How to Install Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring | The Home Depot

Quickly learn how to install vinyl flooring with self-stick tiles. Vinyl tiles are a great flooring option as they are affordable, durable and maintenance-free. Check out the All About Hardwood, Laminate, and Vinyl Flooring playlist:

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For a further detailed guide and a listing of all tools and materials need, checkout the Vinyl Flooring Installation guide at

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How to Install Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring | The Home Depot
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Ivan Carson
Is there a trick/tip to cutting these to fit around a toilet?
In order to make sure there is more than 6 inches at the walls, you cannot just start in the "center" of the room. You may end up with 1 inch short of a wall and that would be undesirable.
anthony batista
Thank you ! Lmao really helped me at work 🖖🏽😂
Latex on a wood floor, what is the difference in that subfloor, it was also made of wood?
Danielle Barber
I saw it mentioned putting down a latex flooring for concrete/basement. Could I use flex seal? I sometimes get water seaped up from the floor and want to know if the tiles will stick to the flex seal?
Kenzie Frenze
Are these removable
WD Harris
Mark is doing this for me today. Thank you Mark.
Amanda A
I put these tiles down when i first moved into my home 20 years ago ....can these be painted if so with what.thanks