picobello // Wood Repair Set - Scratches on laminate, parquet, vinyl, furniture, wood decor

This comprehensive set is ideal for repairing chips, scratches and other types of cosmetic damage to items such as furniture, laminate, vinyl, real wood flooring and wood decors like kitchen worktops. Find all products on:
Repair Set
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Paco Jones
That looks spot on but I would make a mess of it, I was looking for an easier option. I'm off to buy a rug.
Elliot Bates
wow this is impressive but presumably a product for someone with full blown weapons grade OCD
cavalry d'armor
where i can buy this product
C Joyce
If only I was an unemployed artist 🤔
Prakash Goud
Grate job. ..
aaron willis
Superb job, looks a very tidy job
Leona Brescher
Amazing repair! Great video!
Israel Grober
Can u buy more colors?
Jen Uman
Can you share the name of this kit? Thanks!
Pamela P
is this a kit one can purchase?
kieran murrell
Same wax we use in wardrobe doors and and furniture repairs... Need to get me the hot knife for at work... Great tool
Austen Huth
Can you repair regular hardwood floors that are not laminate?
Waqar Smith
Can this kit be used to repair a counter top. The damage is a deep burn mark on the counter top which has left a slight indentation. the circumference of the area burned is about 4/6 cm
and the colours are different to the ones shown in the video
Lee Jackson
yobro manson
Did anyone else have their fancy scratched harshly when he didn't choose the correct color enough to tickle your fancy?
Olukayode Esan
Small patch and it took forever. It's like applying makeup for Kate Moss
T. L. Warren
You are an artist. It is barely noticeable. Great Job.
Great instructions! Thanks
CARMEN Bonello
how do you fix a squeeze polish floor please
Khalid T
where can i buy this kit??
Came here for the music
Or, maybe I could just replace the board?  Just a thought.
Marie GabrielDavidPio
that is a work of art
Love Music
can this product be used on vinyl floors that look like wood?
Mohamad Ghanoum
I want one like this and the same color how I can obtain it
alan jones
excellent video thanks
Nadeem Anwar
very useful..WHERE I can buy all this STUFF for repairing in DENMARK.copenhagen. any help please
UttR Concrete
I’ll stick with wood like tile
Wow amazing repair job! I never knew how good a repair could look. But you have to be very patient and artistic to match it to surrounding. The difficulty is almost if not to the point of difficulty of an actual all out replacement. So instead of going through all of this, I think I'll decide to better prepare for all out replacements instead.
The video is good, but the repetitive music is annoying
Brown's Professional Carpet Care
amazing video wow!
DJ Ray
Ain't nobody got time for that.
Richard Pow
Good luck with that lol..just redo the floor.
Craig Lisovich
your music is fuking shit