Glue down Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

JPat Construction shows you how to install a glue down luxury vinyl plank aka "LVP"
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jef tex
Real world BS comedian BS catchy music. Thanks !
Amy McVay
Is that click-lock lip? If so, did you trim off the channeled edges?
Lynn Dennis
This is the kind of floor we're having when we move, always had laminite but think this is best from what I've seen of it. Thanks! 🇬🇧👍🏻
Keena Jordan
Probably the best explained and most simple I've seen so far. Great video
Julia H.
Easy to watch. Simple straightforward video. Thank you!
Jonathan Morris
hmm, I think I can do this. :) Thanks for the video.
Casando con los cuevas
Good work bro
Gerardo Gonzalez
Hi do you recommend this flooring for wood subfloor
Good Sleeping Hobbits
Hello, Sir! How many vinyls did you use for that room? (^-^)
Marion Morrison
Love the floor. Can you tell me the color and make of this flooring?
Jenny Wuornos
Thanks guys! Gunna go do mine now!!
where did you get that glue? I had a hard time finding glue for lvP specifically. Many glues at hd, lowes, etc. for tiles but not planks. Ended up with mapei 360.
Dougie Hancock
If I put down glue for the whole floor at one time (in my case 36 sq. m), can the glue go "off" before you can get all the tiles down. Would it better to glue a section at a time so the glue is still tacky ?
Justin Light
How large was this room and how long did it take?
Anthony Slaughter
Is it possible to lay plywood down over the concrete for a underlay then glue the vinyl down to that??
Brent Skipper
Nice job! What mil wear layer and overall thickness do you install most commonly? Also, what specs would you suggest for rental apartments? I have heard the 6mil wear layer will last at least ten years and I am fine with that, but what are your thoughts on core and thickness? (Note: any cheap suggestions to aid in sound insulation?)
Shere W
I'm in the process of picking out vinyl flooring just like this. Some of the plank is confusing to me because you have harder or stiff appearing plank that clicks together then there is peel and stick which bends and is softer. Yours doesnt look like either but it bends and seems more similar to the peel and stick. What kind are you using and which brand? Is it a commercial vinyl?
Tile Tips Walker's Tile
How much did you charge for just installation?
Lissa Brooks
Did you leave room for it to expand? I’m laying mine down soon and I’m not sure how much room to leave
Dr. Richard R. Ape
100 ton roller? Did you say a 100 ton roller?
I have Amtico Spacia commercial grade LVP I want to install over plywood with some old adhesive residue on it. The proprietary Amtico 373 glue is kind of expensive. I have researched other glues: and Roberts 7350 and Mapei 360/373 seem to be the choices so far. Any recommendations between those... or another one? I want it to give me enough time to move around if I make a placement error.
Also... do I really need to skim coat if I use enough glue? The old glue has some little ridges, but I don't think more than 1/16th an inch. I ask because finding a skim coat that will work with both plywood and old adhesive is not easy and it sounds like a lot of work! Also... it's a rental house, so it doesn't have to be museum quality, just secure and not come up.
Thanks for any advice!!!
chart toppas
Do not sand anything
chart toppas
Attention !!!! Do not follow this guy’s lead in sanding a floor that you really don’t know what was previously there besides the carpet ripped out I see an outline of old tile there so my point is do not sand anything without having it tested first Cause it can be “hot” meaning (asbestos) very dangerous!!!