Major accident repair and paint work on a Hino tipper truck

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Donald Henke
really trusting with the guy with big fricken hammer
Nick E
I bet you the fella with that Hammer is stout, the way he controls those swings, plus the amount of times he's swinging that Hammer a Day.
Just more Taliban IED damage......easy-peasey-Pakistan-ey!
Ducati Paso
Amazing! Is there ever a point you say "cannot be repaired"?
провинция файзабад
Салам Назеер хан !как всегда маладца!))
The stuff you do with limited tools is amazing.. I cant imagine what you could do with a computer controlled water jet cutter and CNC milling machine
Rafael Yete
Magnífico trabalho aprendo sempre com os amigos parabéns para toda equipe !👍🏾😉😁
GT 500 V8 biturbo
Maşallah 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Radionut R
They took that pile of junk off of that flatbed truck and turned it into that beautiful example of a truck. Simple handtools and manual labor unbelievable thumbs up all the way
shoukat ali
So proud of you brothers very hard working bros...that's call my pakistani hard working people . Allah bless you all. Love From U.K.
push areyu
it's scary.. imagine if he miss the hit... very brave heart..
Kevin Alvarez
Que buenos videos me gustaría ver como montan motor y caja amo el canal
Hard to believe what I just seen, a total wreck brought back to life. The many good comments below describe what they did better than I could.
Koert Tijdens
Great skills , love it how they repair the truck.
And the beautiful paintings, amazing.
aksjet 555
Вообще красавчики ребята👍👍👍!!!
Graeme Ross
Pakastani Truck,, good to see you are videoing the very interesting repair and rebuild (with truck art) of a badly damaged vehicle.
Better than destroying old objects with a press.
Matthew Tinker
How about calling ithis video "Major accident repair and paint work on a Hino tipper truck
Antonio Marcos
grande trabalho estao de parabens devia de ser assim aqui no brasil
Platom Kchoo
The Ultimate Car Mechanic
Dusty Sherrmann
A very good job you do, you do not have to throw everything away! 👍
You guys are freaking Craftsman. Wow!
Soablau Lobluae
👍👍👍👍👍as always great job !
Ilya Trishkin
Отлично работа, много интересно все сделали молодцы!!! А без рисунки кузов никак?)
Cristian Gallegido
Mis mas sinceros respetos para estas personas que con gran inteligencia habilidades no areglan son fabricantes de camiones y estructuras son muy buenos desde chile un amigo
dan galbraith
Craftsman shop at its finest level. I have a great respect for these men. You bring life to a piece of twisted metal love watching you work
John Brannen
This is engineering at it’s best
5'47"~ Scary...
Igor Rudevets
Я так понял, если в Пакистане выключат электричество, с их навыками работать руками, этого никто и не заметит.
Leandro Marcon
Parabéns, vcs são verdadeiros artistas! 👏🏼👏🏼
John Atkins
Always impressed with your work! You could show us here in America how to re-use and re-cycle what we have. Thank you!
Great repair. 👍
The you guys work it absolutely amazes me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gleeson Motors
good user
Mantap skill dewa itu martil jangan sampai kena tangan ya boss
Crushing Vanessa3
Once I saw the truck t the beginning, I knew these guys could fix it. Was hoping they'd repair the cab to, but if you have a spare, use it.
christophe leblanc
it cool to see , that unlike here in canada, a wreck like these , are not cut up for scrap , but get a complete restoration ,, with what we would call primitive tools and methods, yet, to watch the processes you use, is any thing but primitive, more like we have relied on machine tools and have lost the knowledge to use simple but effective tools to accomplish a task ,
metalguru triman
great job again guy,s love the work on the press and the rivet punching
Josue Vital
I work with the same work in Brazil
More great work ! Nice job on 2 crane pick ! Beautiful birds and artwork.
Alex Paricahua Huamani
Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪 excelente trabajo me fascina ver sus videos hacen un trabajo excepcional felicitaciones
John Brannen
Please once again pass on my sincere thanks to the mechanics in this video because it’s Greta watch them. 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰👍👍👍👍👍
Philip Spencer
You guys are truly amazing!!! 😎👍🏻
Jose Augusto
Like, from BRAZIL.
I love watching this channel and I am always amazed at the end result, but I can't help thinking that the health and safety zealots here In the UK would be bursting many blood vessels watching the interesting working practices employed and total lack of safety gear.
the tripa seca
*_saludos cordiales desde México 🇲🇽_*
How many people get hurt on the job.???????????
Don Grider
Nice Job Front end Accident. Hard hit with big bends and damages.
Your hard work is proudable for our country.
Very nice work guys,from your friends in America!
Daniel Rios
Hermoso..!! ..trabajó!!.. Excelente!!
Mikaela Bowen
This is real skill.
Brian Paige
As always well done to a skilled team you are great with just a few basic tools and the results are mind blowing. Love the channel.
Lorne Johnson
If you going to beat them Rivid out to be easier to flip that frame over and beat the rest of them out...
Martin Puentes Jimenez
al kilo homy!
Diego Pineda
Me insentiva mucho su trabajo gusta gracias por compartir..xompartir el conocimiento es parte de la humanidad misma....gracias.
иван дутов
Последствие перегрузов и экономий на всем что можно.
Don Grider
These guys read steel like a book. Page by page bend by bend. A little here and a little there and a little more now and then. Steel has memory. It wants to stay where it has been shaped and used. The steel is formed to make the truck chassis then is work harden by using the truck daily. The steel movement from the loading and unloading create a memory in the steel. The art is in the understanding of the steel and how to make the steel want to be moved. Without that you are just moving dents from place to place. Some truck repair shops will never understand what a blacksmith knows!
ك ح م
عمل رائع
Gouse Basha Shaik
Great talent
I am glad you guys trust each other.!!!!!
Bernal Bernal
Camaradas son chingones reparando los camiones.
Sammy Eastwood
Once the chassis part was done. Rest of the video was just rushed ☹️
Дмитрий Домов
Заводские однослойные рамы они через коленку правят.
Matthew Fogarty
This video shows we ain't that different at all. Hard working dudes that like to goof off a bit and make cool trucks!! Good show guys!!
Bob Ordewald
Amazing job. Where I live the insurance company would take the truck and I would simply buy a replacement. Compared to buying another truck, what would it cost to repair this truck? Thank you for the video.
suryo adi
Mantap... 👍👍👍
Хурмат Рахимов
津村木材活躍中 ^_^
パキスタン すげーな
anibal velardo
Bom dia amigo não me canso de ver seus vídeos vocês são verdadeiros artesão com tão pouco recursos tecnológicos vocês de mais no trabalho de vocês e suas pinturas são belas artes nem parece caminhão e sim uma bela obra de arte sobre rodas
ford nut
Dudes a beast with that hammer.😄
Why all the decoration on a work truck.?????????????
Вася Пупкин
Вот я думаю при таких объемах выбивания клепок, трудно пневмо молоток приобрести. Пакистанцы никак в дело вкладываться не хотят.
عبدالله علي الشهري
ماشاءالله 👍🏼
Youssf Nabati
👍👍👍👍👍عمل راءع
Tractor Archaeology
Good work Pakistani !
Haroon Bayburs
I have no wordsss...
Just u r amazing...
Boyke 1972
How many tons dan load on this truck
провинция файзабад
Хино ча ча ча ))
waka 3006
ziad alkascii
عفريت يعم جماعه دول
Doug Jones
Perseverance! 💪🤝👍
magnifico adoro
Jim Bo 007
Great workers !
rich miller
incredible recycling skills and they all end up looking good, but I've cancelled my Pakistan coach trip!...
Mustafa game
Sasu Mihai
Wtf is with the birds ?
shoutout to Sean rankling
why clothes look like bed sheets=?
Nor Ramadhani
Paul Martínez
Que le pasó al poderoso
David Null
Pakistani truck - A better way to say this in English:
"Accidental repairing Hino tipper truck chassis and body and paint work" ==> "Repairing accident damaged Hino tipper truck chassis and body and paint work"
zane lile
I admire the work ethics of your people.
Vilson Alves
Congratulação vilson brasil !!!!
Mashallah.Very telented workers in our Pakistan.
Bill Miller
good that the punch man is wearing safety glasses ;)
Salman Ehsan
First view from Indonesia
Mattis Yrtos
An original truck, after restoration, it takes twice as much weight... Chassis doubled, reinforced, the dumpster also, the front shield and the hat on the cabin... Easy 4 tons more for an 8 tons... No? The engine is more powerful, I imagine....
unknown name
Typical thick pakis ...use the crane to unload the truck then struggle to hand lift the chassis rails into the motortrike
Business And Machines
👍👍👍👍 .