Vinyl Flooring Maintenance & Cleaning : How to Repair a Bubble in a Vinyl Kitchen Floor

Occasionally vinyl kitchen flooring may develop unsightly bubbles. Repair a bubble in a vinyl kitchen floor with help from a flooring contractor in this free video clip.

Expert: Andrew Denny
Bio: Andrew Denny has 10 years experience in flooring.
Filmmaker: Phillip Givens

Series Description: Vinyl floors require a little bit of work, but can make your home beautiful and cozy. Learn about vinyl flooring maintenance and cleaning with help from a flooring contractor in this free video series.
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Michael West
Or you could syringe some adhesive underneath much easier
Your videos have really helped. Thank you for making them.
Michael West
I always watch this video when I’ve had a bad day at work
DeAnna Jones
This was so helpful!  Thank you.
Joshua Nelson
Does this same method work on Allure vinyl plank?
Thanks for that. The only other thing that would be helpful is an explanation of how these bubbles develop. Are they caused by improper tile installation? flaws in the plywood?
Gray K
Apply to the exs flaps I don't think she'll like that?
mohamed ahmed
Great! Bout to do mine
I. Cavallero
AWESOME ....thanks!
thanks for video though
Note, dont go cheap using too thin wood under the floor. It will bend when you walk on it. It looks like they did on this floor
Rondo Schiavoni
good fix 
Charles sanders
I have vinyl floor area about 4' x 4' that is not sticking to floor..How would I get it to stick to floor again???
the breathing ruined this video for me
Dude that nose whistle