Vinyl Flooring Maintenance & Cleaning : How to Seal & Repair Loose Seams in Vinyl Flooring

The seams on a vinyl floor should be sealed and repair if they begin to loosen. Seal and repair loose seams with help from a flooring contractor in this free video clip.

Expert: Andrew Denny
Bio: Andrew Denny has 10 years experience in flooring.
Filmmaker: Phillip Givens

Series Description: Vinyl floors require a little bit of work, but can make your home beautiful and cozy. Learn about vinyl flooring maintenance and cleaning with help from a flooring contractor in this free video series.
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Wow, Michael is like 2 feet tall, that's incredible
Darin Warren
That is, if it's a felt back, which that floor in the video is. Most vinyl floors are fiberback floors now. In which case, the adhesive in the seam is not an issue, the new fiberback flooring will not shrink and separate as felt back back. The other thing I would have done differently is, replace the blocks and put the seams on the shoulders of the blocks were they are invisible. That said, there's as many way to do a repair as there are installers. :)
Darin Warren
I'm a 21 year veteran installer. I've done a lot of repair work. I'll note three things to make this repair a bit better/faster. #1. Use Loctite Power Grab instead of the vinyl adhesive. It will hold better, and will grab pretty much instantly. #2. DO NOT get adhesive on the edge of the seam. #3. Use the proper seam seay bottle with a tip that can be inserted into the seam so you have a top to bottom seam weld. Coating the surface of the seam will keep dirt out, but not "weld" the vinyl.
Judy Colson
thank you...looks like something I can do.
What is the name of the tube of vinyl floor seam sealer that you used? It looks like a J-B Weld product?
I want to hear it from Michael... Andrew is just some dude telling me what Michael's doing!
Deep Thoughts
Dianne Clark
Why do you not mention in the video applying heat with a hair dryer or heat gun to make the vinyl more pliable and less likely to crack of tear. There seems to be a heat gun visible in the first frames.
Doug McGraw
What type of installer would put a seam there; and not on the embossed grout line?
Lack of Focus
Our old floor had a seam that had a seam that was covered with about a 3/8: wide layer of clear tape. Is this some kind of old school thing or a regional west coast thing?
Hector Camarena
Ok.. was I the only one that noticed 2:28? and then a second crazy eye almost at the very end?
I covered my kitchen with commercial tiles. You can hardly see any lines. They're very tight. But over time dirt gets in between the tiles and makes them look like a grid. How do I maintain them looking like its one piece of flooring? Would a vinyl floor seam sealer achieve this so dirt doesn't accumulate between the tiles?