Builder's Series - How to Fix a Buckled Wood Floor

Hope this helps! It certainly fixed my problem!
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you should have cut the floor back 1/2 " with a  trimmer. it may pull again.
I know all is said and done already but if you encounter a new project try a walkie-talkie communication system. It can really help!
Thanks for doing this video. It makes more sense to me than all the other videos I've seen and all the flooring experts I've talked to. I am going to do this.
Tonya Parks
I'm looking for a video on how to actually cut the flooring (the 3/8" you cut out), no video on that?
Nice video. I like your hair without the bangs! Very pretty!
Brian Nguyen
Can you direct message me? I need some guidance on my floors i am not sure if its cupping or buckling please help