Laminate Floor under Toilet. Пол Ламинат под унитазом

The floor under toilet was floated and impossible to seal the gap with silicone.
Как построить поддон для душевой. How to make a shower tray. كيفية عمل صينية الدش. Jak vyrobit sprchovou vaničku. কিভাবে একটি ঝরনা ট্রে করতে।. Com fer una safata de dutxa. 如何製作淋浴盆。 Cumu fà una banca di dispusitiva. Kako napraviti tuš kada. Sådan laver du et brusebad. Hoe maak je een douchebak. Kiel fari duŝujon. Kuidas teha duši all. Paano gumawa ng shower tray. როგორ გააკეთოთ საშხაპე. Comment faire un bac à douche. Wie man eine Duschwanne macht. Πώς να φτιάξετε ένα δίσκο ντους. シャワートレイを作る方法。 Come fare un piatto doccia. Cara membuat nampan mandi. कैसे शॉवर ट्रे बनाने के लिए। Hogyan készítsünk egy zuhanytálcát. Pehea e hana ai i kahiʻauʻau. કેવી રીતે ફુવારો ટ્રે બનાવવા માટે. Душ табақшасын қалай жасауға болады. 샤워 트레이 만드는 법. Çawa çawa kûçek avêtin. Kaip padaryti dušo padėklą. Fomba entina manamboatra ranon-dite. ഒരു ഷവർ ട്രേ ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്നതെങ്ങനെ. Хэрхэн шүршүүрийн тавиур хийх вэ? چگونه یک سینی دوش بسازیم. Como fazer uma bandeja de chuveiro. ਸ਼ਾਵਰ ਦੀ ਟ੍ਰੇ ਬਣਾਉਣ ਲਈ ਕਿਵੇਂ Як зрабіць душавы паддон. Како направити туш каду. شاور ڪني کي ڪيئن بڻايو؟ . Cómo hacer un plato de ducha. Jinsi ya kufanya tray ya oga. Hur man gör ett duschbricka. วิธีทำถาดอาบน้ำ . Bir duş kabini nasıl yapılır. Як зробити душовий піддон. شاور ٹرے کیسے بنانا . Dush uchun tovoqlar qanday qilish kerak. ווי צו מאַכן אַ שפּריץ טאַץ. Indlela yokwenza ithreyi yokugeza. Душевой поддон из мозаики.
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Sanal Stepkin
Your professionalism encourages me to continue doing my home improvement projects. Thank U for detailed videos: many details give me light on many things I have never done before. Respect.
Gerard Lennon
Great the music.wheres it from?
Angela Leon
Wow! Great job!
Beautiful! And no lousy music!
ANOTHER solid video! Very impressed with your latest projects. Do you think you can do a small tour of your handyman tools or maybe which tools you use the most? Seems like your Milwaukee drills and sawzall get tons of use. Thanks!
Jean Alexandre
You only removed the toilet if you doing towels work. On a floating laminate floor you just cut to the shape of the toilet. Reason for this is floating laminate floor it's not fixed to the floor, and may cause a leak. On the toilet flange
James Patton
Eis that MDF board ?
angie bossarte
good video...thanks
Cash Cash
What is the purpose of the spray of alcohol? Is it to prevent silicon from sticking to your finger?
Молодец Ввсилий! Сделал как всегда круто, только думаю клей под планки был лишним так как это флоатинг флор.
Maryann Farrell
This is a perfect video for a do it yourselfer like myself. I like that you show everything you’re using and don’t go on and on talking in your video.
One thing that I would love to see is if you showed a close up of the bolt assembly on the floor, but I’m sure I can figure it out it watch a separate video ! Thank you
Eric Debisz
50/50 on silicon the base of the toilet. Some say yah some say nah
711 Hardcandy
very stupid to installed laminated in bathroom or kitchen , very fucking dumb