too much effort.
Danny Lewis
My house was built in 1912.
Adam Hayes
What polyurethane did you use?
Jet Set
They love to drag these videos out, don’t they? Need to see that stain taken out.
Ed Va
That poly will not last on soft wood and when surface deteriorate it's going to be another nightmare to restore. That's why I use wax oil, more maintenance, but easier to fix scratces.
Adam A
Everything was going great until you broke out the black lung machine and didn't wear a respirator. Bad idea.
Adam A
Everything was going great until you broke out the black lung machine and didn't wear a respirator. Bad idea.
Yawei Tong
Sir, I have some sort of the same situation here. Do you think sand more material off the floor would help restore those old wood even better? Is there a reason why you did not sand it deeper?
Bartell Keithley
Great job bro!
Siena Gilbert
Cool! We are planning to refurbish our farm house floors. Any advice in keeping the wood with a cool tone finish?
Uneasiest Daisy
Nice work i have the same problem here
All Rounder
good work
mach smith
Great Job!
Rusty Nail
Couple little tricks I do is I tape off the baseboards and the doors with painters tape.
Another thing is to wash the applicator first to get the fuzzies off it..
Great video floor looks awesome
Eunice Sandoval
Hi Chris I Know it’s been two years since you posted this, but if you see my message I love how it turned out! Great job, I was wondering if you remember the paint color/brand you used for the walls in your last picture? Was it an eggshell or satin ? Thanks I’d greatly appreciate it !
Greg Brooks
Just wanted to find out what brand of Poly you used on the floor and where you bought it.
Cidael McCaskill
beast mode
keith saylor
just get a drum sander and get it done.your working your self way to hard
Paul Wiles
Did my house, so I can appreciate how hard you worked, but isn't it nice to just sit back, and look at it after. Well done, and good health to you. Thanks for posting.
David Whiting
great video
Lauren LoSchiavo
Interesting video..sound quality was very poor..had a hard time hearing the poly. part. What brand did you use? I guess you opted not to fill in cracks..any reason why? I have sanded and polyed. my floors 3xs. Have two large dogs and can't seem to find a durable product...any suggestions?
Nikolay,Yuriy Leskovets,Yeremenko
!!! grab a EDGER and sand the Perimeter with it....!
Soul Brother
Wish me luck
S Schiavo
Dont leave the lid of the polio on the other side of the room....LOL
Jeron Edwards
great video
its you
Hi, my floors are 170 years old and so I did the same as you except I did a dark stain first. Very happy with the result except the for the gaps in between boards. Don't know what could be used to fill in these.
For all the stuff around the edges, I just learned about something called a diamabrush that attaches to a grinder. I haven't used it, but the marketing videos make it look like just the thing. Hooks to a vacuum. Wanted to mention it for other people with the same problem. Although you weren't going for a really professional looking result, I really like how it came out. And you probably saved a ton of money, plus a few trips to the gym!
Sam Anise
I watched this video, I rented on of these sanders, and it was a huge failure. It took me forever to sand and I was never able to completely sand the finish even with 36g. I had to go back to Home Depot and rent the drum sander.
Chepelin Sanchez
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Andrew Manzella
Did you not have to fill gaps between boards? Is there a subfloor? My house is 130 years old with no subfloors so I had to fill all gaps.
Jennifer Strausser
shouldnt you be going with the grain of the board though?? I have refinished furniture with an orbital sander but i would never go horizontally against the grain.... always with the grain?? DIdnt it make a difference?? I am wanting to restore my 100 year old floors on a house i just bought, and have just now started to research videos about this whole endeavor of mine. do you have to steel wool it or anything for finishing it off? and how many coats of poly would you put on? or wax?? not sure entirely what to do> if you have anymore tips, would love to hear them.
Greg Brooks
Hi Chris,  The floor looks great.  I just bought a 1940's old house and under the carpet is either spruce or pine not sure.  So if you were going to do it all over again what would you do differently.  Also wanted to know if you went with the grit paper from 24 to 40 to 60 to  80 to 120 and if you thought the orbital sander was the best choice.  I am wanting to do this method but thought you might have some things you wished you would have done differently.
im a profeshional wood floor guy and i will tell you one thing one time.
DO NOT coppy this guy.
Chris Pignoli
I used 3 coats of poly.
Bernadine Gregory
I am so happy that I found your video, I am doing the same thing in my home. My house is 115 years old but strong and no cracked plaster. I have the exact baseboard as you and my floors are the same. It was !y grandparents house and then my parents and now mine. I removed the carpet because I replaced it twice in 10 years and tired of steam cleaning. The only difference is I have a boarder around the room that was painted dark ,I guess they had an area rug in the middle and painted the boarder I don't remember and I grew up here, go figure. The sanding didn't take it all off so I am using paint stripper. It's going to be alot of work but it's worth it. Any suggestions?
Screen Man
good job cutting in the polyurethane all over the base lol.. buy a Hummel sander stop being cheap
Rick Ward
I am a certified hardwood refinisher. Been doing it for 35 years. You did work hard achieving the sanding but you could have saved a lot of time and sanding discs by using a drum sander first to get the bulk of the old finish off followed by the disc sander. The disc sander will take a lot of time to remove the old finish. Instead of using a lambskin applicator , use an 18 inch water based applicator and and pour a bead of finish anf apply it . It can be used for oil or water gives you a better effect.
Juan Carlos Carranza Romero
esas maquinas no sirven es mejor una maquina pesada mas rapido te ahoras tiempo.tengo 12 años asiendo ese trabajo es pesado pero me gusta mucho
Respect you do this job with this shit sander. Regards.
florin masters
Good work.. great result