How to Patch Strip Flooring - This Old House

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to repair a hardwood-strip floor. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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How to Strip a Hardwood Floor:

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors:

How to Lay a Floating Floor:

Shopping List for How to Patch Strip Flooring:
- Carpenter's glue
- Spray can of high-gloss urethane
- Blue painter's tape, used to protect baseboard from spray urethane
- Wet/dry vacuum, for cleaning floor

Tools for How to Patch Strip Flooring:
- Utility knife
- Hammer
- Chisel
- Drill/driver, with 5/8-inch spade bit
- Block plane, used to plane width of new floorboard
- Random-orbit sander, with 320-grit sanding disc

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75 комментариев
Every home should come with a Tom Silva!
justin mesa
I giggled a little and said ouch as she placed the orbital sander paper side down on the floor behind her 😓
Charles Burditt
I could watch Tom Silva draw freehand straight lines for hours
Kanari Mentos
this guy is the best
Steve Hillier
Gloria Lyons
An oscillating multi tool would have been more efficient
Walter Puell Jr
love watching this guy learning a lot from him just hope he does a video where he replaces a bigger patch..
pei broker
thank you...
Beeps Creeps
Tom, Oscillating OS 400 EQ-Plus VECTURO is your BEST FRIEND when patching.
Thanks for the instruction. I think I can do it!
Jason C.
Quality fix.
Ouch! It looks like she accidentally drilled in the sub-floor in a number of location.
EVERYTHING TOH is good - Tom Rocks !
LiPe VoLcOm
Remember seen one episode with Norm Abram doing the same things but with something like 10 boards, and I believe it was a kitchen
James Mara
Went to do a repair Fri. on a laminate h/w floor. The original installation was, floor prep, then glue, then a layer of cork, more glue, then the wood. The floor was buckling in 4 places. After removing the first and second pcs. the shit started moving in on itself. It slid a half an inch in 2 minutes. Whole floor has to come up. I've fixed my own floor once, buckled in the middle, managed to get the first pc. out, had to cut it 3/16ths all the way down and replace, but since tarpaper was the underlayment there was no problems.
bob nob
I like how long he kept the mask on.
Laura Rachel
I love the way he removed it. All the other examples I've watched so far use power tools that I don't own and don't want to buy/rent. Thanks for the simplification :)
Charles Damery
Everyone's worst nightmare, repair hardwood floors. And Tommy does it the right  Although she did go a little deep with the spade bit.
Marga Bergman
how t patch large gaps in groove and tongue old oak floors
I can't see how using a saw would be any better advantage ." Old school " would be the best & only way . That spade bit and chisel is correct in my opinion.
Ruben Ramirez
Does anybody know the type of spray he used?
I would have used a salvaged wood floor board
Juanice Grunden
Wow I love this.. Bought a house and in every room were connections for cable/satellite through the floor so it shouldn't be too hard to do this since holes are there already. On my list of things to do. Wish me luck. Love This Old House.
"OK..... OK..... OK....."
Matt Hewitt
Tom is the bravest chiseler Ive ever seen. Reminds me of holding firewood for my half-blind Dad back in the day.
Tye Bear
Best to sand/stain/and topcoat the board before final install after checking for level via trial fit with masking tape pulls (yeah they work).  This is flat wrong.
Bernard Guste
What is the exact product he used?
Tamir Oshri
What kind of spray did you use? Is it a clear spray?
Garitt Lajoie
Rocking that stiletto hammer and fess tools. We have that rotex sander at the shop it's 5000$ tool. Not practical to haul to jobsite
Kevin Ray
I absolutely have the highest adoration for tommy not only for his superb woodworking skills, which are of course immense, but for his ability to teach someone the basics on proper chisel technique and *not* come off as condescending or ‘man-splain’ as I believe the youth call it lol. He’s such a rare talent.
Trust me the safety glasses are s you don't smash your fingers.
D Raphael
I've seen Tom hit his chisel with the side of the hammer before. Why the heck does he do that? Also, it looks like they should have stained that patch board before applying the poly to match the rest of the floor.
He needs to put more carpenter glue on the sub floor or else with time it will start squeeking
wouldn't it make more sense to sand the new piece before you install it? that way you aren't sanding the other boards
Priscilla Oneil
Where can I buy just a few pieces of this wood to fix a small area. I can't seem to find anything but bundles which are way more than I need.
Zakk Gardner
Is that patch piece going to remain lighter in tone in comparison to the rest of the floor? Iow, are subsequent coats of the clear coat going to change its appearance to any degree? Thanks
am I crazy or is the rest of that floor stained golden oak?
I had to do this work recently in my own house. Set up a jig on one side and on the end of where you are replacing the board, and run a plunge router with a fat cutting bit straight up the middle of the board. It gets rid of enough wood in the middle of the board that you can immediately remove the other two pieces.
And even if you use the router to make a nice, straight line for the new board to butt up to, there's still a little chiseling for Tom to do in the corners where the round router bit can't reach...
No stain?
and it will stick out like a sore thumb because of the finish
William Todd
Would this process work the same to replace small sections of damaged laminate wood flooring as well?
Rodge Singh
Homedepot doesnt sell those strip floor wood. Where do you get those woods?
Mikkel Petersen
Andrew Holdaway
Terrible match as with all toh floor repairs
Actually I’d just shoot the board out with my Smith n Wesson 500 Mag probably need a 700 gr load for that red oak 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
D Jaquith
If I was red color blind I'm certain it would look great.
Kyle Fry
He knows how to patch tounge and groove oak flooring but doesn't know how to use a hammer properly.
Jonny T
Shit, finally know how to use a hammer, you use the side, thiugh I was doikd it wrong
She fucked up the subfloor