Zippo lighter restoration - Vietnam War repair

Old Zippo lighter restoration from the Vietnam War Long Binh post. This time I do a full restoration and repair of a very dirty and rusty Zippo lighter that was sent to me to restore.

I actually don’t know anything about this lighter because the person who send it was anonymous, but I assume that part of it is real.

The Zippo lighters outer case seems real enough and was way more damaged and elder looking than the inner part. There was a very vague Zippo brand name in the bottom lighter case with serial number PAT 2517181 (Maybe the 8 is a 0?)

The inner part of the Zippo was surprisingly shiny, after getting some wd-40 rust remover, considering it should be over 50 years old.

If you know anything about this Zippo, if it’s a fake Vietnam war lighter or the real deal then please leave a comment below. I really like to know. Thanks.

The inscription on the lighter was

I enjoyed doing this restoration video and it was my first time doing a lighter repair – and it was a good experience. I know I used some homemade incorrect parts assembling the lighter, you may have to forgive me for that 😉

I really liked the outcome of this restoration. This Zippo ended up way more beautiful and shiny than I expected. So, it’s definitely a keeper.

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Carl Kinder
Hopefully it wasn't handled like the watch in Pulp Fiction...
BigJordan 51
“We have done so much for so long with so little that now we can do anything with nothing forever”
Amazing quote

Tattoo worthy I think ?!
Неужели это все что можно было сделать с орлом, на нем все еще видно окисление, очень сильно выделяется на фоне блестящего корпуса.

Lit Shoes
See you guys in 5 years, when this is recommended again.✊
I don’t smoke but I still want this
This dude has like couple of thousands views on his videos and this one has casually 10M in 2 weeks 🤷‍♂️
Khoa Phan
For those who don't know about this Zippo. It appeared during the Vietnam War. On the Zippo shell, the inscription Viet Nam Long Binh is the place where when the US invaded southern Vietnam, it built a total warehouse of modern weapons in Bien Hoa now in Dong Nai province of Vietnam.
Captain Dankstar
This lighter most likely belonged to a Navy Sailor. That is the insignia for a 3rd class petty officer in the Navy or E4 rank. It is denoted by a silver crow with one chevron underneath.
Incredible handcraft restoring this back. You are an artist in my eyes. Fantastic job. Subscribed ☺️👍🇩🇰
"We have done so much for so long with so little that now we can do anything with nothing forever"
aim cfg
Поставьте лайк,типо я что-то крутое написал😂
boss 100
Nice I love it when people find rustic stuff and then repair it
Osiris VIII
"We have done so much for so long with so little that now we can do anything with nothing forever..."
It's actually called "Long Bình"
Oh yeah yeah jakelol Modak
I bet in like 4 years this will be recommended again
Yeliu Hiuco
We have done so much for so long with so little that now we do anything with nothing forever

That's write on the Zippo, it impressed me
I was so badly waiting for you to light up a cigar with it in the end but nope I guess
Теперь она выглядит как обычная зажигалка)
Sareno Games
If it could speak, it would probably s ay this: Thank You.
Shawn Zesewitz
The insignia means Petty officer third class for the navy
Nautilus 999
Welcome back to another episode of "Youtube Recommended this"
we have done
much for so long
with so little
that now we can
do anything with
nothing forever

write on zippo ....
Kareri FH
What makes me wonder is who owned it? This is some top tier resortation and it looks amazing.
Andy H

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Не знаешь что посмотреть, и залип, и не знаешь даже зачем это смотришь...

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Bharath Akash
You could have electroplated the eagle. It would have been perfect.
Cassius Fragomeni
Low key almost had a heart attack when you wore gloves while belt sanding T_T
Luke Sheehan
I watched every second of this, weirdly satisfying.
i dont know why but this is so satisfying to watch
Plot twist: he submerged the lighter in salt water, then buried it in his backyard for a few years
Joseph Lance
Phosphoric acid and water dilution will remove rust from steel parts, rust only, will not touch anything but rust, been restoring motorcycle parts for years with it , awesome job on lighter
Ana Banana
great job but I kind of like the rusted look. restoring it feels like erasing history.
Joshua Lewis
Why’d this remind me of that scene from toy story where the guy was patching up woody ?
1度も試しに火を付けたりしなかったから、最後の完成の所で火が付かなかったらどうしたんだろう とか思った
morten iversen
That green/blue patina is actually really beutifull on a zippo.
Trevor Holland
Liquid wrench works a lot better then wd40 for things like that making look new
Atsuko Tenshi TV
I wish you golden the eagle in colors.
King Sise
Зажигалка Джона Маккейна 😂😂😂
Johnny B. goode
Why do i think this guy could commit a murder and would leave no trace behind.
Daddynnoob Entertainment
So if I have a old things, I will give to you for restoration
You made me a believer 💯🙋🏾‍♀️
Александр Жихарев
Прежде чем писать всякую ерунду попробуйте сначала что нибудь побольше сделать а уж потом хрень пишите.молодца и уважение.
У этой винтажной Zippo, предположительно, времён Вьетнамской войны. инсерт изначально был образца 2000 х годов ? Или я что то путаю ?
Raisin Invasion
The funny thing is that no matter what zippo repairs any light of theirs for free so you could actually send that in
VLad Mordva
Johnny they're in the trees!
Jerryart 4U
Как переводится то, что написано на корпусе?
Guess you could say its "binh long" since that lighter looked new
Gregory Campbell
I'm surprised it looked as good as it did for being as rusty as it was.
I love how you left patina on the eagle so its like new and restored but theres something left from that time. Really good job
Cool but that’s one brand of lighter I’ll never use in my personal life I always feel like you got to fill it with fluid Smoke weed
hamody pie
Ever thought of cranking up the camera's iso? Or getting more light
Oleg Ya
Слушай, а почему орла не зачистил?
Shreyas n uday
*He restores stuffs to better than when it was manufactured*
Gorgeous. Admittedly, when I saw the "Before" footage, I thought it was a lost cause.
My father was temporarily stationed at Long Binh. His zippo wasn't as nice however. :)
Zac vaper
Zippo does free restoration for all their lighters. You can still send it in and they will fix the mess you made.
// [U.S.M.C] \\
Remind me the scene in toy story where the old man is fixing Woody
You were suposed to sell it it wouldeve got you more moneyy
DithuongVen :3
Việt Nam đâu rồi ? Cho tôi thấy cánh tay của các bạn ❤
Dave Evans
Dude's choice and use of tools is hilarious.
Leon könig

I really love the finish of the Zippo Lighter! Well done sir! Also, the music is really good, it fits in the video, may I know what music it is?
Tien Phan
i’m shocked, that is spectacular
henlor perfect
Cooles zippo👍
Hast du echt gut hinbekommen 💪💪💪😎
Stéph Andrieu
The real questions are : How much u can sell this now ? and How much do you bought it ?
Nghi Trần
This's so great <3. I'm from Vietnamese and I really like this.
Anthony Amato
Insert appears to be a recent one with the fluid retention bump running horizontally. That did not exist on actual Vietnam era Zippos.
Dylan Orellana
It’s the lighter off a third class petty officer in the navy
I wonder how many stories that zippo could tell if it had a mouth
Bobby King
The dislikes are the families who perish someone in Vietnam war!
Katherine Richardson
I see any more to the poor eagle emblem would've destroyed the detail
spencer connell
Im not sure if this is an original zippo or not but it cleaned up well. Nice job :)
Greg Schrack
Can confirm that lighter is definitely not from Vietnam war era.
Mertcan Akbulut
If you listen it carefully you can hear the trees speaking vietnamese
That is absolutely impressive. Bravo!
Julian 47
The Vietnam war was the dumbest thing ever done in American history
Blitzschlag Gott
Why you are kill this amazing Patina!!!!😡🤦‍♂️
*_cho mình thấy Cánh Tay của các bạn đi nào_* 🇻🇳🤟
Евгений Анатольевич
Vietnamese did not know that the Americans are so cool, so they kept them in the camps and that’s right
I'm sorry, but I think you wasted a perfect patina.
Can we do anything for the meaningless violence forever, pupa?
My favorite Turd
Chilling the hairs on the back of my neck are at full attention
I have a brass zippo and I could make it last forever

Nothing beats the classic zippo design
Sagar Dutta
"We have done so much with so little for so long that now we can do anything with nothing", the quote on the lighter 🙂
the words " Vietnam Long Binh 67-68" in Vietnamese is " Việt Nam, Long Bình,67-68". and "LongBinh is a Vietnamese military base in Saigon. The number 67 68 maybe is probably the year of its production
Such videos always come to my recommendations after a while of their release date, but never on the same day of the release 😑😑😑
Scott Hands
Imagine some pocketing this in the smoking area, absolutely gutted. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
nofal fajran
hey that my grandpa fingerprint
East American Trains
That could have lit someone’s last smoke back in the war
Dan iel
For anyone who’s wondering, that’s a 3rd class Petty Officer rank for the US Navy. I should make that in ab a year :D
ally xo
We have done so much for so long with so little that now we can do anything with nothing forever
If you had only repaired the insides and kept the outside like it was, I feel it would have looked awesome as it would antique and vintage... a personal opinion though not a General one..
it looked more badass before restoration 😂 ! He should have just removed the rust from the ignition area and painted the whole stuff
Smoke out
It has become beautiful, even more beautiful mine would have become if they had left the patina.

Best regards 🙂
Yu Joeseph
There are actually a lot of fakes that are sold on eBay
Дмитрий Крохин
Думаю оригинальную ЗИППО убить не возможно, можно просто в ВД-40 замочить на месяц и она как новая
Alex Stava
you're crazy, I would've kept the case and put a newer zippo lighter inside