Restoration - Heuer triple date valjoux 72c watch repair tutorial project

Here we restore a very old vintage Heuer chronograph triple date mechanism with bent 4th wheel pivot, we make a new jumper spring and discus the awful condition of the dial. Sit back, relax and enjoy :)
This video forms part of my watch restoration series which compliments my watch repair course. See below for further details.
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Danang Adnan
Whooh, 0.2mm handmade. This is what a watchmaker really mean. Love it
Eat Peach
Tell me what you can't repair? Hand-made 0.2mm spring,OMG
Watch Repair Channel
whoops... I had a brain fart and said providence instead of provenance - twice!!! - my bad!

Here we restore a very old vintage Heuer chronograph triple date mechanism with bent 4th wheel pivot, we make a new jumper spring and discus the awful condition of the dial. Sit back, relax and enjoy :)
Alexander Romashkevich
So, what can i say. Nothing usual at all. Just half an hour of a titanic work with micromechanics.
Man. You re awesome. Thanx for sharing you skils. And wish you always get a tic tac sound when you re done with next one mechanism.
Marc Riches
Excellent job.
im so much more impressed with these older complex movements than any new modern movements - i.e. all designed tested and made without computers by people with slide rules and machine skills, no CAD/CAM lasers etc etc. I mean, imagine designing this thing without a computer to 3d visualise the build. Bonkers hard! Couldn't be done like that today, mores the pity
AnDy Trần
Thanks video you, it’s nice and vintage :)
Excellent work, Mark! Thanks for sharing.
Have you had to heat treat the new minute jumper spring or it goes untreated?
Randy Novick
Seems like forever between your videos. I really enjoy these. Was this a customer's watch, or something hanging out in the back of a dusty drawer? Brilliant job as always. Many thanks.
Cajetano2011 Cajetano
man man what a skills, nicely done and thanks for sharing
Garfunkel Stiglitz
How on Earth do you manage to remember the position of all those items once the watch is broken down.

Absolutely amazing.
David Griffin
There are so many tempting OLD chronographs with this sort of look which I've always avoided just because I'm not sure how delicate they would be. And there are a ton of modern watches which mimic the style. Wish I had someone like you to bring watches like this to.
Omar Martinez
Hello, quick question not related to the video, so I recently came into possession of a vintage 10k Wittnauer Geneva Watch. It’s in pretty rough shape and was wondering what’s the best approach to restore it.
SH Tang
background music fits the video perfectly. Thanks for putting this up.
This video was made so you could know how to put it back together wasn’t it? LoL
Really glad you kept the original dial, the patina gives the watch its historical authenticity from a sympathetic repair. As always, a delight see you practice your skills.
Frank Schroth
As always, it's been a pleasure watching you work!! :)
Lee Coyne
Great restoration. Those hands looked a lost cause.
Well done.
Omar Kader
Man you are terrific !!!!!
I kept watching the whole video until the end!
Jared Lumbert
I consider myself very mechanically inclined, but I don’t know how tf you ever get these back together ha
Hello sr I am very happy to see your video. I am watch repair too and I am looking for a job were I can find to work, I 'm from Florida USA.. thanks bro..
Phil Bunt
So nice to watch,, nope, no pun, a professional work, it relaxes the mind and informs!
Arthur Kurtz
Lovely restoration. My favorite moment occurs at 24:40 when the heart resumes beating, as this tells me a 'life' was again saved. Cheers.
The Old One
The 0.2 mm handmade spring can't be repaired.

Watch Repair Channel's administrator and watchmaker: "Hold my beer!"


Me: "....."
Shlomo Levi
Jose Cintron
Your craftsmanship is absolutely mesmerizing !
Alexander McCarthy
Wonderful work, again. I wonder if you could recommend a brand and model from the 1940s/1950s that might be worth owning as a daily wearer, but also something that will continue to appreciate over time.
alvaro islascanarias
EXTRAORDINARIO. muchas gracias, saludos desde las islas Canarias. Thanks.
R. R.
As a mechanical engineer and as a mechanical watch fan with bad eyeside and getting worse and worse I loved watching this. This may sound crazy but it made me even a bit emotional....Thank you for sharing this sir! I liked the channel for some time now, but now I love this channel. Thank you again! Greetings from the Netherlands.
I would have a great time taking it apart but it would never work again!
Thank you Mark. An excellent video as always.
All the best,
Norm in Arizona
Dennis Mai
I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing your craft with us.
Siddhesh Pujari
Commendable job with the watch! Handmade minute jumper was masterclass. Btw. which brand timegrapher do you use?
Domenick Doran
Your videos are hypnotic. It's amazing that you can recall how all of that fits back together. Is that just a product of experience with a particular movement?
This is awesome
Thank you for the awesome videos. I have learned a lot from you. Have you ever repaired a Heuer 1000 winder bayonet? (980.020L)
It's a beautifull watch, It must be spensive enven after 70 years..
Thanks for including background music in this! I was drawn in to your channel from the 1960s Seiko watch, but the timelapse without any music was just a bit too much silence for my liking. This kind of quiet, chilled out background music is perfect I think.
Great repair again. Thank you for this video, relaxing to watch.
Provenance.Providence means the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power.
people like chronographs dont know why,
lots of parts,,, needing always expensive maintenance, pront to fail more often..etc

well better have a simplier watch and focus in precison and reliabilty, i have here a mechnical watch it works like a quartz,,, 1 week passed by and keeps the same tinme that my quartz, except with some seconds of difference, 100 times better than a rolex-.or tag heur
Patrick Morrissey
I have watched your videos and lurked in silence for awhile...

You are truly very good. The making of the part was exquisite... Well done Sir.

I felt those hands were unfixable. You did a great job with that....

You're very good. I doubt these viewers appreciate how good you are....
Amazing work man. Absolute master. That hand made spring ffs.
Gilles 1978
Nothing stops you 🙂 brilliant restoration thanks very much for sharing 👍🏻
Alvin Aw
Another awesome detail video! After much T&C put into the rusty movements, can see how beautiful it is..... thanks for making this video.
Amazing restoration! Thank you for the peek over your shoulder. It was a privilege and a pleasure to see a true craftsman at work. Bringing that beautiful chronograph back to life was literally turning back the hands of time in the truest sense. The watchmakers of old were truly artists of unrivalled skill and talent. Be well.
Dennis Zamora
Great video as always! It never ceases to amaze me how you take apart those minute components and put them back into their proper places without missing anything :) Your fabrication skills is equally amazing (nice tools, by the way). Such a lovely watch!
Erwin B
This was fantastic . Amazing . Small question : could 3D-printing also provide the part you produced by filing ? Or others for that matter ?
Jovan Gorgievski
It's always a pleasure to watch a man that loves his job. Thanks for the wonderful tips i am just a beginner.
Derek mcIlreavy
Absolutely incredible work I just adore losing time wotching your craftsman hands.
Vaughan Atkinson
Incredibly interesting, a real insight and revelation, thank You!
Great to see such skill.
Bill A
Yet another great video, thanks for sharing...
Marc’s Fx
You amaze me remembering where it goes after stripping it down.....enjoyable video, cheers 👍🏼
I am in awe. Great work. Subscribed. A whole world under the glass.
Jeff S
Like so many others who have commented, your watch repairing skills are phenomenal. I really like the vintage Heuer chronographs with their large minute and hour dials which were designed to be actually functional and not just a cosmetic feature used mainly for marketing purposes. Glad that this one came to you for repair. Love the videos and thanks for taking the effort to record your work. Looking forward to your next repair!
Fascinating and relaxing to watch. I have dabbled in watch repair as a hobby and quickly discovered I have neither the temperament nor steadiness of hand to work on such delicate mechanisms. My hat is off to you, sir.
Muhammed Ince
I actually when out and bought watch repair tools..... this channel.....
Miguel Dorta
Very talented man!
Adrian Birkett
Well I am just blown away!!, never seen so many springs n wheels!. I do like the original dial, good clean up mark. Beautiful watch brought back with such skill and experience , great job. Adrian 🍀🍀.
Karel Brabec
Tak to určitě bych nedal do hromady, ale je to super prácička 1*
Jack Purcell
That was so amazing thx love watching you perform your magic
Jeff W.
Amazing every time I watch you do one of these. Do you ever work on pocket watches?
cookie bear
Nice job always enjoy watching your videos....... Thanks for your efforts
e f
It would take me 2 lifetimes to learn your to do what you just did,your the one that’s amazing
John Brabant
You never cease to amaze me, not just your skill & nohow but your patience. You love what you’re doing and it shows. Watching you work is relaxing and fulfilling.
Kuslar Candir
From Turkey Very good super 😎🕋😎😎😎😎❤️
Daniel DeTorrice
Great content as usual, keep them coming!
A Dude and his Watches
Expensive as those movements are these days, it is worth spending lots of time if necessary getting back up to scratch! What a fine old watch that is. A sweet dial would really frost the cake, eh? Thanks so much!
mister kluge
major boss points for making the new part
It‘s nice to watch a craftsman at work and actually see something I‘d feel comfortable doing as well, even though I had to watch until 31:52 for it.
Watching you straighten the handset was like watching a magician at work, superb skills.
Great vid. How do you do it? How on earth are they designed and made!
Absolutely excellent effort, thank you.
Watch / Tech Everything Else
how many you here also watch archieluxury ;p;
william carboni
Outstanding restoration, You are and artist of the first caliber. Love your videos, thanks.
Sir, what is a cost of renewing this kind of work?
carlos carvalhido
Just love to see a watch coming back to life. Excellent :)
WindRider NP
who's also watching this watch striptease porn with sensual music background alone in silence??
Beautiful timepiece and quality restoration!
Absolutely amazing 😉
Jack TheCat
I'm amazed at the complications and how you are able to keep up with it all. The screws seem to be a problem for me. I could relocate the parts, but I always have issues with getting the correct screws back on the first try.
From one watchmaker to another, it is so nice to see a watchmaker actually doing a job right, instead of watching all the hacks out there buggering up nice movements. Well done sir. 11/10
Harold Wiser
I'm always amazed by your work!
WOW WOW WOW a labour of love 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤ed the spring making.
Fantastic restoration but I must say, you made fabricating that minute recording jumper look way too easy!
I wouldn’t be able to put this back together if you gave me a million years
anonymous George
Pure joy watching you work. Thanks
Mr. D
Thank you very much for sharing. Thank you supporters.
These videos are so relaxing to watch. I fully expected the movement to be in horrible shape. It was nice to see that it wasn't too bad. You calmly make a part that I could barely even see. If it can hold that timing, it's running remarkably well. How long did it actually take to straighten those hands? I was surprised they didn't break. As for the dial, it's kind of weird, but I'd almost consider leaving it as is as a survivor watch.
Josh Rick
Hello, I'm new to your channel. Have you ever had to remove a small dent from a 14k gold watch case? I love vintage pocket watches. I searched your videos but couldn't find anything on pocket watch case repairs. Thank you very much, your work is admirable!!
Thanks for another relaxing video 😀
Turned out beautifully. Personally, I'd put it on a distressed leather strap to play on the aged aesthetic.
Seth Pittham
Just so good. Cheers. Fantastic.
руслан юхневич
Изумительно 👍👍👏👏
farabby vassily
Nice video! I have same problems, cant recovery my Heuer 72. Already 3 years... Because still find a right watchmaker for that Heuer 72. Not an easy project for me
Very nice work, beautiful old watch🙂
You are a real master watch craftsman . Very excellent video as usual.
steven delarm
Will you work on my Breitling Top Time ??
Peter Baxter
These wonderful sessions continue to fascinate me - thanks Mark. It all seems so easy: are you familiar with the inner workings of all these timepieces, or do you ever work to a manual?
So impressive what you're able to do and make is look so easy. Making that replacement spring was impressive.