Asphalt Driveway Ramp Installation

The driveway has sunken at the concrete lip of the garage. We'll excavate two feet of asphalt across the driveway and replace it with an asphalt ramp, flush with the concrete lip.

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Hosted by Jeff Lepard

Filmed and edited by Kevin Kaye


#asphalt #driveway #ramp
33 комментариев
Maryann Remmel
Please pronounce ASPHALT properly! Very annoying!! AS PHALT there is no ashphalt in ASPHALT! THANKS!
Von Paton
Would have liked to see the finishing of this job in the daylight.
Cass -
Big help man, thanks so much!
Homer Simpson
why did u dig it out first? why not just put the new asphalt on top of the driveway?
сам sebe
thanks for the video, Jeff. How long will it take for the asphalt to settle before it can take traffic? Will it not get ruts under the tyres?
Travel Fun 69
Can you just put the asphalt on top without removing the old asphalt?
Yeah if only I can borrow that kind of machinery to operate lmfao...
LoL it's raining on your hotmix? Gotta love it clumpy. Just wicking the heat out like a bandit.
I weirdly enjoy these videos why lol but hey great videos I'll go ahead and be the 370th subscriber! 😁
Christopher Spencer
Does this same process work for filling a dip at the bottom of a driveway?
Toyon Barracuda
Good Videos Though......
Toyon Barracuda
as·phalt = ˈasfôlt.....or Ass Fault or AZ Fault......... Not ASH Fault.