How to Install a Whole-House Water Softener

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This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey visits New Jersey to install a water softener. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

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Shopping List for Installing a Whole-House Water Softener:
- Water softener
- Solder
- Copper pipe and valves
- 3/8-inch-diameter plastic tubing
- Compress fittings
- Hose clamps
- Air-gap fitting
- Salt

Tools List for Installing a Whole-House Water Softener:
- Tubing cutter
- Soldering iron

Steps for Installing a Whole-House Water Softener:
1. Turn off the water at the meter.
2. Use a tubing cutter to tap into the existing cold-water pipe.
3. Connect the water softener's resin tank to the cold-water pipe by soldering on an assembly of copper pipe and three valves.
4. Run a length of 3/8-inch-diameter plastic tubing from the resin tank to the salt tank; connect each end of the tubing with compress fittings.
5. Use a hose clamp to attach the drain line to the drain elbow on the resin tank.
6. Install an air-gap fitting to the drain that leads to the sewer pipe.
7. Attach the water softener's discharge hose to the air-gap fitting with a hose clamp.
8. Hook the discharge hose from the washing machine onto the air-gap fitting.
9. Fill the salt tank with salt.
10. Turn the water back on.

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Terence Floen
I feel that’s the first time that guys worn a suit.. ..and acted.
Al Legory
What we can't fix is that your house is still in New Jersey.
this fake actor couple is too attractive for an home improvement video
"I'm off to work" 0:51 ... crickets
Ken James Jr
That Girl is Gorgeous!
christian ruvalcaba
thank you Richard for coming to New Joysy lol
Jonah Wical
1:58....umm do I have to listen to all of this?!?!?!? lol
Patrick James
Ya gonna be able to latha up..perv lol
Pam is a cutie!! 😀🌹
Raymond Palacios
Did he say, the system will regenerate itself whether it needs or not?
17 grains is not extremely hard water lmao I work for culligan and in my area extremely hard water is 40+ but cute scheme
Oh, hey! Culligan! That's the water filter company I use.
Greg 45
Chris Farley's brother got a job with This Old House?
Dark Waters
Green rings are from copper pipe corrosion, not magnesium or calcium hardwater.
Andy Hass
Dipshits changed toilets because of stains. Lmao
Gene Smay
Some cities don't allow these. It's going to be more than twice a year adding salt at 17 hardness level also.
Nicholas Nyholm
Yeah I know the problem too who wears a suit with no tie
Her house is easy as hell for a install...thats not that easy
Julia Gowan
I have a home built in 1964, can a water softner ve installed?
Tracy Diller
Great video guys until next time PEACE.
Did i miss it but i didnt see anything about a water heater.
Stadium ARTs
Wish there was a way to do this, and with an inline water filter for my apartment :(.
That guys soldering is far more neat and clean than Richards.
Nashorncare Support
How about the lawn, Is the plants, flowers, and grass will kill with this salt water when use? Also, can i use it to my aquarium? Im actually using regular water for my aquarium.
Chris Joseph
Ha.... I have 41 grains hard water!!
Steve Leriger
You can lather up those sweater puppets baby! oh yeah....MEOW>
Juan Lopez
At what level should the salt be in the tank?
Two Cent Productions
it's wadda
CloseYetFar CYF
I would say its Wuda. But seriously, why cant you just use large filters at the water inlet?
My salt level has been the same for the past 7 to 8months now.. idk what to do.
Jared Stevenson
Sssslime thi...
will the water softener reduce the max gpm of the water in the house?
Josh Francis
In the UK you’d still need the kitchen tap to be fed by mains water as the water being treated is no longer classed as wholesome/ potable according to many water companies
Nice booty
Simple Living
What is typical cost per year?
craftsman89 d
Is this gonna affect water pressure ??
Mark Rossbach
So wait a second here are you telling me that she's gonna water soften her lawn. I thought you're supposed to bypass your outside sprinkler or outside water lines
Claudio T
Thank you guys used your video to install a unit this weekend.
Mike F
I have a Northstar water softner.
The unit will only fill the brine tank for 2 minutes.
Ref: 0-100%
When the unit reachs 20-25% of the regen
I hear a sucking air noise.
Like the unit is NOT filling enough water.
Brine tank is clean.
Any thoughts/suggestions?
Thank You
moazzem hossain
Can a ro system soft the hard water????
Pete Smyth
How much water is used in regeneration?
would have been nice if they had left the outside hose connections untreated
Ras Ra
New jersey sucks
Matt Pierce
Why are your videos always some old dude showing some young woman how to fix stuff? It's kind of sexist...
This is overly simplistic. I've seen installations where hot water is softened, and only cold water in bathrooms and laundry. The softener is installed ahead of the hot water heater with branches elsewhere. Also, the kitchen sink facet is often times left hard with a bypass so you are drinking "mineral" water vs. softened water. Water to outside spigots should be hard too, otherwise you'll be watering plants with softened water. Some people wash cars with outside spigots, in which case you may want it soft. And while I know they say the exchange and flush gets rid of the salt... there is some residual sodium.
Paul Warren
Soft $$$$ in the noggin to pay for that scam-crap..
Mizra Z
Why the hell do you keep using culligan. Get a damn plumber. This is nothing more than a culligan advertisement. PFFFT
When she smiles her gum to teeth ratio is way off.
Hard water? NJ has among the most toxic water in the US? Magnesium an Calcium being among the most common chemicals in pharmaceuticals? Radiation, hormones, pesticides, cocaine etc. Corrupt water filtration plants?
Hmmm. As a kid, I know we had the hard water running to the sink. I assume it bypassed the softener while all other water flowed through the softener.
Did anybody else notice that the woman was wearing flats at the beginning of the video and sandals at the end? Seems strange that she would change shoes during the segment.
James Holbrook
These people talking about being able to lather up and cleaning stuff better always sound like con artist
Dennis The Menance
WaterSoftners are a PIA.. Hauling 40-80# lb bags of salt - is a real PIA.. and cost ave if #7 a Bag.. and with High IRON in teh Water is even worse! We spent over $3k initially for a System , including a RO. Reverse Osmosis Unit Under the Kit. Sink for Drinking.. Now its using 50#lbs of salt a month an changing the RO filters every 6 mos! We have to have our own Wter Treatment System in our home being on Well Water ! UGH!
The location of our house's shut-off valve isn't where it would be, so installing a water softener or whole house water filter is pretty much impossible.
the water tastes salty..i work in 2 rental houses with the same system.. yuckkkkkk