Repairing or Patching an Allure Vinyl Plank Floor

Repairing or Patching an Allure Vinyl Floor
Repair repairing
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Andres Rodriguez
Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! I was laying my floor down and accidentally scratched a few planks. Now I know how to replace them.
R Geist
You sir are a genius. Your video saved me so much time and frustration. Subbed, thanks for paying this!!!
Mo Monte
Thank you, you make everything look so easy!
Great info! Thanks for sharing.
Rusty Spires
Summer Smith
This was great! Traffic Master has you cut along the seams, remove the plank, cut off the adhesive strip, then glue a new plank down. However, if you do this, you end up with a plank that has an uneven underside not to mention uneven cuts (I'm not the best DIY)! Wish I'd seen this video first. . .
The Johnstons
Thank you for sharing these tips!!!
Thanks for the video Bob.
I was scratching my head wondering how tough it would be to remove a damaged plank that has a deep scrape.
I appreciate the video !
Tawana Woods
Is a hair dryer just as effective as a heat gun?
Toby Hurtubise
Would this work if you had to replace a plank that was surrounded by other planks? How difficult you think that'd be using this method? All yours were on an edge here instead of out in the middle of the floor so curious how you think this would work.
I can tell you from my experience with allure that you need to be very patient removing old planks. Slow and steady and yes, use that heat gun carefully. You don't want to rip off the tongues because when you do, there's no way to really get the seams of the replaced planks to be tight. I had some guys working for me try it and they lost their patience and ended up pulling off the tongues of the allure pieces because they didn't want to spend the 20 minutes extra to work slowly and steadily. Patience guys, patience!!!
Thanks and FYI the tape is Calflor 75 ft. 2-Sided Tape for Allure Flooring by order only from Home Depot as far as I can tell. Man I wish there was another tape to use because I've got more into this project just on special tape and joining pieces by Calflor than i should.
Wellotonin Naturally Well Inc
Honestly, this is all ridiculous, there is an old saying, don't fix what is not broken. Please tell me, why this crap was created, what was wrong with the old vinyl tiles, where you pull off the paper, and stick it down. that's it, this is far too sticky. yuk