Sanding and Refinishing Parquet Floors (whole process)

A start to finish demonstration of sanding and refinishing a parquet wood floor. (with good results)

Although this is one of the most comprehensive videos on parquet restoration, it is really only the visual aid to the written tutorial linked above. In the video I demonstrate sanding with the belt sander with 36grit (straight across the floor, important for parquet, again click the link above), round the edges with 36 grit. Then I continue up through 60 and 80 grit on the belt sander, 60 grit on the edge sander, 36 grit corner sanding before mass filling the floor. Then 100g diagonally with the belt sander, 80 grit with the edge sander, and a good thorough buffing with 80 grit under the buffer.

I then finish with (after vacuuming) with 1 coat of seal and 2 coats of lacquer.

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Oscar Aguilar
So you don't stain the floor? You just use lacquer? Please explain I'm trying to do my parquet floor and it is a light color and I want the same color.
They could have made those edge sanders a little easier on the back couldn't they?
Wow that looks easy. I can do this. Hold my beer.
Thomas Collado
Great job
David Haugh
Is that fast forwarded using the belt sander or do you actually go that speed
Llyr Jones
Loved the summary commentary at the end, you sounded very similar to Nathan Lane. What lacquer / oil do you use, you seem to be second coating the same day, I might be wrong of course...

Nate B.
Beautiful. I watched your fail video first, so this was even more spectacular in comparison.
Reece Cater Cater
In need of my floor doing so this is a massive help would want it lighter tho how would I do that
Anthony Owens
what is the best wood Filler and laquour called please. I am gonna attempt to do this...great video
Alejandro Velez
I got your friend woody right 😝
Karin Pelletier
This was VERY helpful! Thanks! I'm less afraid to try doing this myself. Less, still not quite confident. I"ll watch this many more times as well as the link videos. Thanks!
Wife asked me to sand out floor. I said i would check out a video on how to do it.
I did watch and told her to get lost.
Peter Fannon
Great video and thanks for the tips - we have 2 lines of black beading around the edge of our parquet flooring - how would you suggest when filling with the sawdust we deal with these decorative edges so as not to loose them or just have them covered in the sawdust colour ?
How Laurence? Few tips that him taught you ;)
Scott Greenwood
omg that edger is badass! What is that? And wow what an amazing finish!!
jae kang
How much do you charge for a sqm, $60? It will take a week to finish one 100sqm house.
stewie poohie
Damn that looks good! Next step is to kill the red walls and dark trim! Lighten it up!
Alan D Lewis
Cool video,  I love YouTube university
James Latimer
Hi have you got a video of laying parquet flooring how to start etc james THANKS
Hi Ben, I have quiet uneven hard wood parquet floor what will be the best sander to hire please?
If it makes me feel great watching this video, how great must the 'sand man' feel once he finishes the job and he gets to see the fruits of all his hard work? SO SATISFYING! 😁 If only I had a floor that needed sanding.....
The President of The Internet
Looks great mate - customer must have been thrilled
Douglas Fedoroff
Awesome video! How do you deal with a squeaky parquet floor?
Joey Opperman
what produck must be used
Bill R
Nice job, great video!!
Chris Boydell
Hi, please could you let me know what product the filler is that you are dragging across the floor after the first rounds of sanding? Thanks in advance
C King
Every time I start sanding the paper rips off the bottom any tips looked all over for a video that actually shows starting the sander
Should the herringbone parquet be sanded diagonally following the the natural wood grain?
Road Radio
Great video. How many sheets of sandpaper would you have used on this floor? Thanks
kelly attwood
Hi Ben, we recently installed parquet floor and followed your video I’m so impressed W this the overall result but we did notice maybe from the rented belt sander the odd line from that machine it only showed when we used the royl 2k oil clear to finish do you recommend we go over these parts by hand? Thanks for your advice, kelly
Teejay Lawrence
Very informative...
George Aiken
Hi mate, Fantastic vids. 1) do you jump straight from g60 to g100? 2) are you using G60 dust for fill? 3) the buff, is it a cleaning pad or actually sand paper? Currently bodging soild oak floor in my house, wish i never started 😂😂😂
interSpeces Family
Oh, is this buffer you're using, a predecessor to the Woodworker T2: Numatic NuPower 1500W Buffing Machine?
I'd have to aquire and or hire the maschines you would need for teaching me by the way.
Melania Adams
Can I ask how long it took?
Bradley Rickards
Hi Ben,

Where abouts in the UK are you? I guess you are running a business doing this? If your close I would like you to quote doing our floors please.
Womble Stacker
Where can you hirer that sander need my floor doing
can you stain parquet floor please? Is there a method to do that?
Ross FigurepaintingCoUK
Great vid. Do you have any tips for what to do when there is a huge difference in appearance between different parts of the floor? I have inherited an old floor that has had a carpet on most if it for many years. Strangely (to me anyway) the areas that have been covered (and protected?) by the carpet are very faded and almost grey looking whereas the areas around the edge still have a rich golden/orange colour and a reasonable shine. It creates a very vivid line which cuts across some of the panels which really spoils the look of the floor. Any videos or suggestions? Will a good sanding solve all this? All help appreciated
interSpeces Family
Please let me know, how I may contact you, in order for perhaps, an unusial setting, for lessons from you, not in your exact part of our tiny globe. Perhaps unusual, but maybe a way that you and your family, may spend time out of your immediate location.
Mark Gowans
Great video what does the mass filling process involve or mean?
Marcel Teugels
Links not working for me..
Wade Deacon M Philcock
Hi Ben, i'm laying a reclaimed parquet floor this week :O
From your experience how long would you say from start to finish that it generally takes? My floor and blocks are prepared (blocks 30cm x 7.7cm room 24m2). I'll be using Lecol 5500 to lay the blocks in a double herringbone pattern (providing the wife doesn't change her mind). Any information would be appreciated :)

Great videos, very informative :)
Nice work mate . I use the same gear here in NZ .why do ya use the 80 grit buffer after using 100 grit on the Hummel. Is that to take out any imperfections. Cheers
Great Game Top1
can you tell me please where did u got buffer with vacum or brand... where i can buy it or found please )))
Vern Zwaag
What's a real cost to do that herringbone , I got a kitchen and living room connected , some scratches by the back door. More a parkay with lots of squares 4 in each square , Sand , fill and refinish , square foot price
Alejandro Lagos
Hi Ben! Great video! I prefer the color of the wood before lacquering (pale instead of colorfull). Is there a way to lacquer it but keeping that pale colour? Thank you very much!
Womble Stacker
What you filling the gaps with
David King
Berkshire hunt-
Mohamed Amin
Hello what kind of filler you are using?or how can I make my own filler
Antony Williams
Looks like a complete ballache! lucky for me i have 63M^2 to do very soon, just to experience the level of ache in the region of the ball!
Jason Lloyd
You are a beast! How much would you charge now to do that amount of area and same condition floor?
Dribs Biddlestone
Brilliant tutorial, can you recommend a water-based, quick drying satin lacquer. I've got a bar with Parkett flooring and we want to renovate overnight, so we can reopen the following day. If that's achievable!!! Than you.
can you actually stain parquet before applying the top coat/s please? Is there a method to do that. I have tried a floor in the past with Merrells stain and did not come out very nice due to the grains running in a diff direction. Thanks for the first reply BTW much obliged
Real professional job, I really like the edger , especially in the tight slanted wall area, my edger is a silver line product and great except for the toe kick areas and to get the rest, I have to use a scraper to get in closer to the wall in some cases. Thank you.
If i have chipped wood in the parquet, will the wood filler fill it and be noticeable after applying the lacquer? I have pretty big chips in the wood.
Cindy H
Excellent instructional video! It is a lot of sanding, requiring a lot of patience but that's what is necessary to get a professional finish. Well worth the effort!  I have been working on my parquet floor and was feeling discouraged until I watched this. I don't have the sanders as shown. I am using an old Tennant 20"buffer sander , a belt sander for the edges and hand sanding the corners. I think the key is the prep especially the sequence of sanding grits, the thorough vacuuming of saw dust and the relaxing yet energizing music. This kind of project can be stressful the music will help with keeping a steady pace instead of trying to rush through it. I am going to get the right sanding grits, a trowel and some glue, I would like to get the music but don't know what CD. With the advice from you video I feel more confident about the success of my own project. Thank You!
Boodhun Lokhnath Singh
Hello, wanted to ask for a massif flooring after years of wear and tear of the floor, approximately how many milimeters of layer does it remove from the floor while sanding and polishing? Thank you....
Chris Griffiths
Excellent video, thanks. I have a 1960s house with parquet floor throughout the ground floor. Previous owner removed all the cork expansion edging strips and covered the gaps with wooden fillets which looks horrible! We are decorating and I want to restore the floor to its original condition. Any idea where I can get suitable cork expansion strips? I managed to get some from Screwfix but they are too narrow and not thick enough ...
Hi, I have discovered a piquet flooring under my carpet. There are hundreds of staples where the underlay has been put down, will this fill the holes after the staples have been removed? Thanks Andy
Blake Harper
hi, with herringbone, how do you sand with the grain?  I see you go diagonal, but the belt sander could potentially damage the grain.  Does the rotating polisher remove these much like a random orbit sander?
Millennium Man
Where do I get the compound to make filler with. I’m in the US and can’t seem to find it.
k kast
Annoying music 🤬
rachel misso
you suck
Romelia Polly
You should go to Woodprix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.
LiPe VoLcOm
Check out my latest video matey and look the sander I used! I went from 24 all the way up to 150 grit on the Ipe wood ! And tomorrow after I apply two coats of prime bona I will hand sand with 150 then apply apply two coats of the bona finish ! So tomorrow prime and Friday the finish! I also apply the bona with the trimming pad! It's 300 bucks the 5L bottle here in Rio so I got to save!