nuvoH2O System Installation & Cartridge Replacement Video (Salt-Free Water Softener) #2

- Here is a step by step installation video on how to install the nuvoH2O Salt-Free Water Softener System. Directions for the Manor, Home and Studio System. It also includes cartridge replacement information and trouble shooting tips.

Say goodbye to hard water forever! nuvoH2O lets you provide your family with a lifetime supply of naturally conditioned water without the hassle of salt and constant maintenace.

nuvoH2O is a water conditioning system that converts hard water into soft water. nuvoH2O doesn't require salt, electricity or constant maintenance. It helps prevent clogged plumbing, ruined appliances and spots on dishes, fixers, mirrors, shower doors and more. Buy nuvoH2O direct and save!

Say hello to nuvoH2O and goodbye to hard water—forever!
If you've ever lived with hard water you know it's a real problem! Clogged plumbing, ruined appliances and those dreaded spots on dishes, fixtures, mirrors and shower doors.

Now there's a solution. The nuvoH2O Water Conditioning System gives you month after month of fresh, clean, soft water for just pennies!

How does nuvoH2O work?
It's simple, safe and easy to install. The nuvoH2O cartridge quickly attaches to your water supply and doesn't require salt, electricity or constant maintenance.

The secret is nuvoH2O's CitraCharge Cell Technology. Powered by food-safe citric acid, the nuvoH2O system breaks the bonds of scale molecules before they can attack your plumbing and appliances. All you'll notice is month after month of clean, fresh, delicious water—guaranteed or your money back!

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Jason Maezes
@akretowicz That's great news. If you have any questions please give us a call. 877-688-6426
Anthony kretowicz
We're ordering one today. Looking forward to it.
heethen most
How much pressure loss occurs over 6 months time
precision Brown
So you have to have a licensed plumber to install this water softener device.
betsy burg
Would this work with high iron in water? (rusty water)
John Stepanek
I have the Manor system and occasionally I have a blue tint to the water when first turning the water on. Why?
I have had the system for 9 months and this just started 3 months after changing the filter.
Jeffrey Biehn
What size O ring is used for the Manor model and where can I get a new one? When replacing the filter I somehow either lost the old one or it wasn't installed to begin with.
A Fong
In all your installation videos it does not indicate what inlet/outlet pipe size required to connect to both NuvoH2O openings. This is important so that the correct nibbles/connectors can be bought before installing.