How to Repair a Bad Flooring Joint | Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva repairs a piece of wood nosing that was poorly installed and resulted in a bad joint.
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Time: 1-2 hours

Cost: $20

Skill Level: Moderate

Tools List for Repairing a Bad Flooring Joint:
Reciprocating saw []
Chisel []
Nail pulling pliers []
Hammer []
Track saw []
Mortising machine []

Shopping List:
Wood glue []
Construction adhesive []
16d nails []
Floating tenons []

1. Use a dull chisel to lift the nosing slightly to allow room for a reciprocating saw blade. Use the saw to cut the nails that hold the nosing and then remove the nosing.
2. Pull the nails from the board, then scrape any old adhesive or filler off the nosing.
3. Lay a straight edge on the widest gap on the flooring and then use a track saw or circular saw to cut all the flooring evenly.
4. For the area where the saw blade can’t reach, chisel out the floor boards so they’re flush with the other boards.
5. Check the fit of the nosing.
6. Mark lines on the nosing and the floor boards for the location of mortises and cut them on both surfaces with a mortising machine.
7. Use wood glue to install the floating tenons into the mortises of the nosing.
8. Apply construction adhesive to the subfloor under the nosing and wood glue along the edge of the flooring.
9. Bring the nosing in, line up the tenons with the mortises on the floor, and slowly tap the nosing in place with a hammer.
10. Once the floor joint is tight, secure the nosing in place with 16d nails.

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How to Repair a Bad Flooring Joint | Ask This Old House
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ben jarmin
Yes Kate it wasn't that hard to do ! I have 45 years experience and about $4000 bucks worth Festo power tools and accessories to do this one simple job !
mathewparrett -
Festool track saw $660
Festool Certiified HEPA dust extractor $560.00
Festool domino joiner $990.00
Festool domino 85 pack $24.00
Festool work station $685.00
Reciprocating saw $200.00
Chisel $10.00
Hammer $10.00
Wood glue $10.00
Construction Adhesive $10.00
= $3159

Having Tommy do all the work for you? Priceless
she did a really great job with that glue.
Ermanno D'Angelo
Amazing how they make a Festool track to fit exactly between those walls.
What's with that gap in the overhang at 6:31?
David Daboin
This must be some kind of sorcery, what are the odds the festool track fit exactly in that opening
Bill Nones
Heartbreaking to think that poor woman had to live in such squalor before she finally found help
Nikola Wiche
Looks like someone let the apprentice cut the end of the floorboards with an axe or something.
Ike Costner
lady, Tom is the Chuck Norris of carpentry.
that's why it looked easy....
another great episode.
Vince & Linda Taylor
I’m 50 years old this year. if all of the men from This Old House only knew how much they had taught over the years. I’ve been watching them since I was, I don’t know, maybe 10 or so. I don’t know I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you so much for all y’all have done for many of young old men LOL.
F Vids
He told her to bend that right over
WGBH Tommy, working on the floor of Kate Merrill, WBZ-TV news anchor. It's a small world after all ...
Joseph Mayotte
That's Kate Merrill from WBZ-TV 4 Boston.
all the joints and glue, then dude pounds a nail through the top! ouch
U can tell they're acting - I'm so glad you came. Thanks Tommy!
Nothing is hard to do when someone else is doing it.
Captain Matticus
How in the world do you mess up a project that much to begin with? That looked like a good 1/8" to 1/4" gouge on that one piece.
bigscreen bird
wasn't that hard to do? you put glue in a joint. and yes it is hard to do and the amount of tools demonstrated here probably costs around $3,000. could be done cheaper but don't act like it was easy peezy
"....and it wasn't even that hard to do." Priceless
Paul Williams
And that overpriced Festool saw guide fit right into the opening.
While he is there, have him set the other foot ripper nails that are protruding above the boards.
Mike Builds
Who ever built that said I do not get paid enough to care about this
I love these guys... they make DIY look so easy and inspiring!
Hey honey... bring out the hammer...

And fix the door!
(just kidding...)
craftsmanship is a lost art
I like this guy. He's is quite skilled.

Also, I noticed the Festool straight edge. I was using a Festool orbital sander with vacuum attachment today and another contractor said I was soiled. Lol.
Rick J
Tom sets the standard of quality work.
Totally professional Tommy doing top notch work without getting distracted by the hottie.
Vince Black
Bigger than things to worry about in life then this 🤦‍♂️
Mr Meener
mike holmes would have torn the house down as well as the houses on each side. then started all over. total cost...45 million
Paul Williams
And that overpriced Festool saw guide fit right into the opening.
Fernando Ullaguari
Unbelievable only a $1000 track saw will feet exactly in that opening
Gregory Heim
I wonder what the original builders think of Tommy coming in and fixing their shoddy workmanship?
kodiak wild
belt, suspenders, overalls, & coveralls. that board is going nowhere ever again.
rick bradley
Wow nice job. I’ll have to check Lowe’s or Home Depot for that straight edge. Looks like the saw runs on a track on that straight edge. Nice work
Zoro Roronoa
How to repair a bad flooring joint...

Call a professional!
Tommy: “Thanks for the help”
Woman: “Thanks, Tommy!”
Tommy: “I was being sarcastic...”
Steven Band
what a festool commercial....
that being said, I loved it, learned a lot, want to buy everything....
Bryan Chittenden
"And it wasn't even that hard to do!"
Ya, you just need a festool track saw.
I came here for the lace shorts - looks good !
Cody Combs
Legend has it that that's Stacy's mom
Brian Le
6:55 Tommy is like "aww shucks"
Nothing is hard to do, when you're watching someone else do there job!
Erik Sarkisian
Kate is a charming Goddess!!!
Torey Young
Always call a Hardwood Floor company, not "this old house"
Keith Tomczyk
A chisel used as a wedge ? apparently Tommy Silva doesn't watch Norm Abrams on the New Yankee Workshop. Norm talks about the proper use of tools and safety equipment and to always wear these, safety glasses 🤓
Shame on you Tawmmy Silva ......
Tony lee
The M&T Joint Was OverKill
Shelley Solin
i need you to come help me fix my old house. can't get on my knees anymore
“It wasn’t even that hard to do” just about 3000$ worth of tools
The average homeowner dosent own a track saw
tom silva straightened out her box later that evening
Living Upstate
Amazing Sir. You are the man.
Scott Cornelius
To buy all those tools for that 'simple' job would cost 4 grand.
Ulisse De Altin
But why use those joints to keep the nose together? I usually use a router with a flat cutting tool both on the heads of the floor boards and on the side of the nose board, for the full length, and then join using a 4mm plywood slice. Once glued with wood white glue and gluing the nose with proper flooring glue (my favourite is Kerakoll L34 Flex) there is no need to nail down the nose board, you just have to keep it pressed down for a while using some weights or extendible bars. Nice video though, I love the style. Cheers
bob f
Something tells me this is a Festool commercial.
wes rulz
ahh good ole wood putty.
David York
Having all the right tools, helps a lot
Derek Koster
I need tom to come to my house , that would be a show ! Fixing all my mistakes over the last 20 years. Could do a entire season
Rogelio Aburto
Good job fixing the floor, I liked.
Katie is a Hot little MILF there, nice job TOH. Really a lot that's all, looks like what it should have been in the first place.
R Segwa
D Burroughs
They should rename this show to "Ask Tommy"
Jason Becker
While not a fan of Festool damn that track fit perfectly
Noland Rutledge
I think John M may have done the last install, that is now being fixed.
Michael Labrise
To repair a floor joint, just add more THC.
Junks Tough
@0:54 "cause we're gonna need some eye protection and ear protection, its gonna get noisy".
Tommy, shouldnt it be the other way around? Sorry to be the grammar police
Irene Sallons
must be nice with the tool selection at hand!
Andrew Chow
This is a Festool commercial. :D
addicted to fishing
That was a nice bill to fix that gap i will fill her gap with my glue for free
sun tsu
Dude has an $800 dollar track saw but doesn't have an 18 gauge trim gun?
robert meadows
He dinged his chisel on a cut nail @2:41.
daryl whitaker
I'm a hardwood guy.......that was overkill
Jose Herrera
They make a product call slip tongue that you and use to joint together
Paul Ford
Great job on a beautiful and seamless joint! I have no idea why you used such big nails at the end? kinda defeats the purpose of a seamless transition
Marco Romero
I think the nails over the time will make squeaking noise I have seen that in some reparations that I'm learning but great video!
Carla Araujo
Well done !!!! Beautiful job!!!!!
1:22 vs 6:32 fixed one joint created another. Wish Tommy show how to fix the gap at the notch end. Contraction and expansion in different directions and joint so tight with so much glue not allowing any movement, wonder if it will fail. Hand chisel matching the saw cut exactly pretty skillful. In any case, looks lot better after fix.
Brian Bacich
@1:36 Pretty forward for first meeting
mark broad
Oh la la, fes-stool
wes rulz
a robi toollll come on man!!!
The chisel he uses to scrape glue fails after a while right in the middle of the handle then it breaks in two. stick with buck bros. Nice job though!
Robert Aylor
That festool slide and saw are beautiful. No spacing the work, just drop, clamp and cut.
Sukhwinder Singh
much a doo about nothing. Can't even see it.
Maxim Edwards
Festool saved My life, what would happen without them---got to go now, the wife wants me to do Her nails.
The retail for the Domino joiner is $990. I'll stick with my biscuit joiner. Festool is too rich for my blood.
Casey Glenar
Sooo funny, before I read all the comments I said to myself “self you need to run out and buy yourself those tools, particularly the track”. 😂. I’m poor, lol.
matt Hoffy
Great workmanship, tho I think he read the how to incorrectly on hammer use haha.
Jason C.
Floor is way better looking now.
Mike The Firefighter
Yeah of course it was easy lady he's the Michael Phelps of construction
It wasn't that hard to do, now why did you charge me so much?
Gregory Pena
Timm Spencer
What a dumb misconception by people “ it wasn’t that hard “ that’s why when people call someone to fix something or build them something they try and lowball the Carpenter. Do it yourself if it’s so easy
Love the comments section on how everyone is a expert on a DIY project.
Domenico Campanaro
kate is fit , but it is a simple job, and festool rail size is hard to believe
...fantastic work & love the mix of old school and new: Festool Track Saw, Domino...then standard trim nail & nail set : P : )
The Egg
What's keeping that straight edge tool from moving?
should have grooved the entire ledge and then dominoed every board. now it can only moved between Dominos resulting in buckle.
Alex Finningham
When you have the right job for the tools,everything’s easy.
Tool cost. Saw $660, Vac $510, Domino $910, MFT $685 = $2765. Which I'm not sure if I'm surprised by the cost just to fix a step, or saddened that I own all the tools.....
Rob L.
His track just happens to be the exact width of the doorway. 😅
Al Je
This guy loves his tools more than his wife
Gumboot Zone
At 2:58 you can see that the bad cuts all follow an even, wobbly line. It appears the installers ran those boards wild, then cut them all off in place. Trouble, they didn't know how to do it correctly.