How to Repair a Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floor | This Old House

Cutting in a perfect-fit patch with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)
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Tools for Repairing a Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floor:
- 1-inch-wide wood chisel
- flat pry bar
- circular saw
- caulk gun
- jigsaw
- table saw
- finish nailer
- random-orbit sander
- 3-inch putty knife
- dust pan and broom or vacuum

Shopping List for Repairing a Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floor:
- wood flooring
- construction adhesive
- 2-inch finishing nails
- 20-grit abrasive sanding disks
- wood filler
- shellac
- oil-based wood stain
- polyurethane varnish
- 4-inch-wide foam brush
- 100-grit sandpaper

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How to Repair a Tongue-and-Groove Wood Floor | This Old House
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Alexandros Georgiou
"Swing the hammer, don't push the hammer" 😂 Best line ever told to win a date!
Tom you always get it right. Just going through youtube as a joke to watch all these hacks explain all the wrong ways that they work. Keep up the good work.
I was about to over-complicate things w/power tools and noise & dust everywhere. Tom Silva, like a true master craftsman, keeps it simple!
Mr C Gaymer
Seems most video demonstrations include a multitool! Thanks for giving an example that doesn't require going out and buying another expensive piece of equipment. Much appreciated.
Stephen McAllister
can you come and fix my gaps in my floor please :D
Now can you come fix mine please! 😩
Why was there no expansion space left? Is it because there's preexisting space under the trim, or was it not needed in this case (and why would that be)? Thanks to anyone who helps me understand!
Anna Agbe
Very comprehensible video, easy to try on my own with confidence! thank you! Im excited to watch more of your videos!
Chris J's Clockworx
As always, Tom Silva shows why he is a top contractor. Well done.
Paul Montero
Tom is amazing.
Richard Campbell
skills. thanks for sharing your knowledge with us plebs sir.
Albert’s Channel
Anyone help: how to buy 1 or 2 planks? HD sells min. 15 sqft!!
Beauty Of Color
Thank you
Jesse Back
Hell no. We want to see you replace one in the middle of the room.
Anon Ymous
You don't glue it and you don't put it tight to the baseboard.
oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
I love when he uses the chisel
arron ali
lucky the original wasn't glued down
Gumboot Zone
Interesting to see the original install was against the baseboards and not under them. Never seen that before. One tip I have learned, was about those chamfered end cuts. I use to cut it all the way to the top like you did when butting up to a finished edge. But discovered that if that is ever sanded, even a tiny bit, it exposes the chamfer and leaves an open line. Now, I only chamfer the bottom and leave the top 3/16's or so as a regular square cut. This still makes a tight joint, but also leaves enough solid wood to allow for any edge sanding.
Charles Martel
What an ace ...... he makes everything look so easy 😊
ber ca
That was a great repair. Sometimes it's best to let a professional do it, especially if the house is over seventy years old.
U n
No expansion gap? Construction adhesive? Wrong!
Rob L.
You don’t need to worry about the edges and filler strips if you simply add ¼ round molding to where the baseboard meets the flooring.
Tianlin Lu
the reason He applied glue to the bottom but not the T&G is probably the subfloor is not in good condition!
George Scott
Billy morris
I've seen a lot of comments about the baseboard here. This type of install has stood the test of time in the Portland, Vancouver area in many homes. Sometimes the hardwood is replacing carpet. This means the deck elevation increases by about 3/8". When working in an historic home, sometimes you're dealing with baseboard that is over 100 years old and irreplaceable. just providing an undercut can sometimes require a permit. there are limits to this application. Don't do this in giant rooms, especially with something that moves a bunch, like maple or ash.
Ok now i am going to have to call a handyman lol
Excellent skill
Jesus Delgado
Wow. What a master. He makes it seem so easy...
binh ho
I try repaint hardwood floor. But I don’t know what kind of paint I should use. How do I start? Any help pls
jose geraldo Rabelo
He replaced with wrong wood . Old wood is white oak e new wood red oak , color never going to match
SNL needs to do a sketch on this old House out takes where it's the guys yelling and cursing at home owners because they can't do the simple things or follow instructions
Scott Campbell
I love the way America does wood flooring. I stayed in NYC for 2 years and really miss that floor.
Josepn Denardo
Oh you cut the tounge off good trick wow you just saved me a headache
Keith Byrne
no expansion gap baseboards should have been on top of the floor just use circular saw to cut two cut down the boards pop out eazy peazy
why did he use wood filler on joints? what about expansion and contraction in summer/winter?
Robert Thomas
No expansion gap?
Pay no attention to the mold on the subfloor it goes away once covered
Bart Simpson
So u remove the tack after the glue dries?
Tommy gets hit with a hammer 0:39
Keith Howard
Thank You again
William Oliver
I have a hole in my flooring. They are BRUCE hardwood floors from Home Depot and not sure if I can do this on the engineered hardwoods. Can someone help me ?
Lawrence Withrow
To get a board out, after chiseling the ends, I set my 5 1/2 inch circular saw for 3/4 in depth of cut. I make two cuts down the middle of the board, well away from the edges to avoid hitting nails. The resulting center strip can be lifted out and the edges pried away from adjoining boards. (I use a reciprocating saw with a thin hacksaw blade to cut back under the side with the nails so the tongue side comes out easily.) This procedure results in a lot less damage to good boards than pounding in a pry bar.
Rene Villeneuve
I never thought I would criticize Tom but this repair may be applicable in an extremely well humidity controlled home, otherwise there is no space allowed for expansion in case of humidity changes. Also it is not usual to glue directly to the subfloor for the same reasons. It is preferable to glue in the tongue & groove space and to use short planks to nail in at the ends or with a finish nailer on the sides. The least that could have been done is to cut the baseboard flush with the floor to allow expansion beneath it. Sorry Tom but I still admire you in general.
...what if you don't have a subfloor?
อริยะ รอรักอยู่
What kind a glue you used it?
Peter Hutchings
Where can I get the 2.5 X 1 inch flooring that you used in the Video ? I live in Connecticut and am doing the same repair you showed. I can't seem to locate that size flooring. You mentioned the Home Center ?
Christopher W
careful editing doesn't show every result. example @3:40 we really don't see that piece go all the way in. We also don't see the FINAL RESULT. What sort of video is this. I want to see the final result of the color match.
me me
I'd like to know how to do that but because I got severely sick my cat peed in a corner where the baseboards are I want to know how to fix that..
Gilberto Alvarez
Jajaja that a piece of cake, replace 1 in the middle of a room loser.
P Christmas
Tom always makes it look easy. A little chiseling and it comes right up. I needed the circular saw, pry bar and persuasion from my masonry hammer. And did fall in place nice and flat. Nope, you need tongue at both ends even with 2 inch staples. Long story short, "Sonny" [I] was beateng, banging and tweaking with every tool I had.
Abiel Rodriguez
No explanation as far as why theyre replacing the boards to begin with.
Hippie Miller
Not good patch work been installing hardwood and tie end work for over 20 years and that's not the right way to do it
Luke Yoffe
Did he just stain her trim?
What is this pipe thing for?
As long as there is a finished (climate controlled) area below the floor you are replacing, this method is fine.  If you have a crawlspace or unfinished basement below where there can be moisture, you need to put a vapor barrier between the sub-floor and the oak flooring to prevent moisture from warping the oak... and gluing the oak down is not possible.  It would have to be nailed.
This video does NOT work on YouTube mobile app. FIX IT!!!!!!!
Christopher Parson
What about expiation
I bout won four mies boat flours ands nows its nots evenes leekens no mores
breaking in the kydex
I dont listen to anyone who does hardwood with out a hardwood installation hammer.
Iman rahimi
cool stuff :)
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javier josefides
Why does this guy like make women work?