Repair Abandoned Car #3 | Toyota Supra 1995

We have restored an abandoned car Toyota Supra 1995 . To begin, we completely disassembled the car and tried on new parts. Next, we removed the old layer of paint and cleaned it to a metallic sheen. After the completion of the preparatory work, we proceed to the painting of parts. After priming, we apply 2 coats of orange fluorescent paint and wait a day until it is completely dry. After drying, we completely collect the car.

Music used:
1) Razihel - Love U [NCS Release]
2) Alex Skrindo - Jumbo
3) Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release]
4) Payday - Jason Farnham
repair abandoned car car repair
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Hello! We did a new car restoration Toyota Supra 1995 . Please watch and rejoice!
Lloyd Campbell
I find it odd he just happened to have the missing parts
Hoph Gopi
you owe me a 10 second car
So you just happen to find the exact parts to an unidentifiable toy? Nice try but totally staged BS. I assume you remove the parts and strip their paint before the edit and make out they where sourced parts!
rippa mcstanky
Title of the video should be what happens if you give a dude with Parkinsons spray paint
mae adams
My dear God u have no clue how to paint
Arden Kristoff Castillo
That is just like finding direlicts from nfs payback.Good work.
How did you manage to find a model Supra that only came out a few years ago in that condition
Yromart hew!! // Your name is W.
*Wipe eye* IT'S THAT A SUPRA!?!?!?!?!?!?
Ethan Brotton
youve somehow managed to rice out a model car but ok
Leonardo Diaz
Wow great job how do you find these cars Toyota supra is my favorite
Murdianto Yanto
Mister give car a'im please
Sangam Khati
Damn man nice restoration. Looking clean ❤
lorenzo zanichelli
Make more car videos being restored from repair abandoned plese
Chung Kennex
Can you plz make a abandoned Lamborghini aventador? 😁
Cut Throat
I want this dude to repair my toy cars from when I was little, they would probably come out looking better than new.
DO -ers
Nice car really like it and defentily the monster from an engine the 2JZ!
Nano Lopez
It would look beter with out the blue rims and yellow lights
Александър Нейчев
Good work. This is a unique toy car!
Menzise Richardson
Don’t become a ricer
Jake Mueller
Are the car actually abandoned?
My best car:)
Esteban Camarillo
Don't remind me of Paul Walker 😭😭
Wanyusri Wanchik
lol.. what happens with transparent parts..
Nanih Nanih Anthony
i want to repair my toy car dodge charger
Walkens Joseph
Amazing lol has flack
The Machinery
How much grit do you use in sanding?
Сами с усами - своими руками
And why in the beginning to show the machine without details - they are all in the kit. That is, they immediately stood and you did not look for them separately.
But the idea is very correct for the promotion of the video.
TCL Clan
Keep up the good work man love the car
Tyrone the Turtle
I wanna see a race of the Challenger, Skyline, and Supra
Lucas Martínez Parra
That's Brian's Supra from Furious 7.
epic gamer
bRo Is ThAt A sUpRa?!
Lucas Martínez Parra
Why did you paint headlight covers and windows?
And this is real recycling.
Beamier Grain
I love supra!
Mase Hecht
Ware do you find these things
Nice 👍 :)
Георгий Григорян 835
Toyota supra оранжевого цвета из фильма Форсаж
miguel Nascimento
Fix one mitsubishi eclipse 1995
i own a few dicast cars one which is broke but i am fixing anyways keepup the good work restoring these cars
João Pedro Aredes
Tou best
jamila harris
With what was it that you removed the paint that was what had the spray inside?
AL Gamer
Дима Скляр
Nissan very good. I from Rasha
The thumbnail reminds me of fast and furious(you owe me a 10 second car
Slava Konovalov
Он разобрал хорошую модель потом придал ей коцаный вид и собрал её
Josh Rheinald Cao
I like cars🚘
Duck DonaldTM
Daniel Walker
Is that a Supra?
Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz
10 second car
Death vader vader
I am starting to think that he just took the parts and paint of the car
Bradley Pearson
Can you fix my 1969 doge charger general lee
Rasya Hanafi
Bang buatin lagi yang persis lambat Juni
kenneth hjh
Why did the supra have to be so riced. The blue rims I mean wtf
Awesome!!!! =^.^=
Himikotoga 999
And orange man ur a legend
reminds me of tokyo drift
the trio triplets
i own an actual Toyota supra 1995
jrboss4life_ skull
What do you do when you fix the cars because I have collection of the size of those cars your fixing
gadget tv cars
Wow verry good job, thank's for the car😉
Peace ✌️
Kiesha Gordon
Please make more videos like this
Joe Gee
Chill sir... hahah
Captain Rex
Wow your restorations skills have really improved since your Challenger restoration, I think it’s mainly to do with the fact you use primer before putting on base coat
ashley lopez
I love 💕💕💕🥰🤩🤩
Anonimus User
Hey bruh is that a supra?!
Nenekida Nenekida123
If you have a car like that again. OK if you want,but honda civic 1997
Chotharam Meena
Berry good brother
Sreejith Sreeni
xdamienx685x lotoa
My question is where the hell do you even find these
Octavio Reynoso
What's the scale on this vehicle?
Dana Eldehne
This is car the fast and furious 1 and furious 7 the Brian
Nik Falcon
K sooooo your orange is mismatched literally everywhere
The quality of the paint job is piss poor
you painted the windows flat black
you flat painted over the headlights
you painted the rims blue on an orange car
And you still uploaded the video thinking that it looks good
Chris P. Bacon
But where did the missing parts come from? Did you save this car by cannibalizing a second complete car?
Michael Rowley
Lol we all know these are the parts from the car shown .. good restoration though
Atul Tiwari
Not nice video dude
Harshad Sonaje
Where to get fitting parts?
seriously some constructive criticism, nice work and well done , but how did u manage to get the missing parts i want to restore some of my diecast models and i cannot
Костя Федоров
Shawn Gordon
where did you find the car
Satisfy ♥ damn
J. Jesus Ramirez Aguirre
Podrías por favor pintar un munstak
de todo un poco algo loco
Hola cómo haces para clonar las piezas
tim TV
Чем ты ее покрывеш в начале?
Kaykay Toys Garage
Awesome video! I love toy cars too. I have lots of them as well.
Nate Ouradnik
Looks like someone had too much coffee
Muhammad Sulaiman
Ini filem memang enak di Ii hat
This is not more than re-paint and assembly video. How the hell you got the missing spare parts?
That will be a no for me
модели М
Мастерская работа 👍👍👍good karss
Fast and furious car thats brian o connors supra at the end of the movie of ff7 whut da
Taqaddus Butt
Please upload a rusty Lamborghini mercilago
lord 57
good job bro
Josh Rheinald Cao
I can't say anything😱😱😱😱😱😱
Madis Fox
So many mistakes where made in this video.
funny Com.
What happened to the mirrors
Sherwin Lumanglas
its cool
Rio Sebastian
Nice! Very cool rims there
supreme nick
We all can see thats fake dude