Repair and refresh 30 Year Old Hand Wood Planer - Electric Plane Makita

This is not very old planer but it is 30 year old, It is makita planer that I bought it from recycle shop in my town. I checked it before use. So you can see how different between today planner and 30 year old ago planer in this video.

Tool information
Makita Planer
Made in Japan,
Date create 1987, 06
100V, 480W, 50-60Hz, 5A, 16000/min, 82mm.
Used price: 20$

I hope you all enjoy this video!

I am happy to receive your feedback, advices, suggestions to improve myself.

!!! I make this video for challenging & curiosity, so please accept my apologies if I have made mistake in this restoration !!!

Thank you so much for Like & Comments.
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Flying Pictures
Mine is well used had it years needs new bearings and I need to know to remove the old pulleys,,,,,,,,,anyone?
RSC Electrical
Nice job but the blades should have been set properly using the Makita jig, they're really cheap to buy.
Jason Windebank
You could say that was plane sailing😏
The Dutch Overlord
It's more like a nice cleaning than a restauration imho
Sebastião Paixão
olá boa noite amigo gostaria de tirar uma duvida com você, a bulbina da plaina makita é compativel com a da Plaina Elétrica Industrial 750w Profissional?
i am realy digging the sort of mid 20th century spaceage design on this electric planer.
Bailey vlog's And more
Nice job, thanks for the vid!
razvan isa
Bravo 🤝😍❤
Oigres RamLab
Nice job my friend thanks to share this video, Merry Christmas to all of you.😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Tony Stani
I have one and it still works :)
Jose Vaquera
excelente, disfruto ver todos tus videos, saludos.
Sp0ok 06
Nice clean up dude. Worked on these and other power tools for many years. In good condition for its age that one.

You should get a blade setting block from a MAKITA specialist (pt No. 123062-2) they not expensive and makes the tools finish excellent. It will allow you to set the blade depth properly. Also not recommended to put grease onto open bearings, light oil is better stops the bearing from over heating.
Léon Habets
Nice job. I never knew the voltage in Japan is 100 Volts.
Rob Simpson
Great title... keeps the renovation police away
Микаэль Блумквист
Классно. Интересно что за модель электро отвёртки у мастера? За выполненную работу уважение. В советской армии это называлось техобслуживание. Привет из России.
Hussain Ali
Thank, i interest
Eye Toldyoosso
My dad has the same tool..i cleaned it up in the summer...its a great tool and he must have it 30 years
Nil Agioritis
Taunter Atwill
I've got the same one, it looks like shit and the blades are dull, can you fix it for me?
Hassan Al-Mosawi
Thanks for showing & sharing that
EKS Tech Creation
Time to restore that red vise
Rawl Sawh
where are you getting all these old tools from?
Robert Johnson
Align the outfeed plate with the cutting head?
John Mackay
I'm still using my Makita 1902 planer. In fact used it today to thin down an oak threshold.
Was given to me as a present 26 years ago. Great machine.
Great video.👍
Keep eye protection off the bench.
Shads Ajam
That was fun to watch
Luiza Ferraz
Comprei uma plaina manual dessa aí no primeiro serviço ela queimou. não vale nada
lucas perciliano da silva
You caerwn keyboard Call to so unago?
Inam Ahmed
What was the problem in it ?
Abdullah Jamil
What is the size of carbon brush for electric planer kawasaki brand?
Ahmed Note 8
𝖦𝗋𝖾𝖺𝗍 𝗃𝗈𝖻 𝗆𝖺𝗇
Richard Wallinger
setting up the blade height as per Louis  Sauzedde  you Tube video  would save on any setting up fixtures .
Good video friend.
mahmoud mansour
طريقه صيانته الفأره
Kumuk 99
What did you end up repairing?
Dan Landry
You NEED to use them Makita blade alignment tool to install the blades properly on their holder. 😂🤦‍♂️
I wouldn’t use the tool assembled like this, it will make a mess and can be potentially dangerous!
You need to attach the blade to holder using the alignment tool with the small screws, then screw the assembly to the tool with the big ones.
Paintbrush 1962
Nice video....I still have my 30 year old Elu black and orange plane, 3mm cutting depth its great!
Saul Beltran
Cómo nueva de nuevo 👍👋👋
Save It All
Great job. They have a dust bag that will attach to the planer so it will not make such a mess when you use it.
Check mail friend
Alessandro Pezzella
Moon G
Allan Correa
You should change the bearings....its not expensive....
Алексей Козулин
it's not restoration
Бесконечность Вечности
Алекс Хмао
Этож обычная профилактическая чистка или техобслуживание электроинструмента. Так должен делать каждый мастер в своей мастерской хотябы раз в год. Чёт не верится что этой хреновине 30 лет
slfo1 s
Александр Кичанский
Мой тебе совет: Если ты профессиональный реставратор, то не разъеденяй корпус инструмента металлической отвëрткой!
Используй для таких операций либо твердое дерево, либо пластик, иначе можешь повредить корпус инструмента.
kIng rIcxX
30 days old.. ahahaha fake video
willy wonka
you just opened the machine and clean up the wood dust and you named it repair. You think people are noob right ? but we have sense buddy dont just click bait .
Mark Harris
I didn’t realise they made electric planes 30 years ago, oh what a sheltered life I have lived! I feel very old right now!

You did exactly what the video title says, you repaired and refreshed the plane, and if it doesn’t need any more anything else would have been counterproductive.
Athaya Ananda