DIY Driveway Pothole Repair

Installing Sakrete US Cold Patch to repair potholes in the driveway
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Kimberly Minter
I watched this a while back. It looks really simple.How did it hold up? I see the last comment was made 6 months ago. We don't have an asphalt driveway but we desperately need something at the entrance of our drive. We live on a very busy highway. And it's a very tricky drive too. Drop offs on both sides. That's the only thing that has kept us from doing it. I think this stuff would work pretty good even though it'll be used as the entrance, not just fixing a pot hole.
Thanks for sharing
Neil Amundson
That's so awesome!! I've fixed my driveway using a product called TrowelPave Asphalt. It's a cold mix product that is super strong. I found it online at
Truer Than You
Girl power!
Poodle Daddles
nice job
DriveShaft Drew
man that stuff works great i guess the big dodge ram did a good packing job super easy is right
Wayne's Country Living
That's Great. Thanks for sharing
Christopher Johnson
And might be hard to find the same or older asphalt mixes to pave the whole thing
I Love Leaves
Will cake batter do just as well?
Kari Stiles
I'm with you watch out for the scams!!!
Massachusetts Prepper
Looks like a great product for sure, I might need a bag or two for my drive way :-) thanks for sharing.
Have you ever done concrete sidewalk repair?
phyllis mulkey
great job
big dude
good video
Rose Stewart
We have a section like this in a driveway we don't actually use for a car but it's also the walkway to the house. So thanks!
Peter Broadey
What redneck?
Иван Чурилов
Блядь а у нас все смеются над такими
The Tera Farley Channel
Very nice job, let us know how it holds up.
Half ass job