Is Water Softening A Scam?

Is hard water REALLY damaging the pipes in your home?

Pushy sales reps can scare you into buying things. YES, some of them use scare tactics. If you've ever had a sales rep try to sell you a water softener based on the damage being done to your pipes without one you might want to watch this video. Then read our blog post. Is water softening a scam?

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FERRIN RYCO Plumbing and Air Conditioning
You must be water softener sales people. I'm not saying that water softeners are bad at all or that they don't make your water feel great, I love mine. I can feel when the salt has run out and fill it as soon as I can so I have my soft water again. All I'm saying is that in the almost 30 years I have been plumbing here in the Phoenix valley (a very hard water place) I have never seen the water cause the garbage that softener sales people show pictures of. The pictures of pipes full of "hard water build up" that they claim is in the pipes in the systems that don't have softeners. These scare tactics are just not true. I made this video after a salesman came into my office and tried to get us to sale his softeners using these tactics. Then a salesman from a different company came to my house and used the same sales pitch, same dishonest sales tactics. They are just not what your pipes look like. Softeners are not a scam as far as making you water feel better, your soap suds up faster and all of that. But your pipes are not in the condition the sales people try to get you to believe. That is the scam.
Tony Nguyen
I have personal experience with water softening product and i must say that it really works, i had my pipes taken out a few days ago before water softening, and they were totally rusted and filled with buildup. The fact is that it works wonders and my family and i are enjoying feeling clean and revitalized.
Ed Pac
It’s far too difficult to find this video: thank you for your honest answer. When I google “are water softeners necessary” I just find pages and pages of endless crappy sales pitches...
My water is weird...I get lots of calcium buildup relatively quickly, but soap suds test passes with flying colors (I have very sudsy, soapy water). So I was wondering if maybe just a cheap water “condition” descaler would do the trick in simply removing the deposits?
I live her in the Phoenix valley too, cheers brother.
Mike Kinney
Give me a break!! Water quality varies greatly Nationwide. Reputable water treatment companies will test the water quality with the home owner and determine the need for conditioning together. I could show you hundreds of pictures of pitted copper caused by the hard water in Florida. Please educate yourself before spreading disinformation.
Harpazo Restrainer
And no softner will keep you in business by replacing water heaters too
Lmao! Apparently you've never experienced water that is 30+ gpg of hardness, which is extremely common for municipalities who get their water from the ground.....where it picks up hardness minerals! In some areas near me, the water is over 100 grains hard! What does this do to copper plumbing? Wears it down & causes it to leak. Also, bye bye water heater, faucets, & skin. Good luck not having a water softener if your water is more than 5 grains hard!
John Hemmingway
I never debate when im wrong... but before you make a video about softeners, experience it and do the research... dude you used a pipe... obviously you didnt know that the main reaction to eczema is iron, softeners rid the water of iron... reducing breakouts and a whole lot more.. i cant stand you people, make my job harder
Sorry to inform you that your wrong dude!!!!! Hard water does exist and softeners are not a scam. Do you have a PHD in water? Did you go to school as a micro biologist? Maybe that pipe that is a 40 year old pipe is in a city or neighborhood that doesn't have hard water. GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT DUDE! Your in Phoenix where the hardness is 12-17 GPG of hardness. You will never know what hard water is. Now i'm the mith buster.