How to Apply a Driveway Sealer - Sealing a Driveway

I show how to apply a driveway sealer. I am using the Henry 532 asphalt resurfacer. This product has a 7 year warranty. I like the rubberized gel formula, it goes on easy and you only need one coat.

You want the temperature to be above 50 degrees. You don't want rain in the forecast for 48 hours and you don't want to drive on the product for 48 hours.

Hose down the driveway with a good cleaner and pull any weeds. Fill all large cracks with a crack sealer. Fill any holes with a pothole patch. Let any patches fully cure before you apply the sealer.

With the Henry 532, use the brush side of a driveway applicator to work the sealer into 4 foot by 4 foot sections. Work in 2 directions to get the product into any cracks and pits in the driveway. Apply one thin coat.

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It's that time of the night bois... When you have nothing left to watch...
I had a landscape business and did hundreds of driveways all by hand. I found these cheap combo brushes with a squeegee useless and the finished product looks amateur. I went to an industrial supply store and bought a nice squeegee for doing windows and only used that to apply the rubberized sealer. Do it just like you did with the brush, but only use the squeegee to it rides flat and leaves additional sealer in the little dips and holes and thinner where the asphalt is smooth. The nice soft rubber squeegee left an excellent finish with no brush marks or overlaps.
You did it wrong you didn’t fill in the cracks I could see them
Jesse Parris
I would add: plan on wearing clothes and shoes you might have to throw out when done.
This is like construction ASMR, very relaxing.
Moon Pie
I've had blacktop drives for 35 years and did this many times. Your video is fine but I found I do it a little different and disagree with you on several points but we both coat our drives fine in the end.
1st make sure to weed whip your drive edge very well during the prep process. I used many different mid priced or "best" coatings all seemed to work fine. None I ever used required 2 coats and all were the consistency of what you used. I never used any that wanted 2 coats. Maybe some really cheap stuff is different but I never used the cheapest stuff to save 20-30 bucks.
I never mixed for 5 minutes, I guess it can't hurt but once it's mixed well you are good to go. If it takes 2 minutes or 5 minutes then that's what it takes. I brushed in my 1st time and it was fine just took a lot longer. I found that simply using the squeegee did just as well and was 2x faster. Brush when needed only and it comes out the same. Don't let it pool in low spots either.
Use a throwaway bush if you feel you need one to cut in at your garage etc. Wear shoes you can toss after as they will be ruined. I keep a pair of old sneakers that I should toss for just this job. Same with pants and socks. I usually wear shorts anyway and use solvent to clean any splatter before it dries on my legs or hands.
Finally do it when it not too hot or sunny. If you have a big drive, heat and sun on a blacktop drive makes the job far more tiring.
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Yes, they are now waterproof.
trevor sullivan
did u get any of that on them white shoes lol I know when I do driveways I always get some of that stuff on me
atl growganics
It would have been a better video if you had shown the finished product at the end... two days later to see how it looks after it has cured.
Allan Yoza
How to seal your roofing iron
Scottish NS Rail Fan
Not filling small indentations, as you are push broom. I used squeegee and obtained better finish.
EJ plascencia
I'll finish that driveway In. 20 min using just a squeegee
That gap in the brush drove me crazy
Yup Gamer
The brushing on the driveway was asmr feeling man it was heaven to the ears to know its easy to install and ny driveway will look better than the neighbors
YouTube SEO Agency
Awesome vids, you make my day.
Keep creating vids, need more like you
david blinderman
The real key to applying this is having super quick feet.
thx that was very helpfull
Integra DIY
Sealing the ramp off of the street looked kinda different.. I usually see the driveway sealed, and the actual ramp from the street is plain concrete
looking good thanks for the tip  gracias
Daniel Mullock
Your hired c'mon over and do mine
Phillip Riggins
Great video, thanks for posting it
John Everitt
Thanks for the tips. I like the fact that it is a one coat application with the Henry product!
Sean Davis
Nice job! Great video.
How many 5 gallon buckets did you use?
Lewis Mitchell
Dave strand is better for sealing drive ways or Stanley dirt munky
mr. JH
thanks .. YouTube university for dummies
Clorox Bleach
this was incredibly satisfying to watch.
thank you sir, this was very useful...thank you for taking the time and sharing.
Mike Williams
white runners ...............brave man
Brian Tatum
Nice Job, where did you get the sprayer?
The Wizard
Thanks for uploading. Im about to be sealing for my job and this gave me a good idea of what to expect.
M3 Assets, LLC
If I wore white shoes to seal my driveway they would be in next week's trash.
Hmmm, so wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty.. got it!
Siddarth Narang
Great video....
Where did you buy this from? I do not think Home Depot or Lowes sell them... Please let me know... thanks
Joseph Pepe
A brush method has nothing to do with thickness,lol it's for a textured finish as opposed to a smooth finish.
Lex & Cinnabon
Thank you for the video. I'm going to be a first time home owner soon, and this will be very helpful for the blacktop driveway which is in need of some crack filling and new sealer.
Lewis Mitchell
Your driveway is to dirty for seal coating
Thomas Gonzales
Good video. It clearly explains and demonstrates the process. Thank you.
Candice Cunningham
Nice job that how long does it look that good for?
Golden Ratio
Don't brush, Roll that way you don't get those asphalt wholes broomed back out.
Gary Derby
Great video 👍 where did you buy that hose attachment? I don’t have a pressure washer. Thank you!
Jason H
What's the best way to get out grease stains first, and in a manner that would not require having to wait too long before being able to apply sealer, etc. Thanks.
random things
how many buckets did your driveway use? I have a really big driveway, just want to get an idea how many buckets I should buy.
Brian M
Looks like you sealed the street 2
Paul Mouzas
Awesome. Thanks for the video.
Luba Luba
what happen to the 5gals freaking cheap
I'm doing this today. thanks for the tips!
kelly girl
Most helpful video out there. Thank you for the detail and showing how to do it.
Bordi the one
i would say that is a damn fine job! u didn't get yourself dirty and you came out pretty cheap!
Ray Zhang
My left ear enjoyed this video
Alakran GervaciO
Great man tnx
Jorge Bueno
Can the job be done only on spring can be anytime even on fall
Mowers N Blowers
Your sneakers are trashed!!
I just did my driveway with the same product. I found that once it gets cool at night the surface gets hard. During the heat of the day it got gummy again. This was 3 days ago without driving on it. The problem is that once you drive on it, any particles or dust from tires will embed into the sealcoat.
Shred Sixsixsix
Nice shoes,are those white Reeboks?
Jeanne Ing
It looks simple enough. I'll have a go at it. Thanks for the demo.
Justin V.
Great video, thanks for the help.
No preparation?
ycarla greene
If you disagree with how he did it then don't watch it. You watched the video at your own free will, everybody does not seal coat the same so click that little red x and exit from page. so irritating and unnecessary.
Craig VanCamp
I like the white shoes with speckled sealant look
Jackson Ricketts
We have a very steep driveway that we are repaving. We would like to have some extra grip. Would it be appropriate to add sand when mixing to add grip?
no no no im a seller maker squeegie
Reg Wayne
One question, i have a slopey driveway and live in new york. My current asphalt textured surface grts slippery enough to pull up, is the rubberized sealant suitable for my situation?
Noah Stevens
I have to say, that sealer looks like garbage with that cheap broom, if you would be using an actual broom made for sealing the finish project would look better
Don adventures
You only use the brush for edging
TheGaming Sheep
Sooo where's my drive way?
Johnny Young
Your doing this all wrong
anthony ray
i been a seal coater for 11 years there is no such thing as a sealer lasting 7years thats like waiting 12000miles to change your oil in your car asphalt needs to be sealed every two years and even sooner in the northern parts of the united states this is why so many driveways are cracked and busted uo because people wait 5 6 or 7 years to seal there driveway
Christopher Schoeder
Awesome video. Thank you
Lisa Stein
Been following all of your steps the last couple months. Has worked really well. Planning to do the final sealer this weekend! thanks again
Excellent information, and especially your recommendation of product was appreciated. Tips like: using a small brush on edges, flipping cans over prior, 5 full minutes of mixing, and the half can combination to keep product uniform, etc.I did extensive research on product prior, Ordered 4 cans of Henry 532 from after watching this. Truly appreciated your expertise.
Kelvin Chong
Great video! Do you know where I could buy the hose extension that you used in the video? Thanks!
Kelly Gold Papanek
do you charge to do this on my driveway. and how much do you charge?
U forgot to mention not to use a good pair of shoes lol
Jeanne Ing
Not sure if I'll get a response, but what's the name of the product, and where can I buy it?
mr zed
I use the same product and apply with a paint roller. you have to work the product hard so that it doesn't chafe.
Joe Schembri
Could I put this stuff over concrete?
Just ruined a good pair of leather All-stars!
Reg Wayne
One little correction, i meant in the winter.
What is the name of the dance at 2:42?
Where do you find cheap sealent?
Good video. Your pothole repair one was good also.
Ace Golfman
Now you can color your asphalt driveway too with this new Looks fabulous imo
UR Hew
I don’t know why I’m watching this, I don’t own a house or a driveway
Hamza Halal
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Top Ten Toolbox
How long did it take?
Is henry 532 good for northern climates? I'm in MN. Great vid BTW
Nilk Narf
white shoes? brave man
Fatima Orascanin
What is name of the product ??????
Nice video
Canadian Pride
Use a squeegee ..... cuts your working time in half , broom is almost useless in saving any time or effort
random things
how many buckets did your driveway use? I have a really big driveway, just want to get an idea how many buckets I should buy.
Just a Guy
He forgot the step about not wearing white sneakers when sealing your driveway
Hurst Shiftin
good vids bud.
FYI.. There is a sidewalk in the middle of your driveway.
how did it hold up 5 years later?
Tim Fergerson
You should paint it white or use white sealer next time.
Great video.  Thank you for posting it.  I've got to go home to VA in a couple weeks and resurface the driveway of our rental property, so this video really helped.  Quick question, if I may.  I watched another video where the person resurfacing the driveway used a squeegee and worked the stuff from side to side.  Does it make much of a difference which method I use (i.e., yours or his)?  Thanks!