Lamborghini. Body repair. Part 1. Ремонт кузова. Часть 1.

Lamborghini Gallardo. Body requires complete rebuild. The frame repair of the car. Aluminum TIG welding. The parts replacing of the frame.
Полный ремонт кузова. Ремонт рамы машины. Сварка алюминия. Замена частей рамы.

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

#lamborghini #bdyrepair #ремонткузова
Body repair The frame repair Body repair and weld
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Super Duty 455
This guy could rebuild the Titanic.

"No problem, just needs straighten and little weld."
Андрей Куликов
Если это видео показать в Италии и тем более на заводе Ламборгини то то там полюбому макаронами (пастой) подавятся))) Артур как всегда на высоте!!!
Ленар Валиахметов
На восьмой минуте это что, монтажная пена в пороге?😅
Мирхаидар Агаев
Привет здорова римантируеш машыны в учиника не вазмёш я хачу научитса эту прлфесию.зарание спасибо!
Dmitry Fisher
Что сказать.... высший пилотаж!) Вот кого нужно брать Стреколовскому, чтобы сделать ламбу)
Arthur, can you fix my life?
Radek Stopyra
I'm in shock, how good you are in this, what you are doing.
Huge knowledge and experience. Laser, tools and your precision... Very impressive.
The guy from Lamborghini probably doesn't even know, how lucky he is to have you, to fix this.
I think the Goonzsquad should undertake a pilgrimage to see Arthur. This is a rebuild!
Sebastian Keller
Arthur from my Point of view your are the best of the best. Doing this project without having the blueprint and just with your own experience.
Big Show my friend.
Обычная тойота лучше сделана чем эта тачка. Не стоит своих денег. А АРТУР молодес! 😄
Александр Воротников
Это круто. Просто классссс. Лайк по-любому. Привет из Республики Беларусь.
Ronan O'Loughlin
Outstanding work Arthur, genius! I cannot understand why people are giving thumbs down..this man is a bodywork God..
вова эгри
Одним словом - КОРОЛЬ АРТУР!!!!! Одно восхищение и радость что есть еще такие талантливые ЛЮДИ как Артур
Это невозможно - сказал я
Щегол, иди покажу - сказал Артур.
Огромный привет из Германии, всегда лайк за гигантскую работу и эту успокоительную речь 😅
Incredivix LLC
Arthur is about to show how you can get things repaired with skill, not replaced. It is easy with money, but with skills it is completely different ball game. Hats off to you Master.
Ruben b
I appreciate the elaborate English subs. Thank you
Артур король кузовщины, Каховка тоже крут но ламбы он не делает
Transit Passenger
тяжёлая машина по ремонту! (я думал кузов пластиковый)
Владислав Журавлев
Мне кажется, такие тачки надо на разборку нести только. Один фиг жесткость кузова уже другая, а на скорости 350 это имеет значение...
Но работа конечно хорошая
Boozy Woozy
Артур, жаль что в комментариях нельзя стоя аплодировать !
Kees Zevenbergen
Next year at Sotheby's Auctions:
- Exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo for sale
- Virtually as new throughout, only 403 km from new
- Accompanied by its original books and tools
- ...
kml kml
What I like about Arthur is when he's not sure he calls for professional welder who gets the job done :) Good work Arthur :)
Ислам Джафаров
Саламалеку с Дагестана 👍💪🖐Артур Дядя только не задерживай ролики оч ждём
Tomas Holmström
Thanks Arthur
Wow. Lamborghini real. Sport car. Cool
And aluminium cool
Boaa boaa
I can't say any thing. All words will not reflect your skill..Thanks for best video.
Андрей Ефимов
Красава👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Артур, озвучь потом стоимость за проделанную работу.
Quality repair that job from a super talented highly skilled man,great watch and look forward to more videos.
That is super impressive! I wouldn't have the patience like this.. "Hey, it's ruined, buy a new one." That would be me.
Jan Tuechthuesen
What a project!! Tavarish, take notes 😊
Intrnt Tough Guy
The legends of Arthur continue...
shamseldin s.a.
you should not weld this frame together, its to cold very dangerous aluminium is very easy to break it again , You should bolt together with plate to this frame, + heat up material before welding 200 - 240 amps so you will get deep penetration
Excellent job Mr.Arthur, i am sure the guys at Sant' Agata will turn red when they see this repair.👏👏
Rauf Yusupov
Дорогой дядя Артур. Вы просто Красссаучеггггг!!! Spectacular !!!
Максим Поздняков
То чувство когда ремонт стоит , больше нового Соляриса )
Dark Sorrow
Greetings from Austria🇦🇹
Another awesome work that you do.
Charlie R
Arthur, your talent is never ending. I really enjoy watching your videos.
Hoki hartanto
OMG this lambo is for sure! And Arthur make a very great job here 👍
Arthur greetings from Poland🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Paweł Gaweł
Arthur! You are not good !!! You are the best !!!!
А уровень то все растет !
Молорик ,лайк не глядя даже
Joe Black
AT - "I invited specialist to weld aluminium."
Sees guy ties up in corner wearing hood and Lamborghini embroidered shirt.
AT - "No! I said invite specialist!"
toolman col
Brilliant start to the repairs Arthur a pleasure to watch👍
Артур, по такому случаю нужно было надеть чистые новые штаны. Шутка))
Hello from France. Really good and beauty job Arthur 😉
Muito bom Arthur.. você é melhor 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Filipe Gomes
Those welds are looking amazing, nice work Arthur.
R [email protected]
Love your videos buddy I know you will prevail perfectly
Matjaž S
King Arthur did it again. This is pure skill and years of experience. Always waiting for Sunday for new video. Keep up good work.
Серый Петров
Артур жму тебе крепко руку!!!
Johnny Dong
Sold as new at your local Russian Lambo dealer
*Excellent video! Quiet music starting at **8:30** is the best type of music to go with these vids*
Great job for a allium frame, aluminium alloy is very brittle and the yield threshold is very low to be extended.
Thank you, gentleman, you are so kind.
Akbar Musa
Урааа, Я долго ждал эту серию! Как всегда безупречная работа Артур, спасибо за видео , жду следующей серии. Однозначно 👍!
Mohammed Alshehri
He is crazy and professional. I never seen man like him.
2 Channel in u tube I preferred for cars repair
This one and goonzquad Channel
DDE's Dave Gallardo total loss!

Arthur Tussik: Poderzhi moyu vodku (Hold my vodka!)
As Much as I like Tavarish, B is for Build and Goonsquad. I must admit they are just swapping parts and bolting things on now this guy here is the very definition of a rebuilder!
Mario Mocofan
At you the impossible is turn over in possible! I'll wait for next episode!🏅
Joh Ny
greetings from Poland
Your a legend Arthur 👌 well done, I love how your scared of no car and just view it all as a process.
Sergio Gonzales
Сука, сказать высший пилотаж ничего не сказать, это просто слюни, (Артура в президенты)
Filipe Silva
this guy are unique. the aluminium is so hard to handling. great job.
Durga Chalam
Super work... it’s been long time that u have done something v different n hard...
Love ur work..
Can’t wait for the rest of video...
Ur a perfectionist...
Daniel H.
Nice Video, but without music it would be better.
I want to hear the tools working ;)
iff one can repair it, Its Arthur!! respect for this!
mike berry
As always Arthur , great skill and determination, you stand firm to the challenge where others would run , excellent skills 🤗🤗🤗
Manoel Vicente Malucelli
I'm Brazilian, I like your videos, congratulations. hug.
Андрей Балхашский
Очень нравятся ваши видео. Все грамотно и доходчиво объясняете. Лайк из Казахстана 🇰🇿
jakub sz
Super.You are number one 😉.Perfect work.
Buddha 1964
Respect Arthur you the only ho can do this Work 👍🤗
Georgios Papageorgiou
Great work there buddy, professional work.
ayoub mounsif
man a real artist this man is just perfection this is what true skills can do
Steve Janka
Good afternoon Arthur, you have really got to the big show. This is impressive aluminum repair. Frame structure looks factory specifications. You really got job well in hand. This will make a lot of great Sunday afternoon video. You take care and thanks for another great video.
Эххх, попасть бы к Вам как ученик....
Erik Anderson
Fixing the Dave's (DDE) wrecked Gallardo would be the equivalent of an oil change for Arthur.
Mr Tusk is Scared of nothing 🙏🏼

Except possibly driving one of these masterpieces after 😂
Your work is incredible. Stay healthy Artur, please always use mask.
Роман Бодня
Сначала палец в верх, потом просмотр :-)
Jobson Linhares
Your videos are of many teachings thank you so much. So you are using TIG to weld aluminum? TIG Gas is the same as we use welding carbon steel?
Sean Roberts
A great challenge Arthur would have helped with a bigger torch ha ha keep it up 😀
Умирать так в дорогом авто. На скорости 200 в гроб положат эмблему с багажника только сохранившуюся😁
Master of fixing all the cars in the world.
Rebuild With Nick
Amazing work Arthur!
Sean Pasterfield
OMFG!!! Skills you don't see very often. Proper vehicle building not just repair.
This is the most impressive fix i had ever seen. Great job!
Greg Winfield
you are amazing. super keen to see how this comes out, that thing is trashed completely.
Brazilian greetings.

your videos are sensational.
Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus
There's only two things Arthur can't fix, a broken heart and the crack of dawn.
Forever Computing
It's definitely Aluminium, the US just didn't get the memo when the official name was updated.
Richy Stammheim
Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪, King Arthur you are the best! I love your video's!
Martin Stevenson
Amazing stuff Arthur you never cease to amaze me fantastic stuff Arthur
Константин Манойлин
Лайк из Владивостока. Ждем вторую часть
Without the measuring specs, I would have measured from another car not this one for reference. Good luck Arthur.
Branko Nilovic
Arthur,you are simply the best 💪
Александр Красюк
офигеть, мастер-золотые руки. респект и уважуха.
tarik polo
Tres bon job comme d'accoutumé! Tout est possible. Dommage le calibrage de la vidéo. Mais hate de voir les trois autres vidéos.
Merci Arthur ; ) \ud83d\udc4d
يوسف علاونه ملك المساج والتفعيص
Mr arthur i think after this video you will have lot of work job request for sport cars 👍👍👍
Knightrider 490
Arthur best Mechanic Master of the World 😎
I'm a simple man. I see a video by Arthur, I like and then I watch.