How To Prep Your Sub floor For Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Flooring installation is all about preparation. Get the facts on how to make things perfect.

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Jacob Sowles
There are a million videos on how to do stuff like this, but this channel is the only one I've found that gets into the "gotchas" of getting the job done. Construction is never as easy as it seems, and random, unexpected pain points always come up. This channel addresses those very well. That kind of quality can only come from someone who's done this a thousand times.
W Mendoza
This has turned into one of my favorite YouTube channels. Thanks for your insight and sharing!
You've just convinced me I need to purchase a crown staple gun. Off to the hardware store I go! Love your informative videos - thank you for sharing your knowledge!
Richard Pharo
Set your Saw on the correct depth cut it back to the floor Joyce’s and install a new piece of plywood. What you’re doing might look good today but over time it’s going to show through
Explained very well, good job
Ed Paine
Lovin’ the channel Jeff! Would this same technique work going over old shiplap subfloor, or would you recommend something thicker? Not terrible but there are some thickness difference here and there. Finished floor will be a decent laminate I believe.
my cats
Thanks for this. I wish it had been up when I tried to fix the gaps between my new plywood and the old when I replaced a damaged section from the toilet's wax seal leaking for a long time before we moved in. The "geniuses" who built the place put carpet in the bathroom & put the toilet on top of the carpet & carpet pad. It was a nightmare. The plywood underneath was the consistency of mud. I managed to the entire sheet out with hand tools and replaced it with a new sheet but there was a slight lip/height difference between the new and old (bc the old is a thickness they don't even make any more). I attempted to patch it with a self-leveling mix that turned out to be expired & it did not go well. I added the exact amount of water specified but instead of being like pancake batter it came out like slightly runny chunky peanutbutter. It didn't go level and after it started to dry, there were hard jagged sharp spots/points sticking up. Just little chunks. They wouldn't smooth flat when I tried to trowel over them & when the job was done it was just a mess. I tried to break it up with a hammer but it wouldn't even crack. I tried to sand it but it tore the sandpaper. So now I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. I may have to see if I can find a way to pry the board up, get a new template, and put a new one in, but the mix covered quite a few of the screw heads.

Do you think the Henry's patch that dries faster would be ok for homeowners (if it comes in small enough batches)?
Raul Torres
Thanks a lot!!!
You are my hero
JOY Maddox
I love you omg finally someone knows what here talking about
Carlos Hennings
Would 1/4" Underlayment work for the smooth finish?
Best videos for DIY help! A great teacher!!
Jim Hurd
Great video, but just a warning to anyone that buys that simple prep premix floor patch (like I did) if you have any sense of hurry. It dries in 4 hours, and shrinks like crazy, so count on a second application. Patching kills a day, assuming you don't find a bad staple later and need to do another patch round. Use this only if you want an excuse to stop and watch a few ball games. Pros use Ardex/Henry because it dries in 15 minutes.
Big Tee
Where is the second part to this lol ! I wanna see the vinyl installed
B Miller
Nicely done, but a bit of overkill using 3" screws to hold down 5/8 ply?? :)
Hello Sir, great video.. as usual. Question: Vinyl planks over 33x33cm tiles/70 sqm. Yes or No. Some say yes - you say no. Should we rip out the tiles? Please say No.
Maaaaan your Drill make a hell of a noice its so loud and noicie
As a new subscriber I find your videos very helpful and you make everything you do look so simple. Keep up the great work on the channel!
Enoch Moses
What screw gun is that your using bro ?? Sounds like an F1 car !!ha!! The way it just chucks them long screws right in without having to do a pilot hole first !! Most impressive I must say !!
Andrew Kelly
Thanks again for anther awesome video. Have a great day Jeff :)
N Gauge England -Synthematix-
MONEY MONEY MONEY everythings about MONEY
Benoit Myrand
Informative video
I'm looking at removing tile and install vynil, im hoping it'll go well
Anna Fisher
Thank you so much, for sharing your expertise, Jeff Thornman! I will check out your other videos.
Scott Smith
How to install laminate on stairs and that baseboard on the steps! Rad channel, thanks!
yeah, they always say plugging it in does help :V
sami Fandi
Amazing videos as always, good work
Tigris Mask
My name is the ODB!
These videos have helped me out A LOT thank you!!
Excellent video! I'm tearing tile out of my kitchen because it is broken because when they put it in they did not get the floor level. I'm going to install vynol flooring. Thanks for the tips.
What is your idea of luxury vinyl flooring ? Links? I've just bought a quad and need to do all 4 apartment floors. Thank you.
jeff Deavers
nice video Jeff, I will be doing this same project soon. Looking forward to the flooring install video.
Rich Gunn
Best DIY channel by far that i've seen. Thanks for taking your time and sharing your expertise
Lady CeeCee
You're so gorgeous!
Never have I ever met a house with a straight/square wall, a straight flat piece of timber/wood, or even a house, lol....
Love your little "nuggets" of wisdom & quips.
Cheers, A
Kitchen Project
This video came just in time; I'm just getting ready to start the flooring in my bathroom, thank you
I think I'll stick with plastic laminate. Just patch the holes & lay the laminate. It's so forgiving.
Brian Thornton
Looking forward to the vinyl floor installation video.
Mars 2030
Thank you for details video, how do we prep for a new sheet vinyl floor on top of an existing one, will you please have a video about the prep? Thank you
Joseph Johnson
Jeff, do I need to glue down the plywood underpayment to the subfloor if I am putting laminate on top? Or is stapling enough?
Thanks for all the work your doing to help the Do-it yourself-ers out there!
how come the wood did split when you drove the screws in?
Skylar Pye
Jeff you freaking rock. I love watching this because it’s just so interesting even though I’ll probably never do a lot of this.
Khyber Safi
Damn Jeff, you're a beast. How about some knee pads brother. My knees hurt just watching the video. Lol.
Good video, Thanks for sharing!
Adam Boyle
Hey Jeff, curious as to where you picked up the floor patch. Can't seem to find it, little help? Thanks
Charles Singh
I ripped up high quality Vinyl to re-use at cottage bathroom......all backing is clean (wasn't glued heavily), so am I OK to just spread adhesive to OSB flooring and lay the, or should I add plywood before installing. It's abouty 80 sq ft bathroom at cottage.
...and thanks for all your informative Videos.
This is for everyone.
I HAVE to remove Pergo Laminate floor and I know for a fact there is one layer of glued vinyl flooring underneath.
I intend to install Luxury Vinyl Planks.
(Lowe's Washed Oak Dove #737998 - 5 3/4" X 47 3/4"
I also know the vinyl, rolled flooring is solid and flat/well adhered.
Can I/Should I remove vinyl flooring and install planks over existing surface?
Please advise.
Deborah Nelson
Reviewing this one for flooring options. It just hit me, I haven’t seen you do a stamped concrete floor. If no one in Canada wants it, you can do mine in Arizona.
Matt Noble
Thanks for the good tips, getting ready to do our whole house and we going need lots of help..........
Kyle Plotnikoff
Ive always glued down my sub floors when installing. Usually mix some weldbond wood glue with water 50/50 and spread with a cheap adheasive spreader. What are your thoughts on that Jeff?
Steven J Bossley
great video the tips you gave thankyou and now I know why and how to fix my errors,
Cudda Brown
Great your workflow
Great instruction. Thank you
You should've shown the joists in the hole on the video so people really understand the concept. But nice repair and it would work fine.
Karl Krauss
Nice video. I am planning to try and do my neighbors kitchen floor with vinyl planks, she has linoleum now I think will need to be taken up first, and the lauan wasn't looking too hot when I looked at it from the vent so I might have to tear that up and put down a new layer. Is there a reason you used staples instead of nails? I use ryobi and they have a nail gun but not sure they have a staple gun so was going to use that. Also if the floor needs to be leveled would I just use some type of self leveler, and if so would I do that before the lauan or after?
Do I need to lay plywood on top of subfloor?
Howard Ammerman
Thanks for the great demo/tutorial video!
So, I'm putting LVP in my kitchen. I have the floor base, (1929 home), with a linoleum layer, a masonite layer, then the same grade/color/style of linoleum on top. I'm taking off the top linoleum and masonite, and finding 6D nails every 5-6 inches. pulling them up leaves the hole with a divot. should I fill those in? or leave it be. I don't want the nails to pop up into the LVP, so I am pulling them all. Would a flooring patch similar to what you used in this video be advisable? suggestions?
Lana May
Extremely knowledgeable! Now I know why there's a nail showing under my vinyl floor! The installer did not use crown nails.
Nothing warms my heart better than to see a good man down on his knees working hard with a vacuum cleaner in hand! lol Thank you guys for the video.
Steve Duby
Can u staple 1/4 plywood to a crappy hard wood floor to put new vinyl on?
Are there situations where you would put down a layer of rosin paper between the subfloor and the underlayment?
vinayak sharma
Why are you putting another subfloor on an existing subfloor ?
Pavel Nesterov
In this video you're using a nail puller and a hammer in one, I was wondering what brand it is . Can you write about it. Thanks
Chris G.
What is that tool you called a "claw"? I can't find it by that name.
Jeremy Ho
I was under the assumption that the plywood underlayment needs space to expand and contract between the edges, would filling the gaps cause issues?
Ralph Chan
Great video. I'm planning to install engineering hardwood myself. My house is a new build, so I'm wondering if there's anything I should watch out for during the subfloor preparation.
nicholas williams
Hi Jeff,

I am placing LVP in my home with 5mm thickness and my subfloor is MDF. Do i need to place additional padding underneath the LVP? I do plan to get a flooring wood filler for the seams and some dents in the MDF subfloor. Would you suggest handling the seams and dents in the subfloor a different way?
Scott Logan
You did it again. We just bought 7mm EVP flooring. Floor is unleveled 1 1\2 . You made this type of prepping floor look easy. I'm about to look at your next video on vunyl floor install. Thank you
5hits & Giggles until some one Giggles and 5hits
Ply is a bad underlay for flooring. Not allowed in Australia. Dont forget to check length of your drive pin on gun factory settings are 5mm past tip thats about the thickness of underlay.
Nelson Rachmaciej
Can you do a video on installing can lights without attic access?
John Limongello
What timing. I am installing 1/4" plywood soon with crown Staples for my vinyl floor. I purchased 5/8" crown Staples. Do you think the 5/8" Staples will be sufficient? I was going to use the Staples with subfloor glue..such as liquid nails.
Rahul Travels
Nice video but where is your LV flooring video?
Chu Jones
Hi, How do i prepare floors for laminate? The original hardwood floors are rotten, so i ripped all of it out. Beneath the hardwood floor was a diagonal sub floor and the joist. What is the best way to secure it to the joist? or the plants? Do we need to secure it on the joist? I am thinking of a 7/16 OSB Board and a layer of vapor barrier. After that, I will be putting on a underlay and laminate floor.
Larry Cook
Another good one Jeff.
glen sherman
awesome videos, am putting down vinyl click flooring from Costco, should I remove old lenolium floor first or can I put vinyl over it
Interesting, thanks. I was thinking of getting vinyl sheet on an existing tiled bathroom floor. Would the recommended procedure be to plaster all the grout lines level first?
Abdullah yalımol
good job 👌
Claude Maximus
How about construction adhesive , just saying
Rav3 G0d
Not the same without a black eye
Vang Lor
where are you located?
Glaze'n Cakes
Hi there! Love you channel!! I have a question in regards to prepping my subfloors for tile. We recently had an addition done for a dining room. The subfloors are brand new 1/2" plywood. I'm going to lay tile down. I was told by someone to use durock on top of the plywood, underneath the tile... Now I understand it should be used for waterproofing, like bathrooms, etc. But is it necessary for tiling our new dining room addition?? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! :-)
Groove Shaqk
How thick is that new sheet of plywood?
Troy McClintock
What is the name of the claw tool you are using
Miguel Cortes
Do you have a video on redoing bathroom flooring down to the floor board? Of not would you make a video? Thanks
Craig Cothern
I have a house that the majority of the subfloor is very straight except in on spot it dips down close to 1/2”. Should I plywood the whole floor with 1/4” and build that spot up or do you recommend something else? Thank you for your time.
Nice video. Thanks for sharing. I have a question. I am planning to lay plywood subfloor over tile. How do I secure the plywood over the tiles. There is wood subfloor underneath the tile.
Stephen Cable
How wide is the crown on those staples? What guage? Just don't want squeaks from my underlayment I'm about to put down. 😄
M Rob
Two questions from complete newbie, does this same underlay technique also apply to peel and stick vinyl 12 x 12 tiles? Second, what kind of drill are you using.....I see its a dewalt but whats the model number? Thanks for your help, your videos have given me the guts to try stuff like this. Thanks again, great video series!!
Rob Out
Great tips..thxs!
Jeffrey Potter
I'm a fairly recent forgive me if this has already been addressed in a previous video....but I am in the process of ripping up some tongue and groove sub flooring (seems thicker than 3/4 inch flake (chip?) board...anyhow I cut into some flex duct work while running the length next to the wall ....any pointers to repair? I cut into it length I just try to get some aluminum circular duct work and just cut off the flex stuff and put the good ends on each side? That's what I was thinking of doing anyway...

Love your videos and teaching style.
Rob Rosko
Good video - what if your sub-floor is easily 40+ year old particle board with vinyl sheet over it ? Worth it to remove and replace with plywood?
Northern Outdoorsman Dave
Looking at doing a flooring job at my northern cottage. Unheated in winter so what should I be considering for a durable floor.
One thing I've noticed about the divots, bumps, etc in vinyl floors, they really, really show up in real estate photos!!
yacine samai
What caused the holes in the wooden floor and why they used small wooden pieces
Why do you need plywood on top of the subfloor?
Kevin Kepa
Nice video, i dont have anything special to say this time but it woulf be rude not to comment lo. Have a nice day
J Gillespie
I noticed that you're not using knee pads that's the first tool that you use when you're doing your job hello.
I am trying to find the video on how you laid the vinyl flooring...can you tell me where I can find it?
David Belcourt
How durable is the porter cable stapler, and is it oilless? Cant keep borrowing! Thanks, David