How to Patch A Hole In your Driveway / Blacktop

Learn how to patch a hole in your driveway the right way using either a cold patch or hot blacktop. The best way would be to use a demo saw to cut the hole square ensuring the edges are as thick as you can get it.
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nice fella, seems to be genuine and cares about the job he's doing.
Title sais "path" instead of "patch" (typo). thanks for the video, really useful stuff
Giselia Pereira
Thank you for the video, saves me replacing my whole driveway.
Make sure you hole is clean. Haha
Fritz Rochester
Hey Dom !!!
What a Great Professional Job Brother !!!
You are the Man !!!

Hope Yall are Safe with that Nasty Storm coming my Friend !!!
Take Care,
Fritz ...
Courage The .Cowardly Dog
great video...I run my own landscape company and I'm opening it to handy man/maintenance services because I like doing stuff like this I can't wait for spring so I can start this myself!
Bob O'Brien
Again a very well explained procedure on how to fix a common problem. Keep them coming!
Thanks for the video. I always wondered about that patch in a bag stuff. Looks like an OK repair.
Many Thanks for a great tutorial and an entertaining one too!
I have been pounding away my anger at the pavement companies that cut corners and screw their customers by putting down less than 3 inches of asphalt.
we're talkin' a few months?
Dude you make THE BEST videos !! I watch each and every single one of them. You explain everything in clear english with none of that fancy smancy shop talk. Its what what i like best about your video turorials. GREAT JOB :0). Keep em coming !!!!
Michael lynn
I am a middle aged women..I don't know beans about any DIY projects.. but I find your videos so interesting and informative... Makes me want to fix things around the house by myself for the first time!! Great videos!
Thanks, good video.
THANKS Excelent Videos
That was great video, thanks so much!
Ese Mr.Nobody
How can I cover potholes? I need some advice or guidance on how to cover potholes on my streets.
Matthew Ranney
Thanks for making this video. I learned what I needed to, and you are great on camera.
John Meyers
great video. I’m going to get a saw and cut the edges square like he demonstrates. I appreciate the tutorial.
Thank you
Awesome! Very helpful post.
Dave Smith
If your mad at anybody....4:41 ...Bosses, Ex-wife's ...
Great video, I have to do a bunch of patches in my driveway this summer.

Can an angle grinder with a diamond bit work to cut out some smaller areas?
Andrew Gutmann
I knew it a fellow New Yorker , Dutchess Co here. Good vid.
Jim Medeiros, Repair Experience Professional
Very impressed with your video I liked all the attention you paid to the details of the repair.ThanksJimmyCambridge,MA
What about a 1,1/2 foot road crossing would cold tar be ok?
Wow found a lot of videos I like on your channel! Yes!!! Do u have a video also on how to level a driveway that is holding some water in some low spots? The tree roots messed it up... :o///  Thought I saw a video one time on YouTube of someone pouring some leveling stuff down...but didn't know what it was called or it was on tv.  LOL 4:48 awesome!
$10.01. :-(
Matt Seymour
Thanks for the info. So i will be ok using a standard blade for concrete etc and won't damage it?
I love watching your videos, Dominick. Funny, educational, interesting.

Would it help to use a big torch to cure the new blacktop? Would it help to use one of those vibrating tampers? Should you build it up a little higher to avoid a divot as the material settles?
Jimmy Alfaro
Thanks for this great video!
Bravo Dominic.Good job.Thanks.
I was going to skip your video, when you pulled out the cutter.... BUT it does make TOTAL sense... nice job
great video. wish this stuff was cheaper. That's minimum $10 worth of materials into that hole....
For a smaller but deeper hole would cement be ok?
Exactly how I will fix mine. Thanks bunches.
Jessesweet 1
After you put the cold patch you can drive over it to compact it instead of tamping it
what county r u in in new York?
Gene Goebel
Hi Dominic,

I work at a state park on a rail trail and we experience an extremely high volume of people everyday and we have multiple areas that need to be fixed.

At one location someone decided to start a fire on the trail while they were fishing during the winter. Previous employees over the years (before me) have tried to fix it with poor results.

Another area has some tree root damage and has actually raised the blacktop a good inch or two and it goes from one side of the trail to the other and split the blacktop in half.

So here are some questions I have for you if you can spare a few moments.

1) By cutting the edges smooth and then filling it in is it more likely that the patch will fail because it's not actually binding to the sides (like adding rebar to concrete) or does blacktop not work that way because of the tar mixture added in with the stone acting like a glue to the smooth sides.

2) How long does it have to set before it can start to experience High foot, bicycle, and rollerblade traffic?

3) How will blacktop sealer help improve the patch?

Thank you for your time and video,
Gene G.
shawn Chapman
Were you on howard stern once?
Milos Stevanovic
It is always nice to see people like this who just know what they do.
David Redden
This dude was on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares!
Rob 397
Good video, very helpful. You need a pair of knee pads though, your older self will thank you.
Peter Rizzolo
great video, thanks
Crazy Hands
You forgot to put adhesive on the edge
Great video! I will be doing this tonight!
Nice vid. Thanks for sharing
LOL, Thank you.
Thnx Dominick!
Marcin Lenski
Thank you. As we here (Poland) also have some water/ice winter problems and I did not understand what you use to seal old/new asphalt - can you write it, please?
Abe Syed
i have pretty big area where I want to use cold patch to repair it. Please let me know if cold patch will work just fine for bigger repair than hot patch.
How long do you have to wait before you can put sealer over it???
Jose Garcia
Vin Diesel!!!
Naval Captain
My hole (1ft x 7ft) is at the edge of my driveway.  Where it meets the street.  Is there anything special that I need to consider?
S&D Driveways
Nice video. You should not Seal coat over fresh cold patch. It will make the cold patch soft. You should wait at least 3 months. But other than that great video...
William Pilla
What kind of saw with a diamond blade?
It works best of you have a X wife to think about.
Studio 1Zero
best repair video
how long should you wait to seal the driveway. some things say right after, some say 6 months?? good video
C Skye
Just a note to all. You do not need to rent that enormous saw just to cut out the asphalt, especially with as shallow as his asphalt is, inch and a half. Mine was 3 inches at least. Just get a 7" segmented diamond blade asphalt or masonry saw blade at Ace Hardware or Harbor Freight for $25 and attach it to your circular saw . Tape the guard back and wear gloves, eye protection, ear protection and a dust/paint mask and maybe use a little water spray to keep the dust down. (that was my mistake and everything got covered in dust). Ace hardware has the blades more specific for asphalt. For some reason the big home stores don't. Save yourself a lot of money. Don't worry it cuts through it quickly.
Ted Baxter
Nice video.  Certainly better than the directions on the bag of quickete.  I will have to get a tamper and try it on my 10 x 10' busted driveway.  Sounds like a good job for the Hulk!. Hulk SMASH!!
MajorAlpha 101
Where did you get 1000 dollars for the saw 😂
chocolate operator
you're complaining about it being one and a half inches thick my driveway is about three quarters of a inch thick and its needing a lot of repairs
Works ok. But not like the real deal. Over time it's ok
Doug Mayer
Hey I like your videoI live on Long Island ny I can't make out the type of saw that u said u are using I can hear it's a diamond blade but can't make out what type of saw u said and how big is that blade I am hoping to rent one this weekend Thanks Doug
I wouldn't for a long time. This type of patch requires a long time to dry and get real hard.
Le Hairline
Nice vid. My concrete driveway entrance has a pretty bad slope that scratches the bottom of my car when entering or leaving, I'm trying to fix it myself. Would you recommend an angle grinder? Thanks
Toilet paper always worked for me.
Jeff G
What do you do if this is on the end of a driveway, where half of the area you see in this video is against the grass and you have allot of water moving through this area when it rains?
just a little advice to people, if you prep a little patch like that and call a few paving companys to see if theyll litterally throw a few shovel fulls of asphalt in it for you when they are in the area they might do it... 50-75$ they might help you out. also if you prep  your own driveway it will save you alot. another option the owner of this driveway could do is to top this driveway. it would add 15-20 years to the life of it.
Matt Seymour
good video! is the blade you are using a general concrete blade or a special ashfelt one?
yea the winters here suck. i'm in the finger lakes area...
EAF-TaRgEt -xX
Maybe its because i do asphalt, but id never recommend cold patch. It can be there for a year, and if you have someone turn their tires on it when its a beautiful 80 degrees, its going to tear up with the same consistency as when you put it in. Go to an asphalt plant, pick up asphalt chunks. The chunks that look like they were fresh black too that they didnt need. Use a propane torch, heat the chunks up and spread them in the hole
Reynosa Jones
this is cold patch. it never completeley cures or gets hard. Its temporary
You should put crack sealer around the edges as well. At least the gypsies didnt fill it with sand and spray gilsonite on it for 50 bux lol
What's the cost for repairing one hole like that one?
Loren Loken
I have several potholes in a commercial drive thur . Will cold mix stand up to constant car traffic? I'm going to try to fix them myself by cutting them out.
Orange County
How much is your driveway worth when the ice gets in there and makes a hole worse?
mr. JH
I don't like u anymore.