How To Repair A Burned Hardwood Floor | THE HANDYMAN |

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BC ElginTex
LOL. Before your jobs are started, I like to guess how you are going to fix it. I was dreading the job I had envisioned for you. Great choice, the way you went with it.
7:02 - "Jeez..have enough nails?"

7:30 - **uses exactly the same number of nails**

Haha, but seriously, small pro-tip: I've found 'end cutting pliers' or 'end nippers' work really well for getting a grip on those little trim nails, and you can usually 'roll' them out without damaging the surface, especially if you can bite very low on the nail. Try it next time!

Also, I'm surprised you didn't use a removable attachment method like screws - isn't the tenant just going to rip the board off again next month?

Finally, really nice job on the floor. It's still visible, but only if you know where to look. Plus, the poly will yellow over time and by next year you probably won't even be able to find where it was. Beautiful work!
Down the Rabbit Hole
What's the tool? What's the tool? What's the tool? What's the tool? What's the tool? What's the tool? What's the tool? What's the tool?
My guess is a dewalt 18ga cordless nailer. If this is it, I LOVE mine. Used it today for about 500 nails in trim for 3 rooms.
Thomas Giaquinto
Alosnwant to tell you I picked up those $1 multitool blades from Amazon. They have been working great so far and I did cry so much when I hit the plaster wall behind a piece of wood I was cutting out. Thanks for the tip in those blades.
Craig Rippon
I just love watching The Handyman videos - learn so much that is handy around the house
X Folium
Funny how I enjoy looking at the videos, it like looking at someone work at you house. Great content, so what the new tool?
JKL Workshop
That looks fantastic...really didn't expect it to turn out that good. Color me surprised!
Ryan D
Might be missing something here but why did you use the tape? I think I would have feathered it in more. Is it because the poly wouldn’t have adhered correctly if you went over top of some of the old ? Great stuff, thanks.
ram 12e
Battery operated nail guns
Awesome fix- reminds me of doing paint corrections on cars.
Boyi Bolomi
Love this channel.
CreditDebitCards CostYouMoney
The floor repair still appeared slightly different in color to me-I would have used a light colored oak stain. Not complaining tho-you seem to be quality minded in carrying out your work- real important when doing work as a handyman
Ty Smith
Does anyone know what this guy charges per hour? Would be very interested to know. Love his videos. Very helpful.
Mike Loman
580 sq. ft. $1950 fckin joke rip off Califonia lol
I_will_get_you There
Nice repair. And where is that cat?

Cheers mate.
Tyler P
tenants are freakin' morons that's how this happened...
Hopefully it’s a battery powered finish nailer
Nick All
hi handyman brill video and good repair to the floor what is your first name or do you like mr handyman thanks nick
Try to wear knee pads, I never did before then I paid the price, both of my knees have issues, the last two years been wearing knee pads and I am 60 now. be safe out there.
david nelson
Lol. I said to myself quietly in my head “ah shit” when that brush fell in the tray
Good job. Would drive me nuts though, it being lighter than the other area. In hindsight I would have put a light stain
Nice repair , looks like it turned out good. Have you done this type of repair before ?

Off topic a bit ... about 35 yrs ago , while doing a short stint of liquor delivery, I was at an apartment that this burn reminded me of ....but the floor was ( thin foam backed ) carpet . And the burn mark was not from a frying pan , but the coil element itself.
The young guys in the apartment were knifing ...and managed to end up pulling the red-hot element off of the stove .

No way of fixing THAT burn .

But here's the serious CRINGE part , as I was standing there , another guy comes in ( the bottle of Rum was for him ) . and to my shock , I quickly realized that before the element hit the floor ... it made solid contact with the whole right side of his face/cheek.

Absolutely no question what burned/branded him , as perfect imprint of that red-hot coil on his cheek

I can't possibly imagine how painful that was .

And thinking that is very likely a scar that he will have for the rest of his life .

Anyway , back to the video ... Handlyman ... those LED lites are grea t ( energy efficent bla bla bla ) , but no bulb for the owner to change , so you"ll make money again , changing it to another new one ....well in about 25,000 hrs :-)


Bob from Calgary
the pot is hot, quick put it on the wood floor, cork pot coasters are $2.
Painter josh
Another job,well done my brother.
Rumple 4skin
Also, great vid and great repair
Multitool has been amazing for me.
Richard Cordell
Why do you guys still use a compressor to nail with still,when uve got the hassle of lugging around and setting it up,compared to a paslode nail gun or dewalt 18v would match your kit👍🏻
Thomas Giaquinto
Hey Handyman im a contractor/ handyman here in NY. The the only thing I would have done different was to use a golden oak stain to better blend the color with surrounding floor . It would take away the white look when you look at it on an angle. I just did a similar repair and did it the way you did in video but homeowner said it looked too white I then reminded the spot and hit it with the golden oak stain and now you can't even see the spot anymore. The homeowner was completely happy. Try it next time you have something like this and let me know what you think.
wesley moy
What grit sandpaper did you use?
jacques gilbert
keep up the good work
Sayit AsItIs
I know how to take burns out but I didn't know that brush trick - splooshh!!
Fahmie Izaumie
hye. can i know ehat is the name of the liquid for coating. the one in white bottle.
Robert Taylor
Mr. Handyman one tip too faux finish antique wood. Get a smoke gray paint wipe on a very light coat to were you can't even see it but know it's covered. Do this after second coat of clear add the third coat and it will instantly look 50 years old.
Nice work! What's the $700 on the whiteboard?
Steve Budgen
Wow man either you is tall or that ceiling was low.
Márton Szabó
small tip, get a piece of alufoil or cyren wrap before you pour into your roll-plate so it's much easier to clean it up! :D

personally im more oil finish sided, not really liking the plastic coats many use on their woods.

and that heater cover, could have made it magnet-held instead of all those little nails :D
but hey different places different usual methods :D

can't wait for the tool :D :P
Most Likely We Do It Services
I did a floor lots of spotting that needed sanding. Was customer rental and did not want full floor sand down. So light sanding over hole floor and heavy on spots like this job you did. Had the same thing you have a lighter color than the rest of the floor. So since then, I have found that you can tint the poly a bit to compensate for the color difference. Transtint dyes which can be bought or ordered through poly is tricky but possible.The best way to do it is with tints, not stains. Adding stain to your poly can easily create a delamination problem because the carriers in the stain compromise the urethane.I use transtint dyes which can be bought or ordered through

This is from a floor finish company.
You can add a lot of color to a urethane this way without compromising the urethane. Also, tinting is not easy as too heavy of a tint can make the finish appear streaky.I sometimes tint the poly heavily but still apply a fairly thin coat.And usually, multiple coats are needed to get the right effect. I rarely would try to get a lot of color out of just one coat.
Lijong Tao
Brilliant work, well done from a viewer here in the UK.
Lee B.
Mr. Handyman, Have you ever dealt with cat pee on hardwood floors? Is there any product that permanently gets rid of it? Most of the products for that purpose are just temporary and eventually the pee smell returns. 😿
Bill Buzzell
Is the tool the sander/vac combo?
Trevor Phillips
You should get some plastic cups, instead of using those paint liners. This way you don't have to clean up, just throw it out.
I would have staggered the tape with the joints so it looks better. Good job
Dustin Ketelhut
ever considered an electric cordless nail gun?
Jesse Moree
Paper plates :) Smaller, cheaper, and perfect as a replacement for paint roller trays when doing these types of jobs.
That extension hose on the dewalt vaccuum thoooo
David Lamy
Great job, looks great. I'll bet if you didn't know the repair was done you wouldn't even notice it. Just one suggestion for removing nails, my boss and I use vise grip bulldog pliers. They're basically a claw, where both jaws are rounded with a straight edge where the jaws meet. I wish I could remember the correct name of the tool but I can't, sorry. They work fantastic and rarely break the nails when pulling them through or out of the board. Just a suggestion, hope I didn't overstep the bounds of a subscriber..... anyway, I love your videos, you always have some great information! Thanks!!
Curtis Keller
Great repair! One of the advantages of a wooden floor over laminate...... I've also seen frying pan burn marks on another rental property floor.

How do you charge the customer for materials when you only need about 8 to 16 oz of poly urethane??? Curious?
Gordon Loop
Did you forget to mention the tool, or is that another video
What is the white milky finish you put on the floor after sanding to finish it?
Richard Rottman
I do hardwood for a living and also use blue tape. I always go back to full boards. The only thing I would have done different was to refinish it from towkick to towkick. Its still a good looking repair.
Most Likely We Do It Services
Harbor freight post hole digger?
You can tell you enjoy what you do. You're always whistling!
Gerard Gregory
What sort of leatherman do you use or multitool.
like a rock
Obvious question,how did this happen? 🤨
Saul Rosas
What do you think of Polyurethane air hoses?
Rumple 4skin
I completely don’t understand why anyone would consider putting hardwood in a kitchen, it’s so not practical
Ron Goff
May I asked what is the name brand of the water base polyurethane ?
Track saw?
Jepb 100
Hi Handyman! If someone wanted to learn to do what you do what is the best place to start? School, internships, fake it till you make it self learning? Thanks,
Todd Toddy
I’m a self employed carpenter and I wind up doing a lot of handy man type work as well. I’m just curious as to why you choose to market yourself as a handy man as opposed to a carpenter. I suspect it’s because you like to work alone as I do. I do not advertise. I find that customers get different ideas of what I’m capable of depending upon what I’ve done for them or their friends in the past.
Eric Solberg
James Moore
there needs to be quieter pancake compressor options, Mine startles me every time and cant sit in the room with it. I thought about this company i saw california air that makes a 60 decibel compressor but still looking.
Water-based polyurethane on a floor, specifically a kitchen floor. I guess they don't spill water or mop with cleaners mixed with water.
Makita man
How do you know if the floor was water-based or oil-based polyurethane
NES specialist
What tool is it?
Ron Goff
Can any body tell me where he ordered his multifunction oscillating blades from? Or tell me the video in which he showed where he ordered them from.
How old are you ?
Notification squad
Steve Johnson
I've seen you lug around that air hose for your nailer. I'm guessing a Passload or a Dewalt cordless nailer. Both are great. But- frame or finish???
Danzig II here is some handy handy man between jobs tunes