How to Refinish a Wood Floor Without Sanding (under 1 hour)

Refinishing your hardwood floors without sanding and save yourself a lot of time and money! But only if your floor is like this.

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I'm often asked if its possible to refinish their floor without resanding. This is usually because their floor isn't very damaged at all, it has just lost its lustre. If this is the case it's ideal to do what I call a 'buff n coat'. This replenishes the shine and give the floor another layer of protection. It also means that you don't have to lose those few millimeters of wood you would lose by sanding the floor down. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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rodger hobson
This is called screening and coating or as he calls it a buff and coat. The same thing. Abrading the floor is not sanding. The abrading renders the existing polyurethane so that the new coat will adhere without orange pealing. The abrading also can eliminate the superficial scratches that he mentions. The floor needs to be in good condition for a screen and coat to be beneficial.
John Sage
How to refinish a floor without sanding... we’re going to start with some sandpaper 😂
Marc Allain
How to finish a hardwood floor without sanding.
Step 1: Sand the entire floor.

... say what???

... come again please.
40, 60 grit is sanding, not 120. This videowas very informative sir. Thanks
joe blow
correct me if im wrong but arent u sanding the floor
david greenidge
I thought it very informative how the cloth type roller was utilized instead of the push pad.
Good job man thanks for the video
Skye Marsh
"Roughing up" is NOT sanding!  You have to give the seal something to adhere to - same as when you repaint a wall.  THANK YOU for this tutorial!
Great job, great tutorial!!
Kathy soccermom
Now think fixing my floors is possible.
i came for the video...i stayed for the view. nice butt, LOL
John Keating
That was awesome!!!! Thank you soooo much. John
Brandon Smith
Thanks for the video. Very informative.
Pamela Madonia
I like the simplicity of your demonstration!
Kanari Mentos
more than pro fessional very good job
Great video mate.
This room for i take is somewhere in the region of 15sqm, how long did this take you in realtime just so i have an idea about time consumption?
Is that wool roller or regular for painting??
David Whymns
Great video...keep em cooming
ps prim
Tks for sharing. U make it looks so easy.
Awesome, i done this on my relatively new kitchen floor and it's come up a beaut!
Patrick Tucker
Really? You said how to do a floor WITHOUT SANDING, but the first thing you did is SAND IT!
Sabrina Reeves
Thanks u so much for super helpfull tips!
prince gerald
I did my hall floor once and varnished it, one of my daughters came in with high heel shoes and ruined it, kids, don't you love em!
steve suchoplas
excellent video, i have a cleaning business and a professional at stripping waxing floors, this gives me another avenue, also being trained in marble restoration thanks for the video good job
Han hoseok
Nice job! and good lesson! Thank you so much.
I'm looking forward to move my house and change or renewal the house.
I'd like to use your skill to lacquer wood floor. 
Do you have any other contents about fixing house?
Andy Austin
This process is called, "Refurbishing"
Darren Mr
I`m about to sand my solid oak floor but 3 boards are a bit warped.Do I need to replace them or will the 30 grit sort them out?
Sophia Cambria
Thank you for posting this video. It was very helpful.
Alexandre Arantes
Muito bom mesmo camarada!!
Theo Bookey
Nice Calvin Klein's
Michael Blaxland
Very helpful video. Thanks for posting.
Margaret Conneely
This is really helpful & well explained. Thank you.
Nunya Bizness
Good video. It was so simple that it should make perfect sense to even a semi aware person.
Thank you.
Please more pro tips needed. Cheers!!
Skye Iorfida
Henry the hoover? Do you guys not have "shop vac" over there?
Parvez Miah
Many thanks for your kind advice
Earl Scaanlon
he just ruined that floor when he vacuumed against the grain!!
Love it!
ian stewart
hi, thks for the info.  i have done this already but i wanted some reassurance.

as to the sandpaper comments,  people get a life!  Howtosandafloor has posted a vid for our info, its free and he doesn't need the abuse.  if you really don't know floors need sanding count yourself lucky you have never needed to do it or pay someone to do it.  i have done with big machines, which requires care and muscle, and small machines which doesn't do as good a job and takes longer but will do fine if thats your budget or your preference.
Paula Dimicello
Thanks for these videos I am thinking of refinishing my floors myself so this helps...if I use a darker stain its the same thing right just a few more coats? thanks
WSR WeeklyPicks
you are sanding it.
Wow. Many thanks for all your videos and tips! Amazing stuff.
Expert Cooking
First thing you do is sand the entire floor
WTF, No sanding, remember? Jesus H. Christ....
William Skipwith
This video shows you how to do a short-cut if your floors are in good condition and just need a new look. Good Video!
Romelia Polly
Check Woodprix mates. I love it to my wooden projects.
Christian Escobar
hey dude u have awesome videos
Excellent videos.
Do you use Junkers Prelak before apply the Junckers HP Commercial?
Do you have any videos or could you, kindly, describe the process?
Why cant you use fence paint on floorboards inside your house/ loft?
Or a exterior decking paint?
sleamms petit-maitre
i like the video good job
Scott McCown
How long does it take for it to completely dry?
Ben Potts
Thanks for this video; it is extremely helpful! One question: How do you tell if your floor has previously been oiled as opposed to lacquered?

Joel Adams
Great video; thank you. One question: if you don’t know the history of the floor (whether it was ever coated with shellac, oil, lacquer, wax, etc), is there a safe approach, or product to use, other than sanding it down to bare wood? Or is there a way to determine how it was coated in the past? I just bought a house and found beautiful hardwood floors under decades old carpet; no idea their history. Thanks again!
Janette Lavender
I think you jus saved me a ton of money! Thank you so much for this. Nice job!
Jayandme 21
With or without sanding in the title I loved this video. I feel I can do my own floors now. Great video!!
Lizbeth Farino
Helsinki Phil
All you Muppets with the "...and then he sands it, LOL" comments.

For real? I'd LOVE to watch you DIYing...
MJ Powers
I just downloaded your FREE book on the products you use which answered the "oil" question. Thanks so much.
I have a lot of paint in my wood floor do you think I should use a hand sander or the heavy duty machine?
And what size of the sand paper?
Must I buff if I'm using hard wax oil?
this is really helpful..thought i needed to sand buff it to get a shine..hopefully it goes well for me
Gary T
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david green
The problem with screens is (swirls),I don't even use screens!!
Rola Egan
Thank you for those voids, can you let me know how to refinish bamboo floor please. Thank you
Alan Coler
I'm curious, would this take out dog claw scratches that have indented the polyurethane finish but have not gone down far enough to scratch the wood? I have a new floor and the dog has gouged a few places but it has not gone through the stain of the wood. When it is dark you can't see them but when light hits it at an angle you can see the gouges in the finish. FYI Dobermans and hardwood are not compatible, they have too much weight and too much torque.
Madison Chafins
"WITHOUT SANDING...."? isn't possible
Axel Garcia
Great video! What kind of vacuum are you using? It looks really powerful and easy to use
Wile E. Coyote
At the end 13mins who's videoing? He's stuck in room with wet floor
M. Sims
I love a British accent. Lol
Henry is not a Hoover but I know what you mean
Parvez Miah
Ok thanks, would the entire floor area need to be sanded? And re-finished?
Kevin Rice
cool i think i am going to add that to my floor care bussiness
Leah Keith
Ben, Does this work on Engineered hardwood floors made by Armstrong/Bruce?
Hari Haran
i clicked like for his hardwork
Cheeky Nham
But you are on all fours sanding and thensome something novel on ALL FOURS
Papa Gleb
Great video. Any tips on how to find out if the floor was previously oiled or lacquered?
connor cleverley
what u doing ben
Omg that sound☠️
Gillian Woodard
Very informative video
Dennis Adams
IF you use oil based poly, don't forget to make reservations at a local hotel for 3 days because of the odor.
Linda High
Great video!! I learned a lot and I'm grateful you took the time out to teach me something new.
Agita John
Think I'd prefer paying £60 and rent a sander than be on my knees for several days....
Deborah Cordwell
Face mask. All that dust you're breathing in. Be careful.
brandi harris
I'm glade I'm not the only one that was like "without sanding..... Your sanding!!!!
LeoT Lion
120 grit sandpaper....120 grit mat for the orbital sander.... sounds a whole lot like 'without sanding'...
Starr Stewart
It's good to see the woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.
Smiles Man
Good job
Salih Bilbay Nart
Thanks buddy you are the best...
Thank you for the great video! But how to know if the floor needs oil or lacquer?
lies! first thing you did was sand!
Russ Kirk
That looks so satisfying!
Without a complete sanding, doesn't the second finish make the wood too dark?
Marcel the creator
Without sanding use sand paper
Penny Stock Whispers
I'll be trying this, thanks.
Mary Jones
You make it look so easy. :)
lol..that looks like sanding to me.. You might as well do it the right way..

And you probably don't want to be breathing all the dust..
Louis Holland
How long should it dry and how you keep it clean?.
Carlos Anziani
your title says without sanding smh
Ignacio Anaiz
Hello, Did you use a OSMO product for the finishing? thanks¡
Daniel Valdez
Great Porn music, he's really working it out :P