Broken Bench Vise ~ RESTORATION & REPAIR

I found this Old Broken Bench Vise in some guys scrap pile. When I asked if I could have it, he told me that there was NO way it could be fixed, "it's IMPOSSIBLE," he said! I just laughed as I put it in the bed of my truck and drove away, but I was really thinking "WATCH ME!"

I would truly appreciate it if you'd take the time and watch as I take this heap of scrap metal and return it to it's original glory as a BEAUtiful Fully Functional Bench Vise!!

I'd love to know your thoughts on this project!

Materials used:

Cast Iron Welding Electrode -
Cold Bluing -
Metal Epoxy -
Boiled Linseed Oil -

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please leave them below!

Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate your support!

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Salvage Workshop
What did you REALLY think when you FIRST saw this vise in the thumbnail?
anthony triolo
I had a simular vise broken the same way,welded before taking apart and put a plate on each side on the weld for security.
Mark King
The vice is made from cast steel and not cast iron. The wrong welding electrode was used. You should have used high tensile steel rods. Nice work though. The vice will break again in the same spot under load.
piet paul
the only thing that puzzels me is why you grinded away teh hammer impact on the head of the bench. it tells about the history of other working class hero's. Restauration is also about keeping history alive. (as far as I m concerned)
Dont you have a vice mounted on a table? That was painful to watch
Active Atom
Interesting fix, what a true craftsman you truly are. Thank you for this share, it will brighten these two guys day.
Lance & Patrick.
Tim Douglass
Very nice repair/restoration. I did hate to see you grind off the crosshatching on the jaws though - they were really in rare good condition.
Nice vise.

Beautiful dogs!
Steve Easton
Now that people is how to renovate a vintage vice. Stunning job buddy. It looks amazing.
leo york
The restorative work that you are so capable of is both amazing and admired.
Gene Simmons
Thank you YouTube algorithm for sending me here! Awesome job sir! You take your craft very seriously. Thank you for posting.
Cleophus A
I thought, I wonder, after he goes through the trouble of welding it up and making it look pretty, will he then put it to the test by hammer tightening the jaws on a piece of 6 inch long 1/8 plate steel, and then bending that piece of steel to a 90 degree angle? If it can't withstand that simple test, then it's just "bench jewelry," and the time repairing it will have been wasted.
WOW! The condition of that vise in the "before" shots looked like scrap. The finished product looked like brand new! Very impressive.
Worse For Wear Restoration
Damn, brilliant job 👍 came out fantastic!
Michael Aitchison
Nice job! You and The Russian (Evgeniy Budilov) now compare to style, quality and talent.
Blair Phillips
Well done.

Mr. Phillips
St. Catharines, ontario
You saved an old classic from the trash bin. Well Done!
pete ryan
Pretty paint job , make a good paperweight that is about all it is good for after the shoody welding
Carson Houser
Beautiful job looks like new the craftsmanship and pride you put into it makes it better than anything
David's Favorite Videos
I personally would have really 'v'd the break lines out and use dc reverse to really make it dig in and look nice too, but I'm kinda partial to weld looks.
Vasa Kl2
Привет. Ценю таких людей спасибо. 🇺🇦
Caninde Lopes
Ficou muito boa a restauração faltou só o aperto no final.
I just started watching your videos, but I LOVEEEEEEEE your doggos. Plot twist: I love all dogs, but i still love all yours. lol
Mr. Vile
These skills are being lost and all of us will regret it!
Robert Weitlauf
Nice vice,cool dogs, I have had Dobermans my whole life I think my next dog will be a Weimaraner.
Mike B
nice job and great work bringing it back to life! 5 Weimaraners!
What can I add about the restoration that wasn't already said..."Subscribed".
Michael Fairchild
Always satisfying too see old tools fixed. Sometimes the old and simple ones are the best ones.
MechaJeb Kerman
Wow clearly another one of those fake restoration videos where you just let it sit outside for a couple of days and then wiped it off :p
j/k obviously, amazing work.
Rob and Malisa Peters
Nice job. I don’t think I would ever trust that vice for heavy clamping forces, but for a hobbyist vice I think it would do a really good job.
Anthony Sergeant
Nice bit of work. Well done 👍
DJ Rig Blues
Nice work, better than I thought it could be! What is your solvent/cleaning solution mix?
Rod Fav
Now that's what I call a restore. Excellent job, well done!
John W. Peterson
Absolutely first class work. Great work sir or mam.
She’s a beauty. Nice work. Many more productive years ahead. I’ll remember the special sticks for welding the iron. Were you using an AC buzz box style welder or a modern DC type?
Graham Howland
Great restoration I recently fixed the vice at the farm where I work in pretty much the same way only being a farm workshop I didn’t worry about making it look pretty but it’s functional and way better than throwing out and buying new 👍🏻
whiteman withoutdark
can you restore my heart and repair a soul ? :D
Toshi Buntaro
We wanna know about your friend's reaction to this "impossible" restoration. :)
Patrick Jaeger
came out really well especially with the weld. appreciated the vid thumbs up
Sterlin Smith
Broken vice - $3.21, Broken vice repair - $852.75, Buy a new replacement for broken vice - $49.99, Watch a true craftsman at the top of his game - PRICELESS! Great video sir!
Brains Ironically
I tried to restore a vise once, but the first time I tried to clamp something in it, the vice caught on fire and burned down. ;)
Bruce B
I was thinking, Hell Yes !! Give it to me !! Move over, just watch me too !!
Ruthypie Twiglet
you should never got rid of the x-hatch on the grip, you can never replace it, you should have bolted/stuck some aluminium over it if you wanted it flat
Mike Lavigne
Wonder how they originally broke it. The handle's not even bent...
The big man metal detecting
I want to know how the hell the previous owner snapped it in the first place they must have been built like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ron Wilson
*Beautiful display vise. Likely fail at repair at first real use.* 🙄
Michael Zak
great job, i have an old Jaguar if you want to do that next.
Mason Chafatelli
You need a sand blaster !
Joe Dominick
Nice Job!I love the dogs!
Kevin Haddacks
That arc weld is a bandade.
Paul Standing
Very nice job indeed would have left it in the trash but as you have proved a good craftsman will and can repair to what is a fantastic end on one more note old steel is a lot better than today’s steel thank you for letting us see craftsmanship in action 👍👍
You need a vise to hold your vise..
Денис Коваль
Все хорошо, только зачем губки гладкие сделал?
Nomads Tech Journal
Look into using manual focus next time for close ups.
Greg Smith
In this time of disposable throwaway items it is good to see something brought back to life!
Ronny De Man
That's not welding ... that's laying bricks ... But on the other hand , it's not stopping you from doing what you want and it worked out well . Live the dream , man .
Raul R Rodriguez
Your attention to detail is immaculate, excellent work
José Juan Márquez
Excelente trabajo amigo, sus videos son inspiradores, gracias por compartir sus habilidades, son muy didácticas para nosotros los amantes de la mecánica y afines, saludos
John Stoffel
You now have a vise decoration. Looks good but has no strength do to bad welding technique.
forgot one thing...
no welding inside the vise at 1925 to 2030
There is no way this vise looked this good brand new. That's a great job.
metal bench vise is a not too strong metal steel...
vise is part of mix cast iron core metal...
that is why vise is easily breakable
A fine cosmetic restoration which can NEVER be trusted in a real work situation.
Anthony Kent
Great repair and restoration video. Well done bro!!!
Jay Albrecht
I have that same vice! Got it out of a barn and cleaned up nice.
You did nice work!
However, you turned an ugly boat anchor into a pretty boat anchor. I guess you could use it to clamp wood or something, but I wouldn't try and replace U-joints with it. Remind me not to buy any tools from you- LOL!
nice clean vise...
but did not put 2 thick spacewashers on the inner and outter handle screw at 3042 to 3110
Mehmet Ertum
Raymond Sadowski
Great job ! I love watching things being saved from the scrap heap. Things being fixed rather than replaced !!
Bob Gereaux
Awesome restoration. The cold bluing was cool. Keep up the great work!!
Mike Norden
An interesting video, and yes, vise looked good again in the end, but an engineers vise is a heavily used and sometimes abused tool and not an ornament.
I was hoping to see the repair tested under load as it would have been designed to. If the repair is to be called successful, it should withstand the forces of clamping a workpiece securely whilst it is being hammered or chiselled.
K.D. Pearce
I would have stitched it, a lot stronger, but it's yours as long as you don't bolt it down you'll never break it.
Thoroughly enjoyed watching this, excellent repair mate. Far too good to use, i'd have it as an ornament on the mantle piece, but I think the old rat bag would divorce me!
Jose Jamil Souza
Excelente trabalho
Parabéns 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Rickarama Trama
Great Job~!! The guy said it was impossible to fix cause he wanted you to agree so he would be justified in thinking this way. He didn't realize and wasn't taught that "where there is a will-there's a way~!" Love the beautiful dogs=stars of the show.
Paul Blanos
You should have told him - “A grinder and paint makes me the welder i ain’t”.
Steve just Steve
I think I would have built that weld up more and just made it a rounded transition instead of grinding all your weld reinforcement out. But good job non the less.

Oh yeah and if you use more of drag angle you may get a better weld profile. = )
Couldn't help but think that you needed a vice.
Zasa Saza
Excellent work and patience
what is all work time ?
Lance Henry
Looks like You definitely need a vise, 🌵🤠🌵 well done...and pretty too👌🏻
Paulo S
Excelente trabalho, parabéns from Brasil!
Felix F
It was a nice Prentiss. I work on vises. In our world a welded vise is essentially worthless. Don't get me wrong; you welded it nicely.
Jay Whitaker
Thank you keep up the good work.
MAD Free Speak
Maybe some pre heat would have been the go for a stronger weld.
The American Chauvinist
You need a sand blast cabinet and lessons in welding.
Nah, that ain’t going to hold :o) Looks ace, but it would need a proper cherry red annealing to make the weld stress happy.
Alan Moffat
Such an incredible restoration. Amazing work.
R. B.L.
exallent job - i only wish now i had not tossed out a 80 year old vise from my shop that was left by previous owner since now i know how to repair it!
I just watched a guy repair a vise. It turned out beautiful! I agree with the JB-Weld used as a filler here. Perfect solution. Nice job!
Elizabeth Daniels
why isn't your vise bolted onto your workbench?
Ótima restauração, não entendi porque tantos "deslikes".
Dale Burrell
...i wonder how THAT happened(?)
The drawer organization is so good!!!
Nick Conoan
Your level of organization is something to strive for!
Louis Edwards
Any vice that will break ain't worth fixen 🤕
To fix a vice, you'll need a vice 😂
Greg Souza
It's a cheap vise at best,cast iron vises are junk.Your welding is something to be desired.The reason nobody fixed it,was no one in their right mind would spend that much time fixing a cast iron vise.Hell I haven't had any problem with my steel snap-on vise,ever.Some one abused this vice,you could tell by the way the handle was bent,by some one beating on it with a hammer.I think you have to much free time on your hands.It still is a cheap repaired cast iron vice,use your free time more wisely.
You could've done with a vise, to hold the parts of that, er, vise. 😁