Driveway Pothole Repair - Asphalt Driveway Repair

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You can make a permanent pothole repair in your driveway with a pothole patch. I've had great results from Henry products. I like how easy this Henry pothole patch is to work with. I've used bagged pothole patch that came out in chucks and was difficult to spread.

You can fill holes in 2" layers, tamping each 2" layer before applying more product. You can spread the pothole patch with a trowel, rake or shove. You want to fill the hole 1 1/2" above the finished surface before tamping.
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I love all of the comments from people who have clearly never worked with asphalt or cold patch. Do you people not realize that this video was made for home owners who most likely do not have access to tampers or hot mix or asphalt saws? Working for my city’s street division for the past 7 years I can tell you cold patch will hold up in a scenario like this for months years possibly if it is done right it even will hold up on high traffic roadways if compacted enough. Do any of you even realize how expensive hot patch is and that you can only buy it by 1/4 ton increments? This saved the home owner money and was a great fix. Rather then calling a paving company and spending an arm and a leg for work that didnt need to be done they did it themselves. Enough from you arm chair quarterbacks who have never used the stuff more then twice in your life.
Joseph Fung
You don't have to check the underlayment under that pothole?
Joseph Fung
Can you drive on it right away? If not, how long do you have to wait?
Aaron Anderson
Patching like that won't last very long. You are supposed to have a clean vertical edge otherwise the cold patch will pus out of the hole and the edges are too thin to cure into anything worthwhile.
roy leonard
if you clean out the hole good and coat it with roofing tar then patch it will last a long time. the tar bonds it and seals out water
Ben Delaney
You rented a hand held tamper? That seems odd
Joel Heaton
You'd be awesome at your local Road Dept.
This is the best video I've seen on this so far. thanks!
I just don't think the repair will last.
Ben Depeel
Cities and counties use cold patch as a rip off it pops out and they can fix it again and again and again over and over on the tax payers back
Jarno Saarinen
In Byron Bay NSW Australia the council workers walk past a pot hole throw some asphalt in it, no cleaning, not packing down, no nothing and move on to the next one! Their on a massive contract and the last thing they want is to fix the roads!!
Shane Ekerbicer
You must be a council worker, filling in a pothole without fixing the root cause of the pothole underneath so you have to come back in 3 months to fix it again!
amo malik
Absolute brilliant
Lovely video
Really cool 👍
I just saw him put 90.00 worth of patch for a small pothole.
Nick Calabrese
very helpful dude thanks
Charles Moore
I bought a house that has a couple areas on the driveway that are now just red clay with gravel on top. Not sure how to fix those areas ???
Albert Rosado
How long do I have to wait before I can seal?
Saul Sandoval
very helpful, thank you.
thanks for the video chief . GOD BLESD
Better job then most road repairs.
Gregg Trainer
This answered every question I had. Great video
Wintech Andrew
What he using at end in theˇˇpistolˇˇ?
rodney hunter
What was the crack repair epoxy you used?
Greg Brooks
Will try the plywood and truck, thank you
Janet Stone
Thanks, and I wonder, would standing on the tamper add more compaction?
Rocco Colangelo
The best way to do this, is cut the patch square, take the asphalt out and put the real asphalt, it will last much longer
Julio AL
It's only gonna last 3 days!!! You should cut the tarmac where is the hol and then putting the new tarmac..
Lewis Mitchell
You rivalry should wear steal toe cap boots while using that
Agreeable Dragon
looks like bugs when you dump it
Bridget jackson
hello and thank for your vidieo can you please tell me all tools needed to do this besides the asphalt
Integra DIY
The asphalt sunk because there is a void under the slab. Should have dug it out, repack it with dirty and rock, then out the fresh asphalt
Donny York
Could my driveway's deep bowl with the asphalt surface still intact (apparently caused by the removal of a large old tree nearby) be partially filled with heavy crushed stone gravel (cheaper than the asphalt patch product) first? The surface is still fine, so leveling the driveway is the only actual need.
Hi there thank you for the video.

I have a big question here. What if my drive way has a mini slope to it? Would the method still be the same as yours generally speaking? Appreciate it thank you.
The Patch Appears as if You Over Filled The PotHole.. The Repair is not very *Flush* with surrounding
Jimmy Greene
How does this product compare to aquaphalt? Anybody?
Empire Textbooks
If you have a hole deeper than 2 inches then would it be a good idea to use cement below that (and obviously wait for that to dry) because cement is cheaper?
Aaron Alvarez
Could you do an after video. Post reseal
Cici Art
I just think this is satisfying I don’t care if it’s done right or wrong
Country Boy Ogre
Did you do the update to show how patch held up?
Szwagier Rulez
That junk doesn't work. 30 days later still soft and sticky.
Well done :-)
Your local SealMaster Store is also a great place to go get your driveway repair materials, they are pavement experts.
Nelida Garcia
How would you compare this to Plistix? I have some cracks that need to be filled and wondering which is better.
Brett Tracy
ive used this product and it sucks
Gustavo Martinez
Where do you buy the henry pothole cold patch?
I'm in Dallas and home depot or Lowes don't carry it
Saul Sandoval
Very helpful.
Smug Smugly
Hello, how do you know where to dig the well in the first place? Is it just a guess or are there signs to look for?
Shit Kicker
Cold patch is terrible, it is best to use hot asphalt, and believe it or not, it's somewhat easy to make your own
Sage Maiers
How long do you have to let the pothole repair sit before putting on the sealer?
Paul Daniel Williams
This is not going to last what should have done is got a asphalt saw and cut that area out and then put hot asphalt mix there to fill it
gabe gamer
First snow play that’s ganna peep up like a onion
Neil Amundson
Have you tried the product called TrowelPave Asphalt yet?
Passed High School Physics
Isn’t this guy patching with temporary cold patch? This stuff is temporary and it made to be removed when a “real” repair can be made. It’s been two years since this video was posted. Would be interested to see what the driveway and patch looks now.
Graham Fynn
wow great solution to potholes
Great video! You have a new subscriber! This is precisely what I was looking for. I recently bought a walk-up ice cream business that has about a 2" depression in front of the order window. Our asphalt lot will be replaced next season, but this is a great option for a temporary fix. Most of what I was seeing online was to cut it out & patch it, but that's far more work & expense than it is worth for my situation.
Richard Burchett
Thank you, thank you. I will try this. We had a place on the edge of the driveway broken up when the neighbors had a large tree cut down and fell on it. Since it's on the edge, I think I will build a small form on the edge and fill inside. Thanks again; I had no idea where to start.
Tara Derby McCarthy
Great video- thank you
also if you can't find tack oil or an asphalt plant near you ..Heres a suggestion..That CRACKFILLE R you used at the end of can use as tack need to dilute it and it will glue down coldpatch alot better than just stuffing hole w patch alone
Matt Lewis
No offence mate but I think the whole driveway needs re-surfacing
Johnny Young
Best way to do it is get a bucket of black roof tar get a small 2 inch roller roll the edges with that then put your asphalt patch in rake it out smooth then sand it down the compact it really good then seal cost it and it was last for a very long time trust me
sue zaple
awesome thanks
i have potholes and cracks that im going to fix in my driveway, then i am going to seal it. however i do have sections of the pavement that are lifted. how do i deal with this?
You can get a 60 pound bag for 9.99 at home depot, why buy it in small bucket for 30.00
thats cold mix. is just temporary.
4U2BNVS Martinez
I see alot of comments of people saying COLD PATCH wont last and its no good .And i disagree to a point..If you're applying it for a tiny sunken area like the one on your video THEN i agree with everyone who states its crappy and wont last.If you applied. TACK OIL(glue)underneath cold patch it would work better..But an even better way is tack oil.put down cold patch heat the cold patch with torch rake it then compact it ..And what do you know.brand NEW SKIN PATCH
Chris Ferretti
Thanks so much for this video. I really appreciate it. I had to fill a giant pothole in my driveway and I know jack shit about fixing potholes. And this video and your instruction was a Godsend. Thank you again for putting this together and uploading it. I appreciate it.
Very FRESH And Unsuspicious MEMES
Nope, you’ve done it wrong. You’re supposed to cut a square around the sink patch, remove all of the crap from underneath it, put compacting stone underneath, then the patch. The patch you’ve done will last no longer than a couple of years. It also looks shit.
Lisa Stein
Thanks so much! Did on our driveway and worked out great. Going to do the sealer part in another 3 weeks.
Moon Pie
That isn't a permanent patch.
Narcodo Music
Did i see a puddy knife?
Amazing to see so much tarmac used on such a small area. I would have cut the old stuff out.
Sharon Maclise
Didn't know you could repair a pothole over top of broken asphalt. Thought you had to break it up completely, clean it out, cut clean edges with a concrete saw, add gravel before pouring the asphalt in and tamping. This is much easier. You learn something new everyday. Going to try it - hope it works... and lasts. Thanks for this.
Driveway definitley needs a sealcoating..

wrote about the importance of sealcoating in my blog below
Hey, I'm looking at the cheapo bag from lowes.
It looks like its the same product but it says 6 months to cure. I need my driveway done in 1 month. Could I do it in 3 weeks with the QPR asphalt fixer? Or is the Henry version a quicker setter?
FIX IT Home Improvement Channel
+Bunny Smith Hi, it was Henry crack repair. They have a liquid or caulk. Both do a nice job. You can pick it up at Home Depot or Ace Hardware. 
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