Patching Old Furnace Vent in a Wood Floor

A short video to demonstrate the process I use to weave new wood into the opening from an old gravity furnace vent.
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Bob Crowley
brian could you do it over at regular speed and more complete explanations, thanks
natalie knau
Could also handle watching it without the 80's bad movie music
Kelly farrell
7 Gillis way. Antigonish ns
videos de todo
what kids glu i can use for thats
That's a lot of surface nailing
Laticia Cull
I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.
I am doing something similar to this but im unsure on what to after getting all the boards in. The floor is pretty old and so the new boards will be slightly higher and slightly lower is some spots. Would i sand the new and old floor around it to level it out? Or should i sand only the new boards for staining?
Joe Orlando
At 3:07 in the video, you put down 2 thin strips of something perpendicular to the boards before installing your first board. What exactly are those strips and why did you use them? Also, would it have been better to use a hardwood floor nailer and blind nail through the tongue and subfloor with cleats? Or did you have to cut off most of the tongues and some grooves in order to piece all of them in anyway so you had to glue and face nail?
Resi Dent
I wish I could get you to my house to patch two heater grate areas.. Nobody seems to want to do it. They just want to sell me a new floor.
Dan Maltby
I️ like that you sand the floor off any splinter bumbs and grime so your flooring will sit better, we normally put builders paper under flooring which gives you a nice and flat surface. But I️ guess if you are just patching up to floor which did not have paper to begin with I️ can see how your light sanding is helpful
pacifca nonook
Nice music
Bob Crowley
how annoying, what s wrong with doing this at normal speed and fuller explanations
Amphetamines are a hell of a drug.