How To Install Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring + Special Installation Tips

It's 100% Waterproof, like our Supreme Click Elite, but unlike that, there is no locking mechanism. Usually you don't even need glue. It literally just lays in place, and then stays in place!

How the seams meet tightly:

Water beading on the surface:

Four Waterproof Flooring Terms that You Need to Know

More info:

Waterproof vs. Water Resistance:

How Waterproof is Waterproof Flooring?

0:05 - Pre-installation preparations
1:09 - Install right up against the wall (no gap)
1:26 - The "Loose Lay"
1:50 - Last piece in a row (pay attention to the Factory Edge)
2:50 - Staggering end joints
4:25 - The locked in floor
4:45 - Adjusting an already placed plank
5:46 - Difference from other floating floors

6:02 - When you need adhesive
6:25 - Applying the adhesive
7:20 - Laying the planks
7:57 - Planks are anchored
9:15 - Adhesive for remaining walls after first row is down
9:47 - Adhesive bands through the room (not required in Loose Lay, but will not hurt)
10:45 - Should one work in segments?
11:28 - Very basic wrap up

For Norman, Angle to Angle Vinyl Installations - General Tips

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Video thrown together by W. David Lichty at
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What about when you come to a door and there is no wall to anchor that section to?
Thanks for the video. I would rather add trim around the room than to float the floor.
The technique for random staggers is very helpful. Thanks!
Jeff Hinds
Good video, I have done many rooms with this product and will never go to click floor again
Anu Atha
wow,thanks a lot
Floors To Your Home (.com)
Sure can! The floor still needs to be level underneath the planks, but vinyl sheeting rarely causes extra fluctuations in a subfloor's levelness.
sheralda moore
I have vinyl sheeting on my floor, can I lay these planks over the vinyl sheeting?
Floors To Your Home (.com)
Kids, this floor is specifically designed for the loose lay method. The material does not expand or contract with the standard conditions that affect most other floors, including many vinyls. That's very important. The planks are also cut to meet very snug on the surface, where the tops meet. You would not want to use this method with just any vinyl planks. Our loose lay is designed to be able to go over some existing floors, so check the specific instructions, but over cork should work.
Floors To Your Home (.com)
It is loose lay, but not the Karndean brand.
Floors To Your Home (.com)
This is a specifically designed product, not a new method to use on any vinyl. With these, each plank is cut such that the tops meet snug, the backing has a gripping surface, and the material does not shrink or swell with environmental changes. You only want to install vinyl this way if it is a real Loose Lay product. Going over cork, as long as it's very level, no more that 3/8" variance over any 10 foot span, Loose Lay or Click Together should work great for you.
Can you do this with plain vinyl flooring or is this a particular product that doesn't need glue or adhesive strips?
I want to lay vinyl planks over cork, so I can but it against the existing skirting board
Can you do this with plain vinyl flooring or is this a particular product that doesn't need glue or adhesive strips?
I want to lay vinyl planks over cork, so I can but it against the existing skirting board
Floors To Your Home (.com)
Hey folks, YouTube is broken today, and instead of posting Terry's reply, they replosted his first comment. Here's what I have of what he really wrote: "Your right, it would be less than half a plank, just by the nature of the process. I'm glad you got it. It's kind of hard to explain and easier to show. But you got it. And although it won't work so well for the planks. You could still... " and YouTube has obliterated the rest! Sorry all, sorry Terry, and thanks for your great tip!
Floors To Your Home (.com)
If I've followed correctly in my head, I like your idea, ending up with even partial planks on both sides of the room. I was going to add that you usually don't want to end up with less than half the width of any plank going down, so if your measurements showed you that only 1/3 of a plank would be on the borders, you might go ahead and start flush, ending with a 2/3 width of plank final row. But really, you can just glue those down anyway, so if they're small, use an adhesive! Thanks, Terry!
Put that on the center of the wall. Mark both ends that distance. Do that on both parallel walls, connect the outside marks. You have two lines on the outside edges that are parallel. Same width both ends. Leaving half of partial tile or plank you would have had now at both edges. it's two cuts instead of one, but the planks or tile or whatever will be running with the room and not running off at the angle to just one of the wall. And it will be centered and not half a tile or plank at one edge.
I have watched numerous videos on this product and this by far was the most beneficial! I was concerned about the starting place in reference from the wall due the fact that there is excessive space between the floor and my baseboards. I knew it would not be sqaure by placing the pieces under the baseboards and I was unsure what to do it that situation. I certainly did not realize that an adhesive was necessary in my situation. Thank you for the excellent instruction! Back to Home Depot...again
perfect instructions!! thanks!!
is there any glue that needs to be applied underneath the boards before lying on the floor???
Thanks for the video
Just did 1400sq ft, thanks for the tips. Really helps nail this stuff out in no time at all.
A great video. Thank You . You cover all of the points
Alexis Hlady
whats the easiest way to install around a floor vent?
Wow! I love the way you move the final plank to the next row and mark/cut it there for a more accurate cut and then flip it to match factory edges. Very smart and that tip alone is priceless. Thank you for sharing!
awesome thanks for sharing
Floors Direct Carpet One Floor & Home
We have this amazingly easy and durable floor.... Plus tons of great patterns to choose from!
Mark Franzen
Great video guys, much appreciated.
Cathy Baby
I wish i saw this yesterday
Looks so easy
But wat about bathrooms
Felipe Alvarez
Awesome video. I learned a lot
Floors To Your Home (.com)
For a floor that can go in any room (including the basement) that is also easy to install, say "Hello" to loose lay vinyl.

Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Tips and How-To
Dan Genzale
can these be placed on top of existing, old vinyl?
I read all the comments and didn't see any questions on how slippery this vinyl plank flooring is when wet. Would you please comment on this matter? Thank you so much. Great video!!!
Stephanie Smith
can this be installed on top of a hardwood floor? do not want to rip it up
No underlayment?
I like that plank you are using in the video. What is the brand name and style number? Very helpful video, thank you.
drew kreiling
do you have to glue the entire floor down?
Betty Jones
I love your video, I was so nerve in the begin, but because you all were such great teachers, it when well!!!
Judi Christopher
You say it needs to Acclimate...
for how long? Hours? Days?
Moonpie Spotlight
Not really loose lay if you're gluing it. Also, you cannot just pull those up now.
Scott Black
Can you fit this on top of laminate flooring.
Peter McGill
Seeing the product being laid was much more informitive than hearing that salesman talk about it
Douglas Northpole
Why don't you take the baseboards off first, then put in the floor against the wall, and then put the baseboards back on at the end?
Kevin Landry
What stops this tile installation from curling up or cupping downward at joints
Judy Irving
This is a great video, love this floor. Is it suitable for an RV that is not climate controlled? Where can I buy this product?
you install this after the baseboards? Normally wouldn't you install the flooring then put the baseboards on? Thank you
Sarah Woolsey
What kind of glue is that? We are using a karndeen loose lay that has more of a square shape do we still need to stagger?
Scott Sizemore
Great Video
Courage The .Cowardly Dog
What would you do if the floor is un level & would you put this over a old title/linoleum level floor?
y irfan
Hi, I am doing a project covering my basement. Can I install that on my concrete floor basement. Do I need any underpayment of some kind?
I've seen posts complaining of bubbling when exposed to hear/sunlight with other brands of vinyl plank flooring. Does this product defect in such ways? Will this product have problems when exposed to extreme temperatures like a mountain cabin where the heat is off and the temp drops below zero?
George Zeh
Is Karndean Knight tile Cumbrian ok for a bathroom floor? Would a good DIYer be able to install it?
Straight From The Farm
man!!! thank you sooo much for this video! helped so much. never laid down any type of flooring, for a beginner, this was so explanatory. the camera guys asked all the right freaking questions!. the guy laying down the floor used simple nontechnical terms so people like me could grasp what was going on. thx you
Tina Sullivan
Can this be used outside on a screened porch?
What adhesive is being used in the Video for Karndean Luxury Vinyl if Tiles? The floor would 25 yr old concrete basement floor that had carpeting in one area and thin vinyl in another area. Thank you.
How to take care of high and low spots? In my washroom subfloor, I used liquidy thinset to level the floor for tiling. Should I do the same and use an underlayment?
Floors To Your Home (.com)
For those reading Mr. Mullins' advice, YouTube flips the comments, so read the one below this first. +terrydavidmullins
So um... if you walk in the room with gum or thick mud on your shoes will the planks will come up?
Francisa Lares
question can i use underlaying for. vynil floor if my surface is not completely even
Julie Rebagliati
why not take off baseboard so it looks nice?
Robin Miles
Hi There, good video. Im looking to do my laundry room and there is a slope downwards to the floor drain in one section. Any suggestions?
Judi Christopher
What is that adhesive that you're using?
What brand vinyl planks are these. I have been impressed with Kardean.
hi awesome but could you please tell me what you call the tool you use to get a straight line before you cut the board
William Chang
3 questions:
1) What is the max gap for the baseboard mouldings( height. thickness of floor)? I plan on doing a basement and wood floor where existing baseboard is mounted and I'm sure there's a gap beneath the baseboard. If the gap is bigger than the plank is tall, I'm not sure what if anything the plank will bear against. The drywall and studs are probably ragged. I like the idea of not having to use quarter round. What do you suggest?

2) Is there a recommended limit for how long or wide the floors can be without the need for a joint of any kind between rooms or when there's a directional break (room to hall)?

3) Any recommendations on thresholds or the like where bathrooms might intersect with a hall way or floor?

Heatheranne Shuman
when using the product in a bathroom do you have to lay something down on the sub-floor first before laying this down or can you lay it straight down?
John Arbon
The end cuts you're making in the video are all at 90 degrees. The wall will never usually be at that angle. Therefore youre achieving an uneven cut every time. You should try to make the cut that follows the angle of the wall.
Hello I'm from Malaysia. Can it be install over a ceramic tiles flooring or I've to lay plywood first before installation. Here we have tropic climate, will that be a problem.
Olga Delgado
I love it! Amazing Divine
Thanks for the video. I understand why you demonstrated gluing the flooring down, as you have no choice in some cases. Seems to me it would have been a lot easier to install base molding, then do the loose lay, however.
Can you please tell me your suggesting for glue if I'm using this on concrete?
Peter AH. Cizmar
Where can I buy this product in Canada British Columbia ?
Private Lender
Rather than glue could I just put molding down and have that be my vertical surface for the floor to butt up against? I really don't want to use glue but as I live in a mobile home I KNOW I WILL HAVE A GAPS when I tackle this job.
Jacky1 Tse
What is the glue that u used in the video? I cannot find that in home depot, i dont know which is the proper glue for this application
Norman Hudecz
Did you use spacers? Are these click tile?
I just purchased STAINMASTER LUXURY VINYL PLANKS, so my question is can I butt the planks up against my wall baseboard trim molding? This would make it so much more easier to install.
Mz Tweety
if using adhesive, can the floor be removed and used again? how would the adhesive be removed from the flooring strips?
Can this be placed on top of existing tile? Do you need to cover the existing tile with anything before laying the planks down?
Q1: What happens when there is a glass of water dumped and it runs onto the floor, does the small crack between planks suck the water in?

Q2: Can this product be used in a bathroom?

Q3: When you use the glue, and have to remove a plank, do you have to re glue or just drop it in and add pressure to get it to grab?
Kathy Beck
Can this be applied to stairs?  What happens when you come to a doorway?
Hey at 4:03 minutes you just broke your own rule . You have a piece against the wall that was only a few inches long?
Sheila More
Wow absolutely love it I hope I get some of those for my home looks like we can install it hope so
My kitchen floor is now leveled. Any advice you can give me. I plan to uise these planks
We have laid 3 bedrooms with this type of flooring except ours has a tongue and they lock together. Now we are stuck on how to do a 90 degree hallway between the bedrooms, in other words we have a hall leading to bedrooms which turns to lead to the living areas. Any suggestions?
I never understood the idea behind baseboard being attached to the wall and then installing the flooring. I think it's an American thing - most likely from days-gone-by and hardwood flooring that was refinished often. Here in Canada - at least the houses i've worked on since the 90's - the baseboard is always removed prior to floor install. We don't use a quarter-round in addition to the base. Interesting product.
Maria Bowland
What kind of adhesive is used when the baseboard is not present?
Nancy Cote'
So this seems like a great product and easy to install.  We're thinking of putting it on our basement floor.  The house is only 9 years old and the concrete floor is level.  I'm wondering though......does this provide any kind of warmth for our feet?  Can it go over radiant heat if we were to install some of those pads?  Thanks!
Paul Mikul
Thank you for this video, I found it just in time before I do my floor. Correct me if I am wrong though, isn't it important to have the old floor surface very clean before laying the new? At 4:03 in the video, you are installing a short piece at end close to wall. There are several pieces of debris with no attempt made to dust or clean those out. Just wondering???

Also I am adding that I highly recommend that after you apply your adhesive down with the trowel, DO NOT scrape and clean the edge of the trowel back into the adhesive bucket, use another leftover cardboard box or something of equal. This is because if when you are spreading the adhesive across the floor and you scrape up some residuals that break off the old floor or if you missed cleaning some particles as mentioned above, you will then pick them up with the trowel and put them back into the clean bucket of adhesive which you may wind up spreading out again and causing a small bump in the tile.

Aloha, Paul
Judi Christopher
"Thumbs UP"
I wished you sold damaged pieces.... damaged boxes.
I have a RV that I'm redoing and have "Little" spaces"... 
I like this application.. This would be easy to install and 
it looks like it's easy on the feet...
Is this "Soft" to step on? 
I worked at a GYM (I'm a Reflexologist Massage Therapist)
and the office I rented had squares they laid down.... 
soft but durable... I loved working in that office..
My back never hurt...
Rachel Brice
Does this product lift in the corners over time because it is not locked into another piece? Does this product shift and create gaping over time? Would water get into the seams of the material?
If you don’t use adhesive on all the planks, then isn’t is it a floating floor.
Jeremiah Armstrong
I can't say for sure because I 've never worked with this product but I find it hard to believe they won't separate. VCT that is glued down will often eventually separate.I wouldn't want to put it down because if it did separate the mill rep would come out and say"You didn't get it exactly net to the wall over here in this three inch area ,installer error".Come on installers help me out.How many walls are straight enough to net both ends and it's gonna butt the wall all the way down.!!!!?
Silver Man
I haven't seen any comments on your video or below about furniture marring, like kitchen chair impressions and couch impressions after re-arranging furniture. Being that it is thicker than most vinyl flooring, it seems to me that it would dent from someone sitting on a bar stool with smaller feet or a couch with several people sitting on it.. Does it reclaim it's memory, or will it permanently dent like cork flooring? I guess it's easy to replace but do I have to do this every time I re-arrange my furniture?
Talmadge Birdsong
How does this work under the pressure of a power chair running over it all of the time?  The seam in our kitchen is separating from the power chair wheels.  It is a fiberglass sheet product like vinyl.  Do you have any experience with a customer in a power chair using this type floor?
Olga Delgado
I love it! Amazing Divine
sausage man
I'm a installer from the UK and when we fit vinyl tiles we glue the whole floor so all the planks are stuck down. this is the first time I've seen this and I really like the method would save so much mess and time!! Is this the way it should be done do the tiles ever lift?
Hi, my bathroom is having a leakage, somewhere on the floor the water is seeping (definitely not the pipes or outlet) and it is making my neighbours uncomfortable. So I was just wondering, instead of causing more troubles, breaking the tiles, and re cementing and putting new tiles etc. the cost may push up to thousands! so was just wondering, is it okay if i just spread "water proofing" on the tiles, then only I put these vinyl planks? Can I stop water from seeping down? or  atleast put that probability to 70% solving the problem? thanks! Any further tips?
Benny Pedersen
Only one thing is wrong. no speed square, you use a plank to fit to the wall. When you are come to the last 2 plank. lay the last plank on top and agains the wall and cut the second last plank. the second last plan then fit as the last plank.
this is absolutely not how you do vinyl plank...this is the laziest method I've ever seen... probably a home depot installer
That's a good way to cut it if you're not interested in having a perfect cut that's parallel to the wall. Not the way a pro cuts it. We wouldn't get paid. Good amateur advice though
Cristy Cochran
What shall I do with the existing rough tiles in my home to install these floating floor? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks