How to Repair a Pothole

Let's take a look at how potholes are formed and how to repair them!
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But can you also repair plot holes? Asking for GoT season 8.
Rohan Bhattarai
actual time to repair: 28 minutes
my country: 28 years
Ferdynand lie
Youtube : ohh you are still not sleep, how about tutorial how to repair potholes

Me : *tap*
Pot Sinim
*How to repair potholes

Government:" We don't do that here."
Meanwhile in chicago....

Meh just throw some gravel in it, who cares if a motorcyclist comes by.
Youtube: Oh you were listening to rap music...

...this means you TOTALLY need to watch a video about Potholes!
1AM : One last video
4AM : *How to repair potholes*
How potholes being fixed
USA(Texas): Here's special guys who can repair any pothole in 28 minutes, they have special truck and equipment for that.
(Whole)Russia: let's just put asphalt on a snow so it can't stand for two month, yeah, that's it.
How to repair a potholes
Indian government: *You don't*
potholes on roads? just put a flex tape there and the road will be normal again
Nirvation 11
In my country, a random guy will just fill the pothole with some gravel.. the Job done within seconds👍
Mike Conkey
Idk why this is in my recommended but I watched the whole thing
Call your local city hall and tell them to fix the damn potholes
D Ramos
Pothole gets fixed

Few months later:

Licensed motorists: *ah shit here we go again*
*Indian government should watch this*
A single Indian man beat them to it
Please come to Brazil, you'll have a lot of work to do here
Thanks man. I just repaired all the potholes in my city using this tutorial.
Red Hornet
They're like hydra. Killing one and two more take it's place.
By the time the pothole on my way to work gets repaired, MCU Phase 4 will be wrapping up.
James Clapper
You're a good man Henry Ybarra, thank you.
In my country, Romania, we repair streets with potholes
James Lim
Your local city council: *receives pothole complaint*

*goes on youtube*

Your local city council: “how to fix potholes”
мистер жопосранчик
а можно было просто сразу насыпать асфальта и притоптать. на недельку бы хватило)
That pot hole will be back in a week
Actually, that looks like cool work to do🤔

Literally Nobody:

Youtube: Wanna learn how to fix a pothole?
Atx Cat
I need to fwd this to my city hall, all they do is throw hot mix with a shovel and run over it with a 1/2 ton truck
Ammar Abazovic
In Bosnia the potholes are so big that you can hide in them
wapitigon 999
Thunder Bay needs this, they do a lazy job
Step 1: Show you how to do it
Step 2: (City) Never do it ourselves
darth fury
3rd world politicians want to know your location
My municipality must have watched this in rewind, judging by our roads.
David Mendoza
Great now I'm going to go out and repair the potholes in my neighborhood myself...
Rokador ʇɥǝ qox ɥoɐɹpǝɹ
"How to repair a pothole? Don't."
Princess Anaya
This is illegal work especially in India in Pakistan...😂😂
I can't believe my eyes. A pothole... being fixed!?
Devin Andrews
only if they actually did this
End sem exam next day and watching how to repair pothole 🤦🏻‍♂️
Rangga Wijaya
In other country:
There is one truck to fix pothole
In my country :
Wtf there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 truck to fix one pothole
After watching this tutorial, I practiced their technique and repaired all the pot holes in my neighborhood! 😎
Alright let me just grab my professional grade pot-hole filler truck
I have no interest in repair something.

Youtube algorithm : How To Repair a Pothole
Se7en Up
This technology is too advance for Romania. At the actual moment, we are fixing potholes with dirt.

Movie Games
28 mins? Tell that to NYC. Takes them months to repair them. I've gotten two flats from really bad ones.
Theta's World
You make Ron Swanson proud...
Fix... potholes?... never heard of it.
Atleast according to my city. Our roads are like minefields.
Now I know something I'll never do anyway
Buz Off
A light layer of sand over the end repair would be helpful, to keep the new tar off our cars, til it hardens/"drys".
nam tran
you should wait for the hole dry before cover the tackle oil.
Quiet Navajo

YouTube recommendations: HOW TO REPAIR A POT HOLE

Me: Heck yeah!
mayur kale
Indian politician's don't want to know your location 😅😂😅
Snow Z
Thank you for fixing potholes
Mikey TK
Absolutely no one:

YouTube recommendations: how to repair a pothole
thats a 1 person job they trippin but thats just me
Honestly i was expecting noodles or oreos.
Repair a Pothole.
Government: "Ain't nobody got time for that."
You actually finished in one day
We need more of these trucks in India 😂😂😂
SGT Foley
In Canada we just fill the holes with tim Hortons cups
Jthedemon Catus
Time for another episode on my recommendations
This episode
How to repair plot holes
How to fix a pot hole.
step 1 make hole bigger.
And thats why you dont put asphalt right on top of the dirt :D
Млять они еще и подметают ямы!!!
Tiger543 Gamer
Ah yes, the perfect thing to watch at 3am...
Step 1: pay taxes
Step 2: wait 2 years
Step 3: city repairs
Step 4: pothole returns
*repeat until dead*
Ash Taghavi
FINALLY! A video on how we can fix this epidemic.
Victor Figueiredo
In my country we pay taxes and no repair is made, never.
Wait, but what if I don't live in texas?
Ke Ka
This video is brought to you by VLC media player
In England, they drive on the left side of the road. In New England we drive on what's left of the road.😆
Hom Tardy
I read how to "repair pot heads"

I'm high af tho
Chode Meister
My city throws the stuff in the hole and tamps it down with a shovel. Lol
In Malaysia will took 1 month to repair and the hole is not square and flat.
*After seen it 3 times in recommended I gave a chance to this video.*
Watched it all.
My city just drops hot mix in the hole and the are done that road breaks the next 2 hours
Raj kadam
Indian government, where are you ? Adding only tar in pothole will not do the job.
Unknown L
Wish my hometown would squire it out. Mybe it would last longer then
Can you show this video to the entire state of Michigan? Thanks.
Ed Ed
sooo dramatic, duck tape can fix everything.
*498 mayors disliked this video*
Press E to fill pot hole

Apirana Wilson
In NZ this would take 10 workers and 10years
How to repair a pothole:

*Step 1 - Grease the local politicians*
Chloe T
Y’all need to come to the city of Belton, TX and show them how to do this. They put a patch in the roads and now we have speed bumps everywhere 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Brave Dave 91
After watching this, I feel the iresisteble need of fixing all potholes in my city
wow most ive seen here is they literly just throw some more asphalt on top and call it a day, it become pretty much a speed bump because they dont pack it and quickly wears away
Ajay J.
Why does this have 1 million views?
Ron Swanson allready showed me how to fix potholes.

So stop suggestion this video to me ... nothing you can teach me futher !
John Carlson
I feel like you're being dishonest with this video. At no point did I see 4 guys standing around watching. We all know this is a industry requirement.
More of Hungary needs to see this.
Dylan Purdy
Ah yes, a totally accurate recommendation

Good video
Bernando Turner
Look like the Roads would be Paved with Gold. From the DUI drivers Alone. Not counting What they Fleece From folks on
Speeding Tickets.🤷🏾‍♂️🤧😆
Philippine Government has left the chat.
elvin lie
In indonesia potholes became a lake with fish and banana tree
bari ivan
Timur Zavidov
How to fix a pothole. Russian Edition.
Add dirt. Done.
God damn city does not want to repair these damn potholes where I live so now ima do it my damn self!

Tired of these potholes messing up my bumper!
How you're supposed to repair potholes: This
How Tennessee repairs potholes: Dumping cold bags of asphalt out the back of a moving pickup truck as they drive by
I'm not sure if fixing potholes is legal in my country 😂
Sunburn88 A
U So old in my country the government will just make another road fo us 😎
After 10 years of course😅