How to Remove and Replace a Rotten Subfloor

Repairing a damaged subfloor is serious business, but it doesn't have to be scary. Learn from Ashlee & Cody as they diagnose their moisture issues & fix their rotten kitchen flooring.

Tools & Materials:

Kobalt circular saw -
Bosch laser measurer -
2x6 pressure treated joists -
Kobalt impact driver -
Subfloor adhesive -
Plywood subfloor -
Sledgehammer -
Kobalt miter saw -
Kobalt reciprocating saw -
Wrecking bar -

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I didn't know Macklemore was so handy.
Deer Jesus
Doesn’t hurt to pickup the nails you pull out afterwards with a magnet sweeper if you can. Just in case you ever need to go down in that crawl space later
Michael C
Please wear a face mask when demo-ing.....
Pete Marquez
Great tips, just when I think I know what I'm doing, I learn something new. I would have neglected the extra braces for reinforcement and leveling and I would never have thought of adding the glue, thanks.
It would have so much easier on their backs to put the vapor barrier down on the bare soil, with all the exposed floor joists.
Crawling around in the crawl space after the plywood sub flooring is installed seems so counter productive.
Jose M.
Now l know why my floor squeaks, too late. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Thank you for the very informative video. Amazing how many people make snide comments. Yet, where are their videos?
tom Robert
I just use a grinder for the nails
Adam Carter
I had the same problem, it turned out to be a witches course. With simple voodoo the problem was solved.
RE Verb
To help you out in the future, your Estwing prybar, that hole you see at the end of it by the claw ... it's not for styling 😉 that's your nail puller, slide the nail in to the tight end of it and pull, would help you so much easier.
Miki Vargas
How did you figure you needed to add the boards in between? What was the deciding factor? Me: Knows nothing about construction but need to replace damaged subflooring.
Shawn Green
Personal Protective Equipment for our camera heroes.
Tony Tan
Man. Where was this video a year ago, when I was doing the same thing to my house.
Matt Senko
dudes got multiple rings to suit his fashion
Ella Russ
Helpful video. Thanks!
Steve Picchi
Never let wood debris lay on the ground under your foundation. That’s an open invitation for Termite infestation.
Enoc Reyes
"It's not as scary as it looks" (0:23). This is what I admire about re-modelers (don't know if that's a word). Thanks.
Allen Herinckx
Wet wood, rot, mold and no breathing protection.
At least he protected his eyes and ears :D
small footprint
Beautifully done and explained. You didn't mention getting all that wood debris out from under the house so the hungry little termites won't have anything to munch on. If the subfloor material is that rotten, I'd spread out a tarp before demolishing. It would be really hard to rake that stuff all out of there before putting down the vapor barrier. Even the smallest amount of wood/construction debris left under the house is an invite to the little critters. Thanks for the video.
Angel F
How much did it cost for materials
Chaojian He
thank you for teaching ~!~!~!~!~!
Jack The Lad
Is Ashlee standing on a box in the final sequence, or is Cody shrinking?
Ambee Gaming
I seen a video of someone taking an electric saw of some kind and just lopping off all the nails in one smooth motion I couldn't imagine pulling them all out lol
Brazilian John
When I demo subfloors or any type of plywood or sheathing I cut right in the bay, between the joists. Then apply force where I cut, they pop right up. Of course, always setting the depth on my blade
Linda Lee
What would a job like that cost.
Joseu Jose
What would you do if you had to replace subfloor that's underneath a wall? Especially a load bearing wall? This did not appear to be the case in this situation.
He had his level upside down
Candi Soda
Take a shot each time he says BUUUUUUUUuuuuut
devin quinn
What angle should I drill my centers to the joist
L wood
My question is how come you guys didn't put instillation under the flooring ?
bossladysimone akira
Thank you so much for this video
What about that pressure board that is like saw dust and it gets stuck to the beams going across the room? How do I get that off? Do I have to use a multi tool?
Karl Atkins
I have to sand down my concrete basement floor. Watching YouTube
charlene delacruz
do you need a city permit to do this job?
The girl works hard, no need more workers :)
Wīľłý ňïļłý ə
Ohhhh so it's called a chalk box
Sylvia MacDonald
Hi and thank you so much for answering my question. I guess we'll go with option 2 lol. My husband thought it might be the best and possibly only solution. So, here we go ! Thanks again, Sylvia MacDonald
Actually a good job.
I would put sheets of plastic on the ground in the crawl space as a moisture barrier
Elmo Trex
No mask....going have breathing problems if u live to old age...
Ace WC
So Cutting your leg would make you happy but not Ashlee, HAHA? Great video, totally using the info to redo my subfloor in an airstream. It is a little different but some similarities.
Sunshine Roberts
Great tips but really could use some mobile home repair tips
Jacob Williamson
maybe cutting the nails with a Dremel would be faster?
Kodi Ham
Did you test that old tile for asbestos?
Hector Martinez
🎼that's the only way I know🎵
soapbullet s
How do you replace the subfloor under exterior load wall?
Shauna McVay
Thank you guys so much
jack hayes
you can tell this is sponsored by Lowes, I would have used bandstraps to support the lower cabinets, and then work out and in the replacement wood, saving the cabinets, you should use a close cutter saw that cuts right at the wall very easily, everything else is right. good job. jack
Ana Ortega
DIY is best
Marcos Villalobos
And I am Mike
Anna H
I think vaccines caused the rot. Be careful guys!
Arcadia Ardana
They honestly build houses this way? On open land on blocks? That’s crazy!!
Ashley Ice
Good work!
Lance Robinson
I didnt catch how you handled the outer edges. did you add more blocking next to the band joist for the plywood to sit on?
I love breathing in rotten plywood dust.... Wear a mask guys, c'mon
Great video, my only respectful comment to the couple doing the work, is tone down the cheesy acting and be more natural. I know it's probably not your faults, maybe a director doing the videos but yea, tone it down please =)
Nick whiteowl O
I dont know if you guys could've made a more annoying video
Good video 👍
Particleboard for a subfloor??!
Gladena Cole
Good stuff
Ben Bentz
This is so scripted
Pelican State Property Maintenance
I notice they didn't bother changing the subfloor underneath the wall...
Mochi Chan
I came here to tell a pun Omg I’m so board🤣🤣😂No okay bye🙂

Doing puns every time I get a like those 3 equals^

You wood like this comment but you didn’t
Salvatore Saccoccio
Please go away with the uninformed information that you are bringing to the USA. You along with the tv shows are giving bad information.
Austin Lawnmower man lund
Roger Dickinson
I've been on lots of renos in both the USA and Canada.  You need protective footwear so nails don't penetrate.  I'm a Construction Medic...punctures are a bad thing.  Dustmask or half mask, eye protection.  Most injuries I deal with are eye related and are preventable.  Lose an eye and lose the ability to drive at night....No depth perception.A lot of flooring from the 70's has asbestos in it. We are required to take  draconian steps to prevent it from becoming airborne.  Tarping off the area, scraping it off then a Hepa filter vac to remove dust.  Same with drywall and plaster.Nothing shouts, I'm a rookie ore than some idiot on a homeshow smashing walls with a sledge wearing a shiny new hardhat, high vis vest, brand new tool belt and boots that have never been worn outside....Not that you did these.You need people on staff who can make sure you are being technically correct and safe. There are a lot of us with a whole lot more experience doing this than you will accumulate in a lifetime.
Ras Ra
What is he standing on
Liv3 L\f3
Stop acting 🎭 please.
Big Meech
Great video 💰‼️
Karl Kent
these 2 are lame and annoying
Super Saiyan Goku
Don't use wood in the first place!
Brian Miles
Awesome video Lowes.
Danae Goliath
I wish there had been a bit more detail on how to add the support braces, or what to do if the beams are also damaged, but nice video nonetheless.
You do not need to leave a gap between the sheets of plywood. Plywood does not expand and contract like natural wood. The separate plys are glued with the grains staggered to make the sheets stable.
Mr Pink
*No insulation?* 😕
Michael Higgins
Wish you guys were near by. I would let you do my house.
B Creative
this old house is wayyyyyyyyy better
Maria Sabina Nour
Lobo lopez
Great video
Jon Snow
Wait why did you have to rip out the cabinets and do the whole thing couldn't you just measure and use the same size subflooring?? If the joists looked good what were you afraid of?
Justin Church
House looks old, bet there was asbestos in that old sheet goods they cut ppe during that. 🤦🏻‍♂️
GoFuck Yourself
never higher lowes for anything.
Kevin Cody
I notice you didn't put a vapor barrier over the bare earth. You're setting yourself up for the same thing to happen again, the moisture will be absorbed by your new floor instead.
Nicole McWilliams
What if the beans below the subfloor are rotted how do you replace those
GeoFagus 123
any certain prybar would you recommend to rip plywood off the joists that are nailed down, rather than using a circular saw?
Christopher Wong
The awkward scripted acting
mark p
IF it ever rots in the future, I pity the person trying to get the plywood up when you've glued it down.
Heino W. Pedersen
okay gonna say this and make my peace with it - knowing the internet will proberly hate me, but Im really hoping ur just starting out, cause if u are still THIS cringe after doing this after a year, then ur too cringe for newspaper - just saying.
Im glad my house is on grade and theres. No crawl space however having a basement would be pretty cool as a man cave and im sure in summer it would be awesome but in So Cal you will be hard pressed to find a basement in a house.

Never heard of mdf material for a subfloor. It is generally very dense and strong but has no shear strength/give..
Cre8tive Cre8tion
Serious question, you leave 1/8 gap for expansion, but glued the subfloor to prevent movement.. is the glue counter productive? Is it really best to screw and glue?
Ryan Slemmer
Particle board subfloor, wow. That's not really the best material as it is, more susceptible to the humidity damage, and someone did a bandage job by laying a second substrate over top of rotten sealing it's fate before it was even installed; They probably accelerated the deterioration of it faster at that. Seeing the rest of the subfloor like that I would have probably (hate to say it) ripped up the hardwood floor and put down new subfloor in the entire room all at once.
Keith Tomczyk
Video is very vague and misleading.
The wall running parallel to the joists should have 16" o.c. blocking flush with the top of joists beneath it inside the joist bay.
Pressure treated plywood should be allowed to dry before installing any glue products.
And any fasteners should have an erosion resistant coating.
Trevor S
Saying impordant sounds stupid. There's a T in there folks.
Den Glade Ulv
Would it be easier to install a vapor barrier first? Now you gotta crawl down there with spiders to do it.
Douglas Rush
I guess I don't understand why you didn't use pressure treated plywood; and how come the joist were fine when the old plywood rotted. Do you think the previous people used untreated plywood too? If this is the case I can see why the plywood would rot and not the joist. I hope it doesn't have to be done again. That glue is heavy duty stuff.
Michael Neal
I had to replace a subfloor once and it was glued down and that was a pain in the ass.
Sylvia MacDonald
Hey, just wondering if you can give me a hint on an uneven cement basement floor ? I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Thank you, in advance. Sylvia
Péter Balogh
Ripping up all those nasty, moldy wood without masks? Not that wise choice.
But on the other hand you guys made an awesome job! Thanks for sharing!