BMW 7 Full repair. Полный ремонт.

The full body repair.
Полный ремонт кузова.
Body repair Car repair Full body repair
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Ждем продолжение на канале Макса Шелкова или Ильдара Автоподбор)))
Александр Балиев
И на базар. Крашена??? Неее, муха не еблась 🤣🤣🤣
Yohan Shtraidenber
Судь видоса в том что он все красиво сделал а не заляпал шпаклевкай как некоторые мастера.
fidel kastro
Craigslist add be like:"never being in accident, old lady driven,minor scratches, low mileage, all service done at BMW dealer interior clean"
Good job BTW!!!!! RESPECT
RichIn Boston
With skills like this , this guy will never be poor #respect
Dennis de Boer
Still less panel gaps than a brand new Ford.
Владиммр Ецков
Исполнителю ремонта респект ✊ и уважуха . Остальным не попасть под такой распил не в дтп и не в приобретении 🚘 .
They will never find that stolen BLACK BMW 7
Sudeep Jain
This guy is GOD. I am pretty sure even BMW engineers can't do it with these limited resources he has. Bravo..
Tompson 142
вообщем немцы на заводе собирали собирали , старались , а тут авария , и обычный мужик в гараже разобрал , собрал , причём почти из тех же деталей , красава что сказать
Tolga Akyay
After this, Arthur deserves a Vodka.
Rick Ryatt
Why would you save a car in that bad of condition... Arthur says, “Because I can. Challenge accepted!”

Amazing work sir!!
Brandan Masterson
Amazing work Arthur! You are a talented gentleman. Thanks for bringing so many BMW models back to life!
Хули вы разнылись, "небитанекрашена, шелков и тд", дядька показывает реальный скилл костоправа, к которым вы же сами выстроитесь в очередь когда вас "прикурят" в дтп, а на новую бэху лаве нема 😂
It was driven by a grandma to the market.
Алекс Алексеев
передний бампер плохо встал
Gabriel Cornejo
The Body shop man of GTA
Excellent work
Just incredible, 2 hammer, 2 screwdriver and 2 dirty hand
Simply magical skills
This is as close as you get to printing money...
Johan S.
i would drive it, its not legal here, but GREAT respect to Arthur tussik, real class job mate !
Don Omar
Si dupa se vinde in romania " fara daune" si cu "vopsea de fabrica originala" :))
Идешь Нахуй
Когда деньги затмевают разум!
Так и не увидел там машины.
Fegley Fixes it
If I come out there for 2 months and lived would you take me under your wing Arthur Tussik and show me the way? I would pay you as well!
не бита не крашена
Ерема Афонасиев
Красавчик дяха, по больше бы таких мастеров. А-то сейчас одни рука жопы !!!
serious skills , not just the body work but to remove and replace the engine in a BMW 7 series , wow!
Vern Cotta
This guy is Amazing!! Wow! Truley incredible work!
евгений рогожин
жорику ревазову продай
Artem Шарь
Таких тачек я виже каждый день на автовозах пачками,страшно то что эти тачки продаются как новые в автосалонах
Yakutskiy Buryat
Пиздец! И нахуй она такая нужна?! 🤔
Four colours on the left side looks interesting! Body gaps are perfect as usual, great job!
Tyler Passwaters
Used car salesman to customer: it’s only been in one minor accident. buffed right out!
Dialog between Arthur and BMW owner "..Sorry, my car fell off down the cliff... can you fix it...??? Yea.. sure.. Bring it to me!!!!!
horia dobosan
Incredible! Arthur you re magic! Your hands is gold!
viveriveniversumvivusvici i
Memurdan satılık el değmemiş, vurugu kırığı olmayan bmw...
Missing black BMW 7 series, any information please contact the police. Thank you
Craig plackett
Everything everyone says about this guy but just look at them panel lines 👌🏻 great work keep it coming
100% машина тотал, потом макс шелков найдет ее и выложит на показ :)
Denny DennyGTi
Fantastic work! Every perfect aligment!
Jason Burt
"this is Vladamir, my car fell into a sputnik canyon, the insurance company is sending it to auction. My friend Yakov has some brand new donor parts for it at a good price!
Oscar Gilmore
Wow Arthur, I am very impressed with your skills. Thank you for showing it.
This man is a TRUE professional,no one's even helping him,this is BEYOND AMAZING WORK,great work my man....
"low miles, salvage title from small fender bender"
мøłłıαятı мøтøяspoят
Arthur,ever how,you is the best of the WORLD.
Hugs from Catalonia.
Edwin Madera
You my friend are a wizard! Thats art right there
WolfKing Life
Like si entiendes mi idioma
John Price
they bend in they bend no ??
I've seen more replacement/work on hail damage.
Baris Balkes
Best man what ı see, u messi of mechanik
saint soldier
Mr Arthur how much you charged for all that repair ?
amazing skills, congratulation, perfect hard working professionist
An drus
They changed even wheels, form original stock BMW, to cheap Chinese, bravo !
Where this "Frankenstein" went? To Sweden?
Ivan Jerez
This guy know what he is doing!!
how much cost the whole repair?
Agustin Pare
Master Artur congratulations from Bs As, what a work !,,,
Benny Reyes
Simply and unbelievable mr. Arthur you're doing a great great job💪 and you have a new subscriber👍
oh yeah yeah
Well there i am, its 1:21 at night, i have school tomorow and i am waching a video where a russian dude fixes a bmw, i dont even own a car...
Jorge Cintron
Oh! My God,that thing was a mangled wreck,prop's to you,👍.
BMW 7, few kilometers, no incident...
Bigi Ibbi
He should be the CEO of BMW.😁
Bill Tonne
Don't trust these re-sales. I purchased a BMW like this. On the drive home down the highway. The back half of the car spit away, from the front. Luckily my wife was sitting in the back. Or I could have still been married to this very day...
1⃣9⃣8⃣9⃣ Бекен
Наверно после ремонта продал машину
Tahmid Khan
While car I damaged .I would buy a new one .cause the repairing charge is higher than new car.
fahmi fatdilah
Professional Skill 👍👍👏👏
Halil Güven
Says has donor panel
Actually has half of the car 😂
Clean title 1 owner low mileage
rakesh thottathil
first time i m seeing someone do the repairs with this detail. great job
Imran zada
Wow, this is amazing. A symbol of true workmanship..
Helton Matos
Omg this guy is amazing... 😱 🔥🔥🔥
Fusion illusions
Arthur... the bunt hellcat DIY family channel has failed us. They need your help their making a mess on the rebuild now.
Mehmet Tosun
This was so crazy... You must own BMW or Mercedes Fabric.. not as a a owner
Cemal Yoruk
Sahibinden satılık garaj arabası 2 parca garajdan çıkarken sürtmeye bağlı boya vardır. Fırsat Aracı
Ian Fox
Amazing skills Arthur. How bad must the donor vehicle have been though 😂
Michal Federič
It would be nice from ADAC to buy this car and crash test it.
maruf Ali
wonderful work done amazing talent and it's an art the way he finished the job 👍
Mohamed Mohamed
Well done, amazing job, professional finish.
Samet ardıç
Perfect works congrilations...
Fora do Sistema Mundial
Especialista. Belo vídeo. (Специалист. Хорошее видео.)
Elfxf RS
Смысл конечно есть восстановить, потом ее впарить и Максим Шелков снял вилосик. Но передний бампер можно нормально поставить, по зазорам? Это же bmw 7!
Keyf Htrf
- Скажи, братан, как поднять бабла?
- Вытяни из тоталя БМВ 7
I'll send my Fiesta for you Arthur! 😂 Great work!
Hits on fire vol # 5 - 1984
But there's question in my mind .. why this great man going all this job alone without any help ? he is such brilliant
Cassiano Barbosa


Esse cara é bom de mais no que faz parabéns ..
Мужик, конечно, умеет, могёт и так далее, но имхо, этому мусору место на разборке, на этом авто тупо небезопасно ездить, даже если подушки были прикручены на место. Никому не известно, как такой кузов поведёт себя при аварии.
Lucifer Light
Maybe it might have some structural integrity after the repair , but ill be honest i wouldn't want to unknowingly purchase this car . good work though
Piotr Jendruś
Can you chaange bus station in BMW ? ;)
Abbas Durrani
This is the real talent, forget about the car, brilliant work.
Absolutely genius skills! Interesting would be the amount of money for repairing it.

Again seriously genius skills and greets from GermAny
issa Toli
Hello I am Issa from Algeria. I admire your work, my profession of repairing structures, can I work with you?
vinay nams
Some people are gifted!!! Arthur you lucky man!!!
Philipp Sura
Your skills are amazing! Respect.
charly caesar
какие красивые линии! Вы гений, я поздравляю вас за безупречную работу!
YoYoMA _
Its Gypsy Magic my friends.
Malcolm Lane-Ley
I didn't believe such a result was possible, truly amazing skills
Petar E
I hate to say it, but this BMW should've been written off..
Jumabek Gapyrov
Слов нет,молодец байке! (Кыргызстан)
legend has it that this bmw came out of the repair shop in better condition than the factory
Scrap it/sell it for parts, buy a used one, it's cheaper than fixing it, safer too, good luck getting stuff aligned, ever.
Ahitagni Dasgupta
Amazing work 👌🌈
rizzo diz
Great video. You are a true master at your craft Arthur. Respect