Water Softener Troubleshooting Too much Water in Brine Tank

Water Softener Troubleshooting Too much Water in Brine Tank
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One of the most common symptoms of a poorly functioning water softener is when the water level in the brine tank is too high. These are some of the potential causes, we’ll start with the most common first:
1. The brine line has become detached from the top of the float – Yes, it does happen, which means that it cannot draw brine, only keep filling the brine tank. To resolve this situation just reattach the brine line.
2. A salt bridge has formed in brine tank – this will stop the water from entering and exiting the brine tank. This can usually be removed with hot water but check out our other video specifically on this topic.
3. The drain line is clogged or frozen which restricts its ability to draw brine, a kink in the drain line will cause the same problem.
4. The drain line flow control is clogged with debris - the control needs to be cleaned out to make sure the water softener will drain quickly enough to draw brine.
5. There is "foreign material" inside of the brine level control valve or float- the valve can be disassembled and cleaned (if there is a valve). I have often seen salt build up at the bottom which impeded its ability to draw brine.
6. There is "foreign material" inside the brine line flow control - the flow control can be cleaned. If you have a lot of debris in the brine tank the dirt can get sucked up into the brine line flow control. The hole just needs to be cleaned.
7. The injector system is clogged - The injector creates a vacuum to draw the brine from the brine tank. If the injector and the screen become clogged it won't draw the brine out but will keep filling the brine tank. To remedy, you need to remove the injector and screen which can be cleaned by soaking in a descaler like CLR or Iron Out. If you need to clean out the orifice be sure to use a wooden tooth pick so as not to misshape the inside of the injector.
8. The water softener timer is not cycling properly - this problem usually means a new circuit board is needed. This becomes obvious when you try to change the settings and they won't change or the led display is blank as though the water softener is unplugged.
9. Bad spacer stack or pistons inside the valve - If you remove the brine and drain elbows with the unit in service mode and you see water moving inside the valve after waiting 15 seconds, the spacer stack and pistons need to be replaced.

So start with the first one and if that doesn’t solve the problem work your way through the list.
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Kevin Hullinger
Thank you well done 👍
Awesome video!! This solved my problem. Needed to clean injector.
Bill Kellogg
Excellent! Thank you.
Lars Turner
Great video. Clear explanations & good video quality.
Patricia Moraga
Again Thank you such I was able to fix my softener I followed all the steps you suggested........
Mike Birch
Thank you so very much for posting this video. I just moved into my house 5 months ago and I have never owned a water softener before. When the brine water would not drain out of the tank I searched YouTube and found your video. While my water softener is a bit different than the one that you showed, I have an Eco Water Softener that came with the house, the concept was exactly the same. your video was very helpful in showing what to look for and how to remove the line clamps. like I said thank you very much for posting this video, you saved me a $100 service call.
Robert A Perez
Thanks for this great video...my problem solved due to this great and informative video...
Patricia Moraga
This video was the most educational one. Thank you so much. My softener completely stopped working. I will let you know how it goes after following these steps !!!!
Rob Jones
Thanks Gary for your videos. My brine tank wasn't draining. You mentioned several possible problems. Mine was the brine float tube had salt accumulating in the bottom blocking the slots. I siphoned the water out of the tank and used a shop vac to suck the salt out of the float tube. Did a recharge and it worked properly.
Habituated Abnormality
my house inspector gave my house a 7.8 and now I have a 9
Rod Rosales-List
Very knowledgeable. Thank you. Only one question remains. How do you empty the water overflow? Can I just suck it out with a shopvac, or as soon as the problem is fixed, the softener will empty itself?
Dijonne Stricklen
thanks for this video.
Thanks. 36 servicemen hates you :) LOL And can you make video with eco waters system?
thanks I figured that was the answer, will my water softener function the same with out the seal
sesha chary
very educative .thank you
Anthony C
Thank you for posting this video. I have little beads (?resin) clogging up my faucets, does this mean the water softener system (Kinetico K-50) has failed?
Above And Beyond Drones
~ Mine was clogged head with calcium,backing up the brine tank.
than htay
how long can i use carbon and resin in my softener.
Gary Hood
Thank you for the good video. My problem is a high pressure leak between the resin tank and the unit that sits on top. The screws are tight on the base connection with resin tank. Any ideas what's wrong?
Michael Budronis
Thanks for the videos! Question: what would cause water to flow INTO the brine holding tank during the brine drain cycle? I removed the hose from the pickup and observed water coming out when it should have been sucking it up. Caused my brine tank to overflow twice (no float installed). Injector looks clean, brine tank is clean, and no kinks in hose. Could it be the pistons and assembly? Thanks for any advice.
Raymond Rogers
I've got a crazy problem. My brine tube keeps popping off of the float tube. I've changed the insert, I re-tightened, several times. Each time it is "on" but by a cycle or two, it comes off. Any ideas??
THANKS -- to the point -- well done. And you didn't say "guys".
Mike F
Are there sediment screens by chance in the bypass valve or where the bypass valve connects to the softner??
try mo!!
My client had a manual water softener filter.. Is that same tutorial?
I lost a little rubber seal on where the water filter filters the water, can I buy a new one from a local hardware
Jim Binger
How high should the water level be in the brine tank? My guess is that mine is set too high as I'm going through a lot of salt ( 50 lb/ week) and the tank is 3/4 full of water. Have been trying to find out what the correct level is, but the videos I've seen don't address that. Thanks, Jim
Damaris & Itzel Journal 4 Ever
Thanks for posting these videos. I got a question, I have a 5810 valve and most of the time it is draining. I'm loosing lots of water down the drain. I believe my unit is about 48000 capacity and the hardness is 25. I also have it on softener metered. Any idea what I can do to fix this. Thank you
Tina Hodgson
Hi. Great video. I have a Culligan which I inherited when I rented the house. The brine tank was completely empty but very clean so I filled and it worked fine for 4 months. Refilled with salt and the next regen I found thick moist saltwater around the brine tank as a small puddle but the brine tank looks just the same as before and no water visible. The salt tended to drop more closest to the tube part where the float lives. Water still soft. Any ideas why it might leak like this? I don’t see any salt tracks down the side of the tank either. After the pint or so of water dried I had around a cupful of salt.
Thanks for any help you can offer!
Enoc Olmeda
Hi, thank you for the educational video but in my case the filter itself is leaking the water like if it was sweating on condensation. Any tips on a repair or do I just have to replace the unit? Thanks in advance.
Laura Saxe
how do you drain water out of the tank?
Mr. Foshow
Hi. My abc water softener is doing something I have BD showing on the lcd and a count down. It’s the first time I noticed this freaking out please help what it’s doing or what I need to do. Thanks.
Tim Wahl
excellent video
Rick Dangerous
so are you supposed to put the system into bypass BEFORE checking any of this?
Nick DiGiuseppe
So if my Brine tank does not have a float assembly that could be the issue?
the House just goes down into the smaller tube.
I lost a little rubber seal on where the water filter filters the water, can I buy a new one from a local hardware
Shirley Snow
we have water spitting out of our taps. When we bypass the Iron filter system, it runs great so what is the problem? It back flushes three times a week and all seems find there.
Fuelish Trucker
Can you please explain to me what the hard water setting does? Does that determine the amount of time between regens or does it do something with the way it makes the water flow over the media? How do you determine what that setting should be?
It's great that you show us what may be the causes of having too much water, but how do we know if we have too much water?
brigitte carballo
I have a problem with my soft water machine. It is draining the water every 3 to 4 days and we are not using a lot of water.
Can you tell me what can I do.
I really appreciated your help.
Charles Merrell
I liked the video you made and quit informative. I have a Whirlpool that very close to the one in your video.  It is only about a year old or so. But I am having a problem with the larger "O" ring leaking and filling the outer salt tank and over flowing in to the overflow tube. I have taken it apart several times but with just a little fix of it leaking. It appears to be pretty much strait forward, but is there a secret to this.
Saeed Zarif
Hi Gary, I have a Excalibur Chlor A Soft water softener brand new installed. i noticed the brine tank has water in it after each regn.... each time it adds more and it doesn't drain at all. in Manual it says Improper program setting could be the cause of the too much water in brine tank... any suggestion on how I can program it?
Arjun Patel
i got kenmore ultra soft 880. It makes salt bridge at bottom, every time i need to break before adding new salt. please help me that why salt bridge building ? thank you
Panda 4Ever
What if there is no water in the brine tank and the salt crystal is dry? Water softener is kind of working
Truckah Jae
How do you remove those 2 hoses without water spraying all over? Is there a way to drain it first?
Albet Fisher
my brine tank doesn't have a float, it's a get 225 model. I have working on it ,because every once in a while we would get salty water. today the brine water is not shutting off. Help!
John Cox
Hello Gary, I let my KCL level get down to a few inches low but not empty and the brine tank was full of water when I went to add more. I drained the water and added the KCL but my EcoWater is not softening the water anymore. I have watched the way the unit works and everything seems right. It starts with a fill, then a long brine, then a backwash, then a fast rinse and then to service. the fill works, fills the brine tank with about a foot of water. Then during the brine cycle the brine tank is almost emptied. Then the slow backwash and fast rinse cycles complete and it goes into service. My kettle calcifies and the water doesn't have a salty taste like before. Any Ideas? THX
than htay
if not change carbon and resin.then have effect to the softener.
I have a rather old system (20+ years old) which the previous owner neglected for several years. He was quite old and couldn't lift the bags to add salt to the brine tank so he just didn't at all. The resin tank looks like a big air tank (like what is used for welding gas) with a mechanical device on top that whirs like a clock when powered up. When I turn the knob on front to regeneration, It cycles and I can feel water rushing through the discharge tube to the drain. The brine tank looks like a big blue trash barrel with a single hose going into it and an overflow port on the side that drains on the cellar floor. The tube from the brine tank leads into a clear, hard plastic, bulb on the side of the mechanical device on top of the resin tank which is full of water with no air space. The base of this bulb is molded into the housing of the mechanical device and cannot be removed. The brine tank fills with water though this tube but does not draw water from the brine tank. There's a small plastic cage on the end of tube inside the brine tank but it appears to be clear of clogs. I've looked all over the mechanism to see if there is a hose missing from which brine would be drawn but there isn't any. My suspicion is that there is a clogged valve somewhere inside the mechanism allowing water to be added to the brine tank but not withdrawn.
A Friendly Hobo
I have the opposite problem. The brine tank doesn't get filled up with water after the regeneration process.
Mike F
I have a Northstar water softner.
The unit will only fill the brine tank for 2 minutes.
Ref: 0-100%
When the unit reachs 20-25% of the regen
I hear a sucking air noise.
Like the unit is NOT filling enough water.
Brine tank is clean.
Any thoughts/suggestions?
Thank You
Mac's Motovlog
How many inches of water should be in the tank at all times?
Tom Campbell
My NorthStar Water Softner hums when you run water or flush the toilet.  I broke up the salt dam and regenerated the system and it still hums.  Any recommendations?  [email protected]
Richard Mellem
Why cannot i find a schematic of how the parts in a brine tank on a culligan water softener? No one seems to have one.
Log Home
Should the water level be above the salt in the tank or only a few inches of water in the salt tank?
John Glass
make sure the power is on someone may have turned it off
Good videos, but you should look into why there is no audio on the right audio channel.
no sound
Tom H
I have the bypass valves shut off, can i open the injector lid without water coming flying out at me? it seems on there rather tight.
Chris Brown
I've checked all of these issues.  I'm thinking my issue may be due to the overflow hosing being connected with the valve drain hose.  It drains fine until the last cycle of the regeneration process (backwash?) then all the sudden water comes gushing in to the brine tank from the overflow hole.  Any thoughts on this?
kelly huddleston
my culligan softener will not finish a regeneration cycle. Could u tell what to check and how to repair it has never worked very well and it is only a little over a year old had culligan people out of dallas tx several times and still dosnt work well most of the time
Bill Cunningham
How much water is too much water?
Anson Fok
I now empty the entire brink tank. Can I reuse the salt I took out from the tank ? About 3/4 of the tank and some of them are no longer large gravel size but like sand size. Thanks
Rick Cash
My problem was brine water not being flushed out. After checking all the bases you cover, I still could not get it to work. I found an old display model at Home Depot that was missing the computer. So they were going to trash and let me trade out some parts. I did the bypass, the piston, the gears, and the venturi system from brine line to body, and bought and replaced the injector. After all of this, it would stick not suck brine water.

I then focused on float assembly which was clean. I shook it to hear ball move and make sure it was not full of water. But I decided to watch how the ball floated under water and then noticed the ball would stick to bottom and not float up, even when under water. I was watching through a glass, and noticed by shaking it, I could free ball. But every time I put back in water, the ball would stick again.

What should I do to fix this, without buying another part?
Glenn Roe
How much water should drain from the tank during a full regen? I measured mine and it seems to be around 1/4 in.
Jade Allen
I have a quick question....not only is the brine tank completely flooded, but my water softener won't turn on now. Would the high water in that tank have any thing to do with the loss of power? I've unplugged it and tried to plug it back in and nothing is happening. I don't think, or at least see an on/off switch... thank you in advance!
Is there any video where they just explain how to set a 5600 water softener head I don’t need a lecture lecture on how the hell everything works
Green House Homestead
Our brine tank is not draining. Water flows in but not out. We check all the stuff you mentioned in the video except the float tube. The float is working fine. If there is not salt at the bottom of the tube is there anything else to check? All lines are fine, too. Thanks for your videos. Because of youtube I fixed my dishwasher and a ton of other stuff. So grateful for people like you who share your knowledge. I so don't want to call Culligan...they'll just wanna replace the whole unit.