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repair house repair
3 154 комментариев
3:50 using masking tape as masking tape. Brilliant!
Lol, some of these are pretty good, and the others are dumb, and 10% are commonly done lol
This 37 dumb ways to use a cordless drill
Dian Pink
Great ideas. I make lamps from natures treasures, glass and string lights small to micro dot. ..my craft/shop area is not that organized. It looks like a archeology plan
how is using masking tape a hack? that's what masking tape is for.. also the person painted the floor..
Hey, Jeff, what can we do with these scissors and drill?

I know! Lets shove the scissors into the drill!

Jennifer Kleczka
I have to say this was one of the best 5 minute crafts I've seen
0:00 - 3:10

ARBerlin Kanal
Super, BIG 👍👍👍
ARBerlin Kanal
Mizera Mykle
Removing the knob guarantees no paint which foil wrap can't do as it will not create a firm seal.
Dave Pawson
Honestly? Brilliant(ly simple).
Thank you.
The only idea I suggest you not do is storing the paint brush up side down. Paint will run into the ferrule of the brush and ruin the brush.
Boz Phil
Wow nice tricks. Thanks for the tips. Good luck.
Placidus Schroter
Excellent. It solves my emergency repairs. Thanks and keep up the good work, YouTube.
Is no one going to mention that every time they show paint it is horribly watered down?
Dave G
Brilliant "trick" there - use masking tape to mask something you're painting.
I am so glad this video auto-played, for I'd surely never have thought about that clever use for it myself!
Mian Anwar
Awesome. Brilliant ideas
Oh wow, using painters tape as it's intended to be used! Who would've thought of that! Thank god for this video...
(Though some ideas on here are actually pretty neat)
Ride on Scrubber Dryer | Sweeper Cleaner | Cleaning Machine
Factory to Customer | Any product price is $99 for every dealer. Since 1994
The fork thing to hang a picture is brilliant!
ElTee Three
37 TOTALLY BRILLIANT HOME REPAIR TRICKS! (that require a cordless drill)
Самоделки ForestLamp
Instructions unclear. Got drill stuck in toaster
Ronald A. Moss
Graat experience to the simple answers is being organized! Thanks for sharing ! Ron
Dean Bowlus
Loved the music with the video. Great bass line
Dawson Boyle
3:54 painters tape is a hack now ok
Bal Cora
Whoa! Thanks for this video. It's really helpful.
Crypto Chanel
Strong team and great ptoject! Believe it will success! Good luck!
You know what works for the first one? A vacuum cleaner. 🙄
Possibly the BEST video I've ever seen!!!!! Most competent DIY / handymen would only have a fraction of these fantastic ideas, thank you!!!
I'll pass on using sandpaper to sharpen my knives, thanks.
Sabina Rector-Rincon
I feel dumb for not thinking of some of these hacks myself. Brilliant ideas, love the video
j baumun
Love this stuff - who needs McGiver ?
Jon Sherry
Or... 37 ways to abuse a perfectly good drill.
Kathleen Chiu
These are extremely helpful tips. Thank you for posting them.
Micheal Drake
Some of these are really cool and useful. Some of these are for the specific kind of person that owns a power drill and has spare computer fans laying around, but doesn't own a vacuum cleaner.
Title said 37 repair tricks...I counted Zero
Michael Reed
10:38 Brilliant tip. Now I can use my power tools in the rain.

Srsly ?!
This should be called how to end up in the emergency room hacks.
loved the toothbrush one and the glove covering the paintbrush trick :-)
Some a bit iffy - but some also great ideas! - I'm always prepared to listen to others ( unlike like some clever clogs on here) - - - - - so its a big THANK YOU from me!
Ziv Atad
13:27 not a chance I will put nails or screws on my chest or my wrist what if you accidentely bump into somehing and then the
nails/screws injure you?
Łukasz Pawłowski
9:37 useful. :)
Should be taught at math classes ;)
0:00 In the time of assembling it, one could have already gotten a real vacuum cleaner.
0:22 What's a compass for?
2:02 Sharpening your knife in that direction will ruin it.
3:11 There is still gonna be a little part that is unpainted. One could just paint it the normal way.
3:33 This part is only used for painting, so why would one not want paint on it?
4:18 Same with the paint can.

Don't get me wrong, I liked some of the tips, but a few are pretty pointless.
John Lee
6:43 -- using the piece for its intended purpose, genius.
Orlando Lopez
the fork for hanging the picture is actually pretty amazing
An excellent video giving great tips. Thank you!
dave s
the drill also powered the car! who wouldve known that it could spin so many different !things
diamond Tran
Truly brilliant! Thanks for sharing.
Paul Erickson
5-Minute Crafts. 15-Minute Video.
First part was like, "Sergei, I haff too many drill bits and not enough tools. How do I fix?"
Should be titled "how to mess up your cordless drill" :P
Most of the drill ones seem unsafe, and I'm not the safest person to begin with when it comes to my tools.

Edited for clarity
R. J. W.
5-Minute Crafts the best thank you
Some of these are interesting, some are silly.
LesBec Kilby
gluing sand paper to my expensive drill i am not too sure?
John Anthony Barkow
Amazing tricks I will use,thank you
Step 1: Watch. Step 2: Say, "Wow, gotta remember that." Step 3: *forget*
Yeah, genius, it's called "masking tape" for a reason.
Billock Thirteen
All the drill hacks are $10 solutions to $1 problems
David Larsen
Fantastic ideas. Only knew a couple of these old carpenter tricks. Great job!
Clyde Cash
10:57 Now you are ready for some spelunking
12:53 Just don't forget your comb
Theres a lot of nasty comments on here about what they show! Oh how essy is that! 🤔 it kind of makes me mad. Some people really don't know all these ideas. If you don't do a lot of things around the house yourself they will come in handy then some people. A few I did think was a little strange (stapler and putting newspaper down) but I do have to give it to them. There was a few good ideas. Some I'm sure I'll use. There simple and some people have never done anything to repair or paint or anything. These are good for them. Can't cut someone down for Sharing good tips! Great video Dude! Thanks to You for making SO SIMPLE EASY! Give credit where credit is due! If we would all stop being so nasty and mean to our fellow people We might just have a little better world! God Bless You All! Have A Beautiful Day! 😎😁
William Leckie
these have already been done btw i am a British man ' cough wheatly portal 2 cough
Ron Haag
Lots of clever ideas but will you remember all of 'em?
Stimulates my conceptual imagination - thanks
Big S
3:50 using masking tape as masking tape. Brilliant!
Kayla Plushy & Miyone
A lot of drills where harmed during the making of this video
Nice ones, like that you had several different ways for same fix.
steve morrill
Most of these are merely very inefficient, expensive (you need a lot of odd parts), and time-consuming ways to do things for which we already have tools.
And I thought you were making your own electric toothbrush . . .
Quick tip. The lid of a standard 40z jar of jif peanut butter holds exactly 16.25 dollar in quarters. So if you ever need to count your quarters just pull out your jif lid and use that!
Nurse Dan
You have a new subscriber your tips it seems you can actually use thank you!
Dr P L Jones
but ive forgotten them all now....
David Christie
Love the soundtrack. Can you please reveal the credits for that?
RPG Craftsman
As someone whose dad has owned a hardware store his entire life...some of these _are_ really clever. Others are "Duh."

I have to admit, though, I didn't know about the open notch in the back of the knife at 6:34 to 6:46.
Thomas K.
1:16 the cheap yellow drill driver wasn't strong enough for the car lifter .... take the makita
Excuse me... did you just have using masking tape for painting? BRILLIANT!!! (facepalm)
Blackie Nuff
The last one with the rod hanging paintbrushes and scrapers is a fail : it's cumbersome and a time-waster. To get at the items in the middle you have to remove the rod from its place, and then slide off all the other items from one side of the desired tool (and then do it all again to replace the desired tool after use, if you wish to keep the items in a particular order/sequence).
Perhaps attaching hooks through the hole on the handle of each item would allow hanging on the same rod without having to dismantle the configuration and/or remove half the hanging items.
Some good ideas - but your drilling at 2:18 is a bit off!
Joseph Adams
Never before have I seen so many creative ways to ruin a drill. Bravo.
Pinkified Cupkakes!
When you are sitting in bed with a sun fever, watching repair hacks you will never use because you are not a productive person.
ᴋᴇᴘᴛᴇᴄ ɪɴᴅ.
"Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to what you said."
7:41 This just in: matches were recently discovered to be less flammable than toothpicks, so putting them in your wall is smart.
...unless you followed our last video and coat your screws with sandpaper.
Dd Kelly
Wow! I am blown away at the thought put into all of these ideas. So smart! Thanks for sharing, D
johann rüstmann
Lol, my wife and I were mesmerized watching this video once it got going. sound off and loved it.
Use tape to paint a baseboard? Brilliant. Now, how do I clean all of the paint off of the floor? lol
Ken Kappler
Where is the "brilliant" part?? 3rd grade level stuff.
Obrian Thinline
I can’t see how a cordless drill have enough power/torque to lift a car via scissor lift.
Dan Brown
Great information. I have used a few of them, but there are several I will try. Thanks.
1st hack... nope.... just use a sweeper or hand vacuum.
2nd hack...maybe... it might be useful.

Alright... yup they all suck
•Truncks- kun btsツ•
Muito bom excelentes ideas
Ever Clara
The paper hat is all I watched this video for. The ultimate hack accessory ladies and gentlemen
Non-Tox NY
Loved the video, especially after muting it. Some of it is practical and some isn't but it's all entertaining and creative problem solving is cool.
Heather Savard
Thanks for some simple “why didn’t I think of that” demonstrations!!
Thank you for ruining my scissors....
midori mai
Yinon Douchan
They should rename it to "Drilliant home repair tricks"
1:24 This is great for the Zombie apocalypse for a quick wheel repair lol
Valerie Okemow
The paint brush and paint whats the point of using a tray just use foil geez
Mari Ann Shake
At 3:50 on the video -- Now that's a trim job!!