How to Repair an Asphalt Driveway

Don Vandervort shows how to repair cracks and potholes in an asphalt driveway.
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Conor D
4x4 tamper and driving on the board sound like great options for tamping. Thanks
RC Bailey
grate video but don't information where you can buy the cold patch or prema patch would like to do this job myself but no information to buy product?
Great video
Mary Jacobson

Take a metal shovel and dip it into 1/2 a 5 gallon bucket of deisel fuel before using the back of the shovel to whack down the asphalt. or put some deisel into a spray bottle and spray the back of the shovel until you start seeing asphalt come up again-repeat.
Alain Désilets
I tried to do this, but when I tried to compact the ashphalt, it kept sticking to the 4x4 and lifting up from the driveway. I tried compacting with a metal surface instead (manual steel compactor), but it still stuck to it. What am I doing wrong?
great video, clear cut
Solid! thanks for making this!
Do you know how much that would cost to re-pave a driveway? That is just not is some people's budget.

In short, dagrindmachine, shut your face and get some world experience. Stop eating out of mommy's hand.
Very nice, sincere thanks!
What happened at the end?
Or you put this just for fun there?

Good video.
great! u just ran over a CAT !!!
that looks easy thought it would be long and complicated and expensive
D eez
Great vid although there is room for improvement here & I would like to add some ideas for folks to consider.

For cracks.... Just adding crack filler might be enough but there is really no strength here. Try sprinkling sand on top of crack filler. It will add a bit to the strength, fill the crack with something solid and if someone steps on it while the compound is not dry it will not lift.

For Potholes... Add more Pothole filler that is above level with the surrounding because tamping will compact filler down to the level surrounding good asphalt. Filled in an dried Deep potholes filler kind of shrinks too so I add more in the first place especially in the center of the pothole. Maybe throw some sand across the top of the filler if it is sticking to your tamping tool.   
Then add an even a coat of Asphalt emulsion (or tar or asphalt driveway sealer) to the new, flat, (possibly slightly raised) filled in pothole and throw across some dry sand. 
The sand will again keep your fix from accidental lifting and adds a solid material which also seals up filler a bit. wait a week before sweeping off sand and Fix should last a very long time.
Gavin Pulsingay
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