How Do I Repair a Hardwood Floor Finish? : Wood Flooring

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Repairing a hardwood floor finish first requires you to get all of your furniture out of the room. Repair a hardwood floor finish with help from an experienced contractor in this free video clip.

Expert: Chris Sy
Bio: Chris Sy, a New Hampshire native, is a graduate of Stanford University.
Filmmaker: Ryan Shelby

Series Description: Wood flooring is a great way to really transform the look and feel of a room in a positive way. Get wood flooring ideas with help from an experienced contractor in this free video series.
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Robert Lai
I would just use a stain marker in this case for the scratch / dent and not sanding the area around it and not refinishing it...that will just create more discrepancies in the finishes around the damaged area in my opinion.
hahaha that was an awful attempt at a repair.. i learnt how to make a "light" scratch in to a "dark" scratch... no attempt at really making it look less noticeable
John Palermo
Here is what I learned over 6 years in a home with hardwood floors. DONT GET THEM! They are a pain in the ass. Until having them I thought people were nuts who covered their "beautiful" wood floors in wall to wall carpet but I now know why. Even small spills will quickly damage them. Pets, forget it. They love to ruin them.
Never again will I own wood floors. It was all there was at one time and they are nice but with all the options today who needs the headaches.
Steven Wear
Lol reading threw the comments if these people are such pros why they on youtube looking at how to videos 😂
gene ulm
Had same issue. I used my orbital sander and did a wider area (about a square foot) and re-coated the area with varnish finish. Turned out great. My wife, a critical eye, did not see the problem with several gouges previous tenant made.
Stringfellow Hawke
This is ridiculous. I would be ashamed to call this a repair. I'm a Pro touch up man BTW.
Seriously? No thanks. I'll find someone else to help me fix my floor. Wow.
Hahaha... don't use blue painters tape on Harwood floors! It'll remove the finish! I just had it happen to me.
Is this video a joke? This could be the worst how to video I've ever seen. My guess is this is a joke!
mac daddy
Dumbest video on YouTube.
Boris Dirnbach
I noticed the refinisher didn't take up the sanding particles but just wiped it with a try cloth and then applied the finish over the light haze. I'd recommend lightly washing the sanded area with a bit of mineral spirits to clean the light haze, or use a tack cloth.
jerry manning
why wouldn't you just start out with a lighter color to fill in the gouge ? People can understand an accidental scrape/nick vs a botched fix - or just blame it on a 4 yo kid if you have one.
Chill Will
that's horrible
Cordelia Blakeslee
I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.
Star Karan
You can use woodprix plans. The best handbooks and very detailed instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.
Arcuri Sano
Im using woodprix instructions to make it and I do it already :)
You have to admit you really suck at this
Stnl N2
Here's how it should be done....
This video sucked. You did nothing Good. You made the problem worse. If you don't know how to fix something - Do the right thing = JUST SHUT UP! You don"t know how to fix a deep scratch on a wood floor. That's fine JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT THEN!
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