Easy way to repair 12v lead acid battery step by step , Awesome project that can help you

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Easy way to repair 12v lead acid battery step by step , Awesome project that can help you save money

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Easy way to repair 12v lead acid battery step by step
182 комментариев
N. Ramos
If that was the easy way I don't want to know the hard way.
macgyver sboub
He spent more on epoxy than the cost of a new japan technoloqy battery 😂
Anok Raj
The terminals are corroded why haven't you cleaned them
o que fazer
Spends more money to revive than to replace! 😊
Виктор Кочергин
Real scissors for real man!
Willy Rivero
I'm not sure if you really know what you're doing.
Ben Dover
Best thing is rip the guts out and fill with a lifepo4 pack
L. G. C___i
I would not do all that work, but still I loved the video and foud it very interesting. Thanks a lot!!!!
are f
👌🤙 احسنت صنعاً
Luca Nissoli
Better to buy another new battery, believe me
Amiga A1200
Just curious. Why do I have to “short” the battery?
Will Newton
and I thought I had to much time on my hands. Styx.
Jimmy Mueller
Not sure how easy this would be but still really cool to see
I think I will just pay $15-$30 for a new one.
Tech 4 mukesh
🌟Really different, i like it🌟
rara L
영상 잘 봤습니다.
새로 삽입한 하얀종이는 어떤 것 입니까?
Carlos Zambrano
Haré el intento con la batería de mi moto, gracias...!
the crew 2 team
Good work my friend keep em coming 👍
David of Yorkshire
You've spent more on materials and time than it would cost to replace with a brand new battery.

Let's see it start a car, or any other high load that size of lead acid battery should be able to do.

I think you missed the point of maintenance free lead acid batteries.
Антон Мицода
bob reacts
Pretyy epic
Hugo vd Elzen
When plates are gone there gone. Such a bs this...
Christian Grind Core
Copper wire inside acc is not a good solution, acid eat them all.
สมพร สกุลหทัยโชคชัย
good สุดยอด
Nice ;)
José Velásquez Castro
Hello mate ,that is good job. Can you tell me what papel your use in this proyect. I need to repair one.thanks
zad abjlil
ulderico giordano
Al primo avvio del veicolo la saldatura salta... Però apprezzo la tenacia..bravo
Harun Karamuklu
Thank you for video.
shaibaaz shaikh
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👈prfakt Wark!
Jody Sanders
A syringe with that much acid could probably send you on a pretty bad trip.
Mono Lito
Dang, the ez way is using a saw?
Vân Quang Lập
Great creativity 💞 😂 😂 liker
Филип Резник
А ты его для начала зарядить ни пробовал?
Rony Chakraborty
Waw sooooòo easy
Mohamad Harith
what the hard way...what the...
Fanta BH
Nice experiment. Nice work but at the end you found that it's waste of time. But youtube loves to pay for such videos so at the end of everything you probably found that actually it worth time invested.
Marcelino Roldan
Aqui en USA sale mas Caro repararla que comprar una Nueva lo siento
Юрий Ладный
Нахрена разобрали и убили рабочий АКБ, я понимаю если бы из двух не рабочих сделали один рабочий а так фигня.
Mack Harley
I would love to have seen the test at the end! but I could not see it, because you had a huge link for the next project option right in front of the light bulb! nice job, maybe you could watch out for that or stop pushing the projects we will see anyway as long as we enjoy your posts, which I'm sure we would all enjoy as long as the whole thing can be seen!
You have too much free time on your hands. Or no woman. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
M. Ehsan Qureshi
What acid used?
mazhar altaf
Very good explanation to recover old battery.
ليث العراقي
ما اسم الموسيقى
Debasis Mandal
How much capacity is restored? Finally saw a way that actually works!!
Silebirth Sangma
Congratulations 1 million subscriber☺😕
Cengizhan Uzundemir
1. 😂👍👍
john tripucka
Lead oxide is deadly! Be forewarned. Detox After working with lead is very important! Not a joke. It enters through respiratory oral and eye contact predominantly. Be careful
saqib urrehman
work is done but how?
fatos reais
Que viaje e essa mermão
Pinoy keyboard warrior
Wait. You did't even checked how much juice is there before you proceed.
Edit: i'm not convince v
coz there was no qualitative data before and after the repair. Good experiment though.
Hiran Nawod
What about damaged cell batterys?, how that repair
Phạm Xuân Điều
Kênh này cùng với Kenhsangtao.com à?
theres another way but some people wont seek it
Not easy way easier is to go buy a new one
ant salamino
Why did he not just top up the cells first before taking apart that's why you have the holes at the top
Prince Harambe
Why i am watching this in 03h in the morning when i don't have car 🤔
pixel led light design
I have a polymer jel battrey 155amps NARADA USA
BACKUP only 30min
Can i repair that
Ravi kumar
Better to buy a new battery
Abosagda Hassan
Can i know what is the kind of papers you are used between the metal,or what the alternative can i use it.....from Egypt nice for you
I think it's dangerous.
sehars 009
Witch acid you used..???
I S -9
Спасибо за трудолюбие и оригинальность - классное мышление +++++++++!!!!!!!!!
Acid ? %
saqib urrehman
another battery repair
Wow. :)
Can i make to a big battery like trucks?
Cristián Vidal
Not easy... but this is the only way that work!!
Bro Chheann
Nice brother😍
biplab dutta
good enginere
ls gt
Interesting but worthless
Mauro Piva
Inutile e pericoloso
doru vicol
Nice scisor to cut paper....😉
Braven X
id rather just buy a new battery.
Stive Kant
And a car battery??
Саша Дуров
лампочка еле горит.. там просадка вольтов до 6ти... фигня все это.. еще и поктытие с пластин счистил.. там емкости хорошо если треть осталась..
RaghuNadh Reddy
Your videos can mislead electronics enthusiasts and hurt them... That's why I am appealing to you: change the title of your movie from "how to fix ..." to "how to destroy your healthy body" or "how to lose x minutes of life to do stupid things".
Gary Elsik
Too much work for a cheap battery.
Si Gopal
Hahah not work
Amal BaBbz
What type of acid you are used
Naveen Kumar.G
Which acid it is ?
elsequito elsen
Shitty work im sorry
Kovelakuntla Bhargav
Bro but its bulb not glow full brightness ????
Talking please
Parjo Parjo
God joob
Sulit sekali jika saya mencoba seperti ini nantinya 😄
Adithya U.s
Which acid did u use
the crew 2 team
👏all that for a$27 dollar battery but the point is you made it work but if it was a $200 batt I would be watching this video over nd over to fix it's not the price of batt it's a reference to all batteries 👍👍👍👏🎉🎊
aditya narayan verma
Good good
Sudha P
What acid using?? Please inform Sir
Rock Works
How to make that plate my plate accidentally I broke it
Kevin Rudd
This video is not suitable for rich dudes. But very useful for the poor.
Elvis Tesla
What did you fill the battery back up with? Acid?
Nowhereman JK
.....aaand not work...
Pacapa Warkop
Putt it in hot water to cleans corrosif
Jp Loyola
Regi Pavan
I dont think its worth
Arnold Mendoza HD
S jAhAnGiR
Not easy
Flatbread Flatearth
All that work to open up a dead battery. Clean it. Put it back together. Put it on a charger. Then test it. Any reason you didn't charge it first and test it? No parts list either.