DriTac Engineered Wood Floor Repair Kit

DriTac Adhesive Group has developed a repair
system to correct the hollow spots and popping
conditions for engineered wood flooring
installations. These instalation problems cost the flooring
industry millions of dollars per year. Studies and
experience show that the major cause of problems
for engineered wood floor installations are voids
between the flooring and the subfloor.

• The flooring adhesive fails to have full contact
with the flooring, which results in gaps between
the flooring and the subfloor.
• Subfloors are not leveled properly before
• Old adhesives crystalize and release from
subfloor due to natural wood movement.
• Wrong spread rate of adhesive, resulting in
release of wood from subfloor.
• Warping of wood flooring due to water damage
or (out of box) warped product.

• Functional and easy to use for both the
professional flooring installer and the "do it
• Hollow spot or void beneath the flooring is
completely filled with the repair adhesive, truly
repairing the problem! (Epoxy repair kits only
tack down a small section of the problem area).
• Drill bit and applicator tips are much
smaller in diameter than conventional repair
kits, creating a smaller hole which is easily
hidden with wood putty.
• No need to weigh down the repaired area.
• Cost per repair is a fraction of the cost of
• Floor can be walked on immediately after
the repair. No set up time is required!
repair repairs repairing
18 комментариев
It is an amazing product ,
Im a woman and I did by myself , after see this video ,
Great idea , make all ease,
And worked , my floor is 100% repaired . Thank you
New Doors Team Real Estate
Interesting! Before ripping out the old always use the resource of YouTube to see if you can save yourself thousands of dollars with amazing products available And demonstrations of how it's done!
Jason Lester
Wood floors are awesome looking, but I'm finding out they are a bitch to keep nice. I wasn't prepared for how easy they get scratched.
Ned Kelly's namesake
don't worry, repair the scratch and in the process make another one. Let the process continue until your whole floor is covered in a nice layer of putty..
Jason Lester
Good one, scratch the shit out of the floor with your utility knife.
Footed Crane
Am I the only one that saw him scratch the next board with his knife when cutting the dowel off!? At least it’s dark and distressed! 🤣
Kevin Oleary
Nice demo and thank you. Well done.
Thrive Beyond 65
Does this work with Pergo laminate too?
I paid to have the concrete floor leveled, but there are several soft spots that several people have warned will break if not fixed.

Thanks for any guidance you can give.
lucas markota
Great business idea!! There are cases where, sometimes you hit an uneven area, even though you leveled the floor.....sometimes you get shallow spots. This product, although a little pricey can make a customer happpy. It's all about a solid floor. Make it right productions
Jeevan Mathew
I have a wood floor with the pad under it on a concrete floor, in summer its bummy as the wood expands. Can this trick work? should i make sure the foam gets in between the wood and the pad and also between the pad and the concrete floor? the wood is interlocked. thank you!
Eric Everman
Do you need to set weight on it while it drys?
Rob B
The drill hole left over looks like fried hell.
I have a similar issue with my hardwood floors that were glued down by previous owner. The glue has become loose in 3 areas and those areas are puffy/springy. I need a product like this to stick it down. What do you have for hardwood? Thanks.
Artem Lebedev
I heard about woodprix instructions good opinions.
Papo Pagan
I had my engineered wood installed two years ago.  We have no children.  My dog just passed away, but he never scratched the floor except at the beginning of the second floor before the steps begin.  Anyway, you can't move furniture, you can't drop anything or this floor dents easily.  Worst home improvement I've made, even if it does look beautiful.