DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, i'll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

Here are links to a few products used in this video

ridged skill saw
DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, i'll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

Here are links to a few products used in this video

ridged skill saw

bostitch staple gun

carpet knife

Dewalt palm sander
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Jared Wins
Thank you for this video and sharing your knowledge with us! This is the cleanest and best LVP stair flooring I've found!
uCuckingFunts !
You are a credit too installers all around the world! Top notch work!
dave hughes
Should have put the adhesive on with a roller.
Donald Cotnoir
Great looking job. I own a flooring business now going on 35 years and the work you did looks great. The only issue I have is the stair nose color seems to be off from the LVP. Usually the floor manufacturer makes nosing to match. Overall it's a great looking job 👍
Lollie Wink
Okay, I'll just pay for a round trip ticket for you to come to my property and do BOTH sets of stairs in my home! Of course, I'd pay your labor cost and other "fair" expenses (lodging, meals, etc)! ;-D
That's how much I appreciate folks like you that truly KNOW your craft/trade! OMG, THOSE STAIRS ARE BEAUTIFUL...thanks for sharing and keeping it real! :-)
Gold Coast Flooring
Loved every minute. Thank you for taking time out of your week even though you are so busy
to share all this useful information with us.
The floors look absolutely beautiful.
you sir are a very skilled floor layer
ali abtahi
covering that OSB cheap whatever as is not real wood .
foghorn leghorn
Lvp need to use a number 30 tooth trowel have to have good transfer of glue or they could start popping loose over time.
Tommy Jones
Great Job !!! You did great work !!! But the home owner who choose this type of floor is like choosing a 4" bathroom faucet for there own home. Most home owner don't have 4" rough faucet unless it's a rental.
Brown Trout
10:09 whole strip of nails on one step LOL I think its good
sylvia seri
Wow! I am definitely going to do this on my basement steps. So much nicer than carpet.
Dhinesh Lalvani
Nice work, learned a ton. Love it.
Bill Latibay
This js the reason why they charge a lot for installing lvp on stairs. Quite a work for every step.
shawn moore
Looks like your doing a great job, looks awesome! You had mentioned that there were different widths of the planks, you should mix them up on the treads so they look more random and not all the same
Ryan Candelario
Great job, bother!!!
Thank you for making this video, this was extremely helpful!
HI, great video and lovely finish, i'd be interested to see a short video on how you tackle stairs which are not open sided like this one, is it much more difficult having to scribe the piece to both sides?Thanks
Ping Pong
Great craftsmanship.
cheese chocolate
Pointing nail gun while it’s powered on to your face is probably not the best of ideas...
Awesome tutorial my man! Question about the glue it looked like you were stepping where you applied the glue, had it dried enough to where it was just tacky and did not transfer onto your shoes? Also no need for a underlayment?
Stephen Lacher
Must own stock in the nail mfg company.
King Pug
The flooring I have has a rubber underlay attached to the bottom of it, looks like your flooring has it also but it's hard to tell. Just wondering if that's ok for gluing it down?
R Sanchez
Isn't butting your treads and risers against the skirts bad for tread and riser expansion. I mean I once seen treads and risers destroy stair skirts once they expanded due to temperature fluctuations.
Shawn Hayden
OSB wafer board stair treads and risers! Lowest common denominator continues to rule the world of the poor and the frugal developer/builder. OSB is NOT a long term building product.
Judi Christopher
This is when I had to used a Throw-a-way brush...
and applied the glue... ;) At the time, I didn't have that fancy
hand thing you're holding LOL
marchingon together
looks dangerous and slippy to me
Judi Christopher
This is a GREAT Video...
Question: I couldn't find where you said what Name of
Vinyl Flooring you used... it looks really nice and thin.
JON Gergeceff
. Thank you .beautiful
Todd Abrams
Wow!! That looks Amazing!! Great work my friend!!
borny hitch
mr heavy breather
Too many staples.
Alan Spencer
Umm... is it the camera or does the color of the stairnoses not match the color of the lvp?
Ken Bush
great work
John Johnson
I would never put bull nose trim on stairs, period.
Lord Terrabyte
very nice
Bill Young
What glue did you use? The guy at the home store said the pressure sensitive glue wouldn't work and advised me to use Liquid Nails and spread it out with a trowel. (Is that even possible?)
I am installing Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank flooring. It has a small tongue and groove. Thanks for the helpful video.
Jason Van
Is there a good option for stair nosing that is flush with 4.5mm LVP?
Manuel Cavalier
Hello FBSB I'm new subscriber to your YT channel Great videos I have to tell you That we are equal I say that with alot of RESPECT im a flooring installer myself Flooring installers were once called Professional Flooring Mechanic you dont hear that these days but that was along time ago I followed my fathers footsteps at the young age of 12 years old i grew up picking up scraps while watching and learning from my dad and my uncles /cousins in the mid 1970's I was 6/7 years old at that time install residential/commercial carpets along with vinyl and some tile work more vct tile than ceramic tile i was always asking questions and learning hands on all at the same time so I have alot of great pride and history and RESPECT for our trade I'm always learning always evolving always changing with the times So now in todays time so many different product/material to learn about so its good to keep learning So the only difference is I don't do install videos like you do so i give you that It's nice to see what goes into floor installation of any kind of product/material I wish you continued success on these videos you do I really like that you detail everything that goes into any job I recommend any Flooring installer a new guy or gal or veteran to watch you work videos without negative attitude and judgement Keep up the great work I live and work in Albuquerque New Mexico so working out here year around weather wise is good similar to Phoenix California Las Vegas my only Qestion is What state do you work in..... Happy Holidays
Thanks! Please tell me the name of the manufacturer of the stair nosing?