How To Repair The NASTIEST Leather & Vinyl....Back To PERFECT!

Repairing nasty leather or vinyl seating. This repair will last you for years and years. This video shows you how to fix cracks and rips in your upholstery and then recolor them to be perfect again. NOTICE, in order to know exactly how to do this skipping through the video, is not recommended.

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Camera Used



Caulk Gun

99% Alcohol

Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit


Leather & Vinyl Paint

Leather Prep Spray

Vinyl Prep Spray

Dewalt Drill

Torx Bit Set

Venom Gloves

Air Mask

Lint Free Towels

Spray Bottles

303 Gallon

SEM Colors


Camera Used For UK Video:

Leather Paint

Prep Spray a must for the
color to adhere

Spray Bottles

Scott Blue towels




Super Dupper Air Nozzle
Camera Used for Germany videos

Leather Paint
Super Dupper Air Nozzle
Venom Gloves
Spray bottle

Leather Repair Kit

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Chris Kowalski
Wow...the silicone thing actually worked and worked well...Easy...I have a 93 vette with only 40.000 miles on it and is almost pristine condition with white leather parents dog jumped in my car poking a whole in the passenger seat...a couple of years ago i bought a leather repair kit only making the area on the seat worse then it was...I tried this method with the silicone and it worked...I like the idea that it doesn't have to be perfect as it will blend in with the texture of the rest of the seat...Clean and easy..I ended up doing the other small cracks in both can't even tell....
c431inf 11b
Going to try this process on my wife
Chuck Norris
I want a one year update.
Rich Clas
The seats on my 95 Ford Bronco are perforated. Is there a way to recreate the little holes?
Luka Dragunov
I gave up...since I kept drinking the alcohol before I could apply it to the seat.....
That seat was looking gorgeous at the end! Very nice! Sadly, I have a gaping hole in my seat, so I don't know if I'll be able to "fix" mine. But I'm gonna try!
Paul Thompson
i just bought a 2001 subaru outback (18 years old) with leather interior and the leather is amazing for it's is cool to think that you could take old seats like that and make em nice cool
Luis A.
WOW.... SUPER PROFESIONAL lo hiciste de nuevo 👍🎉🎊🎉🎊
C List
Great video , 30 years in the auto business and still learning new tips. Many thanks
Man that really turned out nice 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸.
Ive got an 01 yukon xl with just about same color leather everywhere & i can see where its gna be forming soon. Prob in the next cpl yrs.thanks for the info .
Down Side Up
The 1.1k thumbs down are Furniture Store Owners who prefer you buy from them new furniture than to repair.
Shame on them.
Can I still use the heating seat after ?
maryjangel J
I cannot wait to repair a small worn spot in our "new" 2011 vehicle. I was considering how to do it, as I will repair leather jackets etc, and have that pretty down pat, the seat repair needs what you have shown in the video this is brilliant. Thank you!
Sanford Willis
Thanks bud! I dont know Jack about leather, but that was very cool. I'm gonna try that on a few places on my couch also.
Michael Enochs
Do you have a video for tears? I have a leather seat, but the butt area has tiny holes to breathe. It's a G35 seat so you can see what I'm talking about. Would like to know how you replace something like that.
Máquina & Asfalto
*Awesome job man, what a pro*
Brother you should seriously have your own show on tv. You make it all so simple. People with older cars that still run well would love your videos. Long time subscriber here.
Socks With Sandals
I'll go always bought cars with bad leather seats because it's cheaper. Thanks to this video I can live the ten cent millionaire dream!
Eniklis Nihm
Very nice! looks new :) wish I had leather seats! my cloth ones are split on the drivers side :(
That looks fantastic. I need to do this to the driver's seat of my 1996 Mustang GT.
Good TECHNIQUE and WORK! I have a Bimmer 7 needs this on the Kaptain's seat.
Cloud Nine
Great video,,,thank you for sharing your knowledge with us,,,
could you kindly list all materials needed, as I’m not sure with the adhesive and silicone, which brand and specific name of product, please
Wil give it a go on my worn out seats
Thanks again
Manic Mender
@Sweet project cars what if the leather is torn? Chevy Tahoe and Silverado side bolster tears are really common. Do you have a fix for them? Thanks for the great videos.
Bruce Tako
What is the ' prep /pre-adhesive you use after the 99% alcohol ? And what type of prematex adhesive ? Truly unique and helpful vid's , carry on ,be well.
Who gives this thumbs down?


Damn good video! 👍
Hey mate. You're doing a great job. What paint do you use for painting, any special leather products? Props
What a stunning result!! That seat would probably give you a hug if it could! You are the man, Mike. Awesome job. And I really appreciate the great tips & instructions.
i. rob
Fantastic skill. Thanks for sharing. I,m not sure i will have the confidence to try on my two aging leatherette reclining armchairs and footstools but it,d save tons of money if i could pull it off.
In the video, you said that the silicone needs to dry for about 24 hours but the thumbnail says 30 minutes later and is painted. What kind of sorcery is this?
Chevy blvd.
Great information, I'm going to try this out, looked amazing
Anon Dale
Yoh SPC nice channel and thanks for the tips. Question!

I thought most paints will not adhere to 'silicon' and yet that is exactly what seems to work best for you for the filler/re-dye process on leather seats. This permatex stuff you are using, what sort of paint is actually sticking to it??

Silver Grizzly
WoooooooooooooooooooW!!! Sweeeeet Mike!!! I must say this is by far the BEST video EVER!!! I can't wait to do my seats, which are in the same condition as those.
They are medium parchment color.
Can't wait!!! Although it's winter time now, LOL!!😁😁. Thanks for sharing brother!!! 👍👍☆Jay☆.
John Wilson
Leather dries up?
Do you have to apply leather conditioner?
In between these repairs and why didn't you use the filler in the repair kit's?
Milton Doria
This has probably been asked, but can you use the 91% IPA from Walmart in place of the 99%?
Amazing work, learning something new today, life is good.
John Smith
Love these videos!! Amazingly easy and cheap ideas that really work! I’m shocked you only have 214k subscribers! I expected more.

Like and subscribed, as always
Is the process similar for perforated leather? My 04 explorer eddie bauer has 2 tone perforated seat cushions that have some flaws. 1 tear.
Thinking Impaired
Excellent advice by the way, adding the juice from canned olives makes for an awesome Bloody Mary.
Scott Walters
Frick'en awesome right there! Nicely done my friend. I have one that's showing it's age. I'm going to give this a try! After the next video anyway! Keep'em coming. Love'em all!!
Alsharif, Mazen
Will the glue work with really hot Summer weather like in my area Saudi Arabia, The Middle East? sometimes it's 135f
I honestly thought this was a junky click bait video.
Amazing results.
man, beauuuutiful beautiful work. my old M3 looks a little worse than the wear that this seat had prior to your repair, I've got to try this out. thanks for this vid
Star Rider
Great video. Thank you. Keep up the good work. I cannot believe how some fuckwits on here call this click bait!
biblesupports flatearth
I have painted my boat seats with great success, but was unable fix the rips and tears, now I know how, you are brilliant, thanks for sharing, I would have NEVER thought of that silicone trick, thanks again!!
Wall Might
Hey so I'm assuming that this would hypothetically work on a leather steering wheel as well? Trying to restore the entire interior of my 2003 mustang
As always, good, good GOOD stuff! What makes it GREAT are the laughs along the way.
Gal Goren
hey thanks for the great vid! i'm looking to fix my leather shoes, they got few cracks and wrinkles..
can you please tell me what kind of paint do you use on it, where can i find this permatex adhesive sealant, what kind of sand paper should I get and where do i get this leather fixing kit?

thanks again!
Jeremy Knight
just a quick question, uf the leather seat doesn't have spots like one u used the silicone on, can u just us the alcohol and the leather spray b4 painting
The Arrow
Weldon man .....that’s awesome ...put I have questions could you make it shiny....for me looks better and sexy...... thank you man and have a good weekend 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Margaret Mestas
Wooow that looks bran new! You did an awesome job- how beautiful! I have a leather couch- would this technique work for it? I just can't believe my eyes- gorg!
Kaushal Chauhan
omg...MAGIC! you're awesome! gonna do this to the boat seats!
josh daniel
But when you sit down after it’s all dry won’t the paint crack
Kevin Johnson
Very nice. Kind of amazing you found the Permatex to work so well. Thanks for sharing.
Cerebral Dad
Thanks for the video - I have charcoal gray seats with red stitching - how do i fix damaged areas near the stitching? any suggestions? thanks
Pilzy 88
Sweet Project Cars with ANOTHER fantastic video!
Who`d have thunk it....... silicone?
I am so gonna fix up my tired leathers with this method. Don`t think I`ll ever be able to thank you enough SPC`s!
Ken Yan
May I get all the stuffs name you use. Hopefully attached a list of it. Thank you
Did I miss where he says what type of paint??
John Mar
awesome video mate. I am going to repair my leather seat with your method. What clearer did you use? Was it alcohol based? Thanks
Nunya Biznis
I have watched at last 30 of your vids and this is the first video of yours I have watched where the solution/fix isn't to use 303. In fact, I reluctantly clicked on this thinking I already knew what you were going to say lol
Wow, never thought of using a silicone product for the worn out parts of leather, I take my hat off to you sir. Thank you for sharing your skill and knowledge.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Michael Flores
Awesome fix and as always great video! Do you need to spray a sealant after painting?
Simple Marocain
09:12 yessssssss 30 min 😒😎
Jaime S
Amazing Work And Very Detained! Thank You For Educating Me! Nothing But Respect! 😎👍
I always wondered how cracks in leather seats were repaired...very good vid @Sweet Project Cars!
I bought a vette years ago - had them fix the leather interior - and when I got it back it looked brand new. I never knew how they did it so fast. Thanks for posting.
John Altamirano
I custom paint leather shoes, I think acetone works best for prep work but if it works with what you use, can't really complain 🤷
Sean Daigle
At the beginning of this video i thought you were completely nuts but by the end i see your an absolute genius!! Holy hell man that is an amazing job!!! How much do you normally charge someone to do this per seat?
Dude! This is awesome. I would pay you to do my Lincoln Ls driver seat
Really good work mike, it looks brand new 👍👍👍
J Ta
Awesome job. Going to try this on my 350z . Thank you for this video
Martin Gillespie
Great job lads
Randle Richardson
My truck seats in my Ford F-150 Lariot look awful. The guy I got it from was really rough on the drivers seat.
Chris Heckman
Totally amazing transformation, you always provide good tips to the DIY'r. I know I've used quite a few, upholstery cleaning, 303, headlight restoration. I keep buying a lot of your recommended supplies. I've even made your super dooper air nozzle. I always can't wait to see the next tip and trick and how to, you put out. Have a good weekend and God bless. Keep on mak'n it hap'n cap'n. 😁👍✌👉
Ish Ish
you have the best videos my friend you know all the tricks to the trade.👍👍👊👊👊
Joseph Iudice
Paint will stick to silicone? Also, how durable is the silicone vs the white acrylic(?) patch compound they supply with some leather repair kits? Thanks!
Tom Olofsson
Awesome demonstration.
Sweet Project Cars - You did a fantastic job! Thanks for the tips. I'd have you do my restoration work anytime.
Moneyandtime Freedom
O.K., I now wish I had some older seats that I could make look new again. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. -Eric AZ
GREAT will that work on shoes? Specially the ones made by TOBOOT New York they ALWAYS crack on the side of the foot where it folds while walking!!!!
Norman Kozlarek
I have a 1984 Porsche and the interior color is Champagne. Color Bond LVP does not make this color. Can you recommend another company that might make this color? Thanks
charlie ryan
Thanks for making this very helpful video. You do amazing work 👍🏻
I have learned so much form your tutorials . You speak in terms that I understand and like. I have more confidence in trying to complete projects than ever. Also I have pass along your web page to my friends for them to try. Thank You
Age and Treachery
That looks amazingly good, sir! Is the seat treated like a normal leather seat afterwards, with regards to protectants?
Kel Raphiel
wow and here i was going ti spend 900 bucks to have a rip repaired..
Al Velez
Great job. A clear and concise explanation. Hugh job made possible.
Unbelievable repair you did this man! Excellent work
Do you have any solutions for split leather at stitching? or is it simply needing new leather?
Many thanks for this video! I have to repair the leather seats of a Jaguar from 1958. What kind of cleaner did you use?
Kiyoshi Ishihara
Really nice job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Looks like back to brand new again
James Bradley
Thank you for the nice vid 😎👍🏻
Rick Kenny
Wow that’s amazing and I’m just redoing a celica and picked up leather seats too
Unbelievable results. The Trial-and-error must have been years. You are a "Godfather of detailing." Thank you.
Jason Fritz
You have previous leather repair videos that are a different technique for cracked leather, which is best?
Ms B
The leather seats in my 20 y.o. car looks just like that! Wow there is HOPE!
Elite Child
How many coats? on both products including paint?
Mr. Swoop It Up
You are freaking great!!!! You will definetly step my game up.i subscibed too. Thanks
Nick Govoni
I have everyone from my work at
Diamond Detailing Center in Norton Massachusetts watching this channel now. Very helpful.
ed elsey
Did you do a video for repairs on separating stitching with leather seats? Maybe I missed it.
Salvador Acevedo
Absolutely fantastic.. your experience your sharing is very thoughtful. Love your channel. You have opened up a different level of achieving the impossible.
paul noel
Great job I am a car smart repairer and thinking of doing a leather refurb course this job looks amazing thanks for sharing 👌🏿👍🏿