Restoration and Repair of Hydraulic Jack Pumping Air

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repair Restoration and Repair
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So does this work now or is it a novelty doorstop ?
Александр Орлов
It is repaint, not repair.
And it is low quality repaint
Joe Deveau
Never mind the paint... Did I blink and miss something or does that ram not extend? Why would you go through the trouble of attempting a bottle jack restoration and not show it working or at least use clean hydraulic oil? It does come apart further than where you stopped you know, is there a part two or are you giving up? If so then sorry but since that’s too heavy to hang on a wall it’ll just have to be a yellow boat anchor... ouch 😔
Without thorough rust removal, rust conversion, primer? That won't last long for sure...
اسد الجنوب
ممتاز جدا جدا جدا... العربي يحط لايك
Cesar Andrade
Mohammed Aslam
No it's a complete cheating, you did not show the actual working of the device. anybody can get any item from the junkyard bring anything and cleaned it and polish but the actual working you have to show us I feel sorry you have wasted our time
Julio Julio
Mal el tutorial, cualquiera puede hechar pintura a unos fierros
Pensé q se iba a mostrar la reparación
Sigue mejorando querido amigo
Dave Allen
@7:00 he proceeds to hammer the pin out from the bottom of the threaded cap instead of hammering it through from the top. That effectively destroys the gasket to seal it. Probably why he doesnt show any vidoe of it working. It probably was leaking oil like crazy thru that seal.
Павел Андреев
Ты его тупо покрасил а не отрестоврировал.
Shame you didn’t do a proper strip and rebuild rather than just pointing it yellow. Didn’t appear to work after all that effort.
Шахин Халилов
Bay aqzina soxum şdədiki bu
chris deli
Dont use galvanized parts in electrolysis the fumes are poison. Nice job still!
Jose Florido Venegas
Tú lo que as hecho es pintarlo reparar es otra cosa
ابو عبدالله
صالك سَـآعــهْْ وبلخير مايرفع خرب مصباحك هههههههه
Personal Equipe
Jacket painting is correct title...where is the hidraulic parts?
Ronald Brown
Should have pulled ram repacked new o ring on pump piston polish both ram and pump piston and for the love of cows should have put new hydraulic fluid back in 🙄
Stuart G. Australia.
Hi, it will work better if you bleed it. Plenty of “how to’s” on YouTube. Cheers Stuart 🇦🇺
Александр бахолдин
ты его хоть проверь баран . По любому он мёртвый ,не один перереставрировал
Tim Hottinger
As much time you spent on it , you could of bought a new one
Daniel Higinio
As soon I see someone working in the "shop" wearing sandals... NEXT !
Mohammad Khan
Less than Zero point from me
Robert Hodkinson
Well that's a massive disappointment!
Can't believe I wasted my life by watching your anticlimactic video
Christophe Godfirnon
No primer, no rust protection, no shockproof painting ?! Be ready for the same job within six months ! Final test ?
i wouldn't trust it as a boat anchor! looks like trash ...............
Omar Torres Sustaita
wasted my time watching this stupid video. And I have a lot of work to do. Man I cant belive this. Stupid.
Костя Петровский
Jacket restoration is not only painting and cleaning of rust. It requires complete disassembly, inspection of the state of the cuffs, valves, plunger. The cuffs are to be replaced, the valve seats are re-nailed with an appropriately sized ball from the bearing, the plunger must not be rusty. What is the point of the jack if it does not hold the declared weight? In addition, the check is made above the declared weight by 10% during the day .. if the jack has not dropped and holds the weight - it means it is working .. If it is painted, then it is just beautiful

Восстановление домкрата - это не только покраска и очистка от ржавчины. Необходима его полная разборка, осмотр состояния манжет, клапанов, плунжера. Манжеты подлежат замене, седла клапана заново прибивают подходящим по размеру шариком от подшипника, плунжер не должен быть покрыт ржавчиной. Какой смысл от домкрата, если он не держит заявленный вес? К тому же, проверка производится выше заявленного веса на 10% в течение суток.. если домкрат не опустился и держит вес - значит он рабочий.. Если он покрашен - то он просто красивый

*Google Translate*
mark jeffels
Just pretty, not restored!
None of Your business
Looks good. I would like a jack that size
Ron Anand
Please wear a glove. Touching all rusted parts with bare hands is not good. Great project though.
Khushi Ram
That is no repair completely. Only painting
You should have painted it blue again and I agree with the others this is a paint and clean job not a restoration😖
Mike Donato
Very interesting idea
Steve Eady
He had the title right, Jack pumping air. I guess the NVC in his name means Non Vocal Channel
Fred Garvin
Where's the restoration? Rebuild the hydraulic cylinder and make it safe. This is just a paint job.
Cawichin42 Miranda
Total k nomas lo pintaste y no se vio que funcionará k pérdida de tiempo ver tu che video
dung hoang
What is the electrolyte solution
Adauto S.
Isso não é restauração. Mal feito.
Martin Proulx
Man...wake up à little bit.
Rizki Haryoprakoso
I am really an amateur when in painting....but this is beyond cringe, man......
Never trust a dude that wears mandals in the work shop.
Rio Silva
I guess people from SE Asia don't like using primer neither rust protection LOL
Second Life
Nice work boys! In my channel also have video on the restoration of the Jack)
Misty Lane
If it doesn't show it lifting the weight it was originally rated for its not fixed. And the hydrolic fluid will eat that paint right off
Oil & Gas Science and Technology
I gave you the best dislike never done to other before! For your dirty job
That's a pity, half the fun is taking it apart to see what's inside.
Андрей Миронов
Он работает? Зачем он его покрасил если он не поднимает?
Doesn't the word "restoration" mean to bring back to original working condition? Somehow I must have missed the working part. It was a rusty paper weight before and now it's a painted paper weight!
Suv Fortuner
"Chat tay son"
Κωστας Κιζι
This is really bad. Just a repaint and nothing more. And wven a bad repaint
Việt Nam đâu
Phát Nguyễn Triệu
Trời ơi trước giờ tưởng là người nước ngoài , đến khi thấy chữ chất tẩy sơn 🤣
David Reed
That's 14mins of my life I won't get back .Oh well it's yellow?
sai kiran
It's only paint work..
Sailor Vlog
Bad technic painting
Alessandro Pezzella
Pedro Barchuk
the operation test was not done
John Newson
14 minutes of my life wasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alberto Hernandez
"Clean" and paint this is what it is, restoration is another thing
You didnt restore or repair it all you did was strip it and paint it.
Franz Otto
Diese Krüppel von Wagenheber haben noch nie richtig funktioniert
These cripples of jack have never worked properly
You should always pull things apart before using electrolysis, not to mention clean/brush down first (Cleaner surface, more real rust it will pull off) and 100% the top seal would need to be replaced.
Also what is up with the black hydraulic fluid i keep see people using (it looks burnt) and personally don't think carbon in fluid is good. As saying goes if you can afford power + paint + effort why not spend a few dollars on some new fluid (hydroscopic for a reason)
discrimination culture Tèo
E thấy chất tẩy sơn rồi nha
Dave Phillips
After I saw you were wearing sandals, it was over for me. I’ll just assume it wasn’t a good restoration.
Duy Hùng
Chất tẩy sơn của việt nam
khun pimboon
aparecido alcantara
Pintura ficou muito bonita quero ver funcionar
Андрей Petrov
А зачем перед покраской заполировывать инструмент, который постоянно будет испытывать серьёзные нагрузки, удары, падения, опрокидывания... Это как точить лом.
макс максимус
Так и не заработал домкрат. 😁
Bullshit Stomper
There’s a new invention called primer
Cái nước gì mà ngam dùng điện đó vậy nhỉ
Noa Bicanic
Lethal Ninja
Not a very good paint job.
موادع القاضي
After that its not work
محمد برجاح
كذاب محبش يطلع تفو عليك
Văn Liêm Phạm
Anh ở đâu , Việt Nam hay nước ngoài
Huy Trần Quốc
thach rau cau!
Thanh Bui
That's xao lol
Franz Otto
nicht schlecht, ein Wagenheber für DHL-Wagenpark
R Mckinney
How do youknow hiw much oil to use?
Lord Venger
Shout out to that little spider
rod conan
Esse dai nunca ouviu falar em alicate!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mohd Aqeel
شكرا 🇰🇼💙👍
Pasan Panthaka
Alejandro Carter
Reparar ??
CLB RC BẾN LỨC Thanh Quang pilot
mua hủ tẩy ở đâu đó ông
Duy Gà Gaming
chất tẩy sơm ???
are you Vietnamese?
Hoan Nguyen
Cuibap Sam
có thể hướng dẫn mình cách khử rỉ sét như trong video dc ko
TysyTube Restoration
I like that you want to make a new video for us, but you need to try to improve your paint technique. Keep doing good video 👍😊 and show us how it works⚙️
Nowhereman JK
Russell Anderson
Very much enjoyed and thumbs up also
Aonde vc for eu vou está Lá
Quase perfeito !
C Peterson
Another "I repainted it" not a restoration video.
Matias Maldonado
What ??
tuncay bora
No Test
arh boy this also want to upload...just stick it on ur dad car dashboard dude
Dmitriy B
По моему все эти манипуляции с замачиванием и электричеством образуют новую ржавчину, а не избавляют от старой
Ly heng11
Chất tẩy sơn